7 Inspiring Vision Board Ideas for Adults: Law of Attraction

Vision Board Ideas for Adults

Vision Board Ideas for Adults

A vision board is not just a cut-paste collage of images like the work of elementary school kids. It is indeed a collection of images but it represents so much more and accomplishes near-impossible things in easy and simple steps.

Let us explore some vision board ideas and find out the real intention behind the making of a vision board, how to make an empowering vision board, what to put on a vision board, and what are its possibilities.

What is a Vision Board?

As you already know, the law of attraction offers a range of tools and techniques to manifest our desires. One of the most important techniques used in the manifestation process is visualization. This involves creating mental images of our goals and the achievement of these goals. 

Visualization can be practiced in many ways. A Vision board or a dream board is one of the simplest methods to visualize your goals. It is a board used to display images related to your goal as well as encouraging words and inspiring quotes.

As a vision board brings together various aspects of your goal in a concise manner, practicing visualization becomes easier. All you need to do is place it in a prominent place so that you come across it multiple times during the course of a day. Every time you look at the board, you are reminded of your goal, which acts as a prompt to work towards achieving it. 

Here are some vision board inspirations that can help you make an empowering vision board.

7 Vision Board Ideas for Adults 

1. Pictures:

Remember the saying? “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is indeed true. Collect a pile of old magazines and scan them for any image that you feel should go into the vision board. If you end up with too many to fit in your vision board, weed out those less important to you. 

Images have a mesmerizing effect that is not easily explainable. Use this aspect to ramp up your vision board. You may include images that are a direct representation of your goal and others that remind you of the goal. 

2. Words:

Some words have a strange but positive impact on us. You may use this idea to find a few that will help you relate to the goal or even elevate your spirits. A few examples are calm, happy, positive, nature, and passion. 


The words of great people who have graced our planet inspires us all. Choose the ones that are relevant and touch your heart. Ones that channel your thoughts in the right direction and nudges you to work hard to reach the goal. 

Quotes need not be from famous achievers alone. You may even choose a quote by those around you if they are inspiring enough. You can also include the first few lines of a song or a poem if you find them captivating.

4. Affirmations:

These are positive statements that can help you rise above your limiting beliefs and mental blocks to help you reach your goal. Though there are many other ways to repeat affirmations, by putting them on your vision board, your gain is doubled. 

When choosing affirmations for your vision board, you may select from the already existing ones or write some for yourself. Remember to use the present tense and frame the sentence in a positive note.

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5. Doodles:

At times, you may not be able to find what you are searching for to put in your vision board anywhere. If you are good at doodling, just go ahead with it. Even if you are not great at it and have never done it before, make an effort, and see how it turns out. If you are satisfied with your doodle, you can include them on your vision board.

6. Mind map:

Create a mind map for your goals and intention. As they form the basic structure of your manifestation process, it is vital to keep the focus on them. By putting them on a vision board in a visual format, you are constantly reminded of your goals and ways to achieve them. This will help you stay on track in the event of straying from the course. 

7. Souvenirs and mementos:

You need to include things that you have collected along your manifestation journey. This will act as a constant reminder of the goal, the path, and the journey itself. Such as a list you made or a post-it note.

You may also include mementos that remind you of how you come to set that particular goal. Or in other words, the beginning of that specific vision. You may not remember this offhand. If necessary, think hard when you first decided that you want to manifest that desire. This is relevant and important to the success of the manifestation. 

Tips to create a powerful vision board

Give importance to your feeling

A vision board is indeed a visual representation of your goal. However, it would be more effective for manifesting the goal if you give weightage to how you want to feel, even if it is unconnected to your goal. Or you are not able to connect it up now.

Anything that makes you feel good should go into the vision board. For the simple reason that when you look at these images, you feel good. This translates to elevated energy vibrations, which is good for manifestation. 

Feel good images need not be restricted to things or places. Goal board ideas can include people, quotes, sayings, in short, anything that lifts your spirit.

Keep an open mind

When planning a vision board, the only rule is ‘no rule’. Do not stick to hard and fast rules for dream board ideas while creating them. The best vision boards are the ones made in a free-spirited manner. Include everything you feel should be included and make you feel happy. Trust your instinct rather than follow instructions.

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Ideally, a vision board should concentrate on a single goal. In case you are pursuing multiple goals simultaneously, you should have a different vision board for each goal. 

As you progress with your manifestation, your goals may evolve, your paths may change, or your ideals may undergo a transformation. So, be flexible with your vision boards. Add, delete, or make a new one altogether as you move further ahead in your manifestation journey. 

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