Vision Board - A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners 2020

Vision Board: A Comprehensive Guide

Vision Board Guide

If you are a fan of the law of attraction, you must have heard about the vision board. Better still, made one and benefited from it. Or are you coming across the inspirational philosophy of the law of attraction for the first time? As they say better late than never.

The law of attraction leads you along the virtuous path and shows you how to stay positive, know your desires, and make them come true. Vision Board is one of the most powerful tools used to access the law of attraction and help make your fondest dreams a reality.

Here, you will find everything about a vision board, how to create one, and derive the best from it.

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    What is a vision board?

    The vision board is an effectual and compelling law of attraction tool that helps you discover and affirm your desires. It heightens the intensity of the visualization process and helps you stay focused on your life goals.

    It is also known as a dream board.

    A vision board is a visual representation of your dreams and desires. As we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. When you compile images related to your dreams and make a collage, whenever you see this you are reminded of your goals. This serves as a compelling force of inspiration and makes you work towards achieving it.

    However, a vision board is not merely a collection of cut pictures from glossy magazines, glued to a board to make an attractive montage in the hope of manifesting your dreams. It doesn’t work that way.

    How does vision board work?

    The prime aim of a vision board in the scheme of things of the law of attraction is to aid in the visualization process. That is to act as a frequent reminder of your goals, prompting you to work hard towards realizing them. However, making a dream board itself can assist in furthering your cause in the pursuit of your goals.

    Selecting images

    When you sit down to make a dream vision board, as you are going through the bunch of magazines and cutting out images that catch your attention, you will realize that you have too many pictures to fit in the visualization board. You are forced to choose a handful of images that best represent your desires. This exercise helps you delve deep into your heart and discover the goals you are truly passionate about.

    Selecting images for the dream board is way more meaningful than we imagine it to be. This easy and effortless task is made more complex by the limitation of space on the board. This restriction compels you to narrow down your choices by analyzing your goals. This process helps reveal the various insignificant and trivial wishes you thought were important to you. After all, they were just whims, not real goals worth pursuing.

    Once you narrow down your desires, finding the right image that can represent what you want is a challenge. Scouting for specific images is not an easy task. You can use your creativity to find images of different aspects of your dream and make a collage out of them. For instance, when you are unable to find the perfect picture that brings together all the attributes you are looking for in a dream partner, you can go for a collection of images showcasing various attributes you consider important.

    You can get more out of this exercise by assigning them as intentions. Intentions are the miniature versions of goals. At the start of your manifestation experience with the law of attraction, you need small victories to convince yourself that it works. Setting and achieving intentions help you to become a believer. Intentions are easy-to-achieve goals that we typically ignore to accomplish. Such as gathering specific images for the vision board. Not only does this give the task more focus and significance, but you also gain the extra benefit of trust in the whole manifestation process.

    Seeing is experiencing

    The visual aspect of the dream board has far-reaching effects than we can imagine. Even for those with the most fertile imagination, the impact of actually seeing this collage of images drives home the point like none another. It sends the message loud and clear.

    A vision board does the primary task of helping you stay focused on the goal and work tirelessly towards accomplishing it. In addition to this, the dream board sends signals to the brain to ready the body for a successful outcome. So, by the time your dreams turn into realities, you are already prepared to welcome it with open arms.

    Visualization, when done in the right way with total devotion, has as much impact as the actual act itself.

    The power of repetition

    It is a well-known fact that repetition and consistency can help you master anything. When you repeatedly perform a task, your skill level will increase and you will become better at the task. The same rule applies to visualization as well.

    When you create a vision board and position it where we get to see it frequently, persistent visuals prompt your entire being to strive hard to make it happen.

    Now you know why a vision board is considered the best possible tool for manifestation. From the process of creating a vision board to the usage of the end product, a vision board is the most powerful and functional tool end-to-end.

    How is it beneficial to the law of attraction?

    Many beginners and even ardent followers of the law of attraction doesn’t see the point of putting in the time, effort, and money into making a vision board. So, we come to the question, “What is the point of making a dream board?”

    Whether it is an online or an offline vision board, creating and using a dream board offers numerous advantages.

    Distinguishing desires from impulses: You start to create a vision board by listing the areas of life you consider important at the time. These might be health, wealth, relationship, job, or family. You then move on to developing this list into a list of desired events. Such as starting a business, getting a good job, finding a dream partner, or having an incredible bank balance.

    When you get down to the task of compiling images for the vision board, you start analyzing your desires in-depth. You do this to find the right images to represent your desires. While doing this, you realize that some of your dreams that you always considered important were mere whims not worth pursuing. This process of making a vision board helps in weeding out the insignificant desires and help us concentrate on the real ones.

    Identifying specifics: When you are in the process of collecting images, you tend to set aside the ones related to your desires. By the end of the session, you will be amazed to find a huge collection of images to go into the board. As the space on the vision board is limited, you will be compelled to filter the images and choose the most relevant ones. This step will help you understand your desires in a detailed manner.

    For example, ‘a big house’ is a good enough goal. But have you ever given any thought to what exactly are the components you want in your dream house? Even the basics such as whether you want an apartment, a bungalow, a townhouse, a beach house, or a duplex. Once this is sorted out, you need to get into more specifics like what do you mean by ‘big’ and how many rooms you want. You also need to figure out the kind of facilities and amenities you want in your home such as a gym or swimming pool.

    It is often said that we don’t get what we want because we don’t know what we want. The process of creating a vision board helps bring clarity to your desires in a structured way and turns them into manageable goals.

    Strengthening daily affirmations: You can include positive affirmations along with images in your vision board. Or create a dream board exclusively for affirmations. Coming across these affirmations every day multiple times can help calm down the mind.

    Our mind is a potpourri of emotions that get distracted at the slightest provocation. There is constant one-sided chatter going on in there, offering you a running commentary on everything you chance upon. Whether you want it or not, this voice in your head tells you what is right and wrong, what you should do and should not, criticizing your shortcomings and offering advice without asking for it. The only way to shut up this voice is to practice daily affirmations.

    A positive affirmation helps in boosting your strengths, removes you from the shackles of limiting beliefs, and opens up unlimited possibilities for you to explore. They reveal your true self and show you who you are.

    Maintaining focus: It is understandable that we get caught up in our everyday activities and lose track of our goals in life. It is not easy or possible to concentrate on our dreams when you are in the middle of a hectic day at the office. Even after coming home, you may find it impossible to unwind, regain control of your mind, and get back on track in your pursuit of dreams.

    Having a vision board in your workspace or on the laptop can help you stay calm even amidst the chaos and mayhem of daily office routine. At home, a vision board placed in your bedroom can help you start and end the day on a positive note. It is a constant reminder to remain optimistic and confident throughout the day irrespective of the happenings.

    A vision board is a wonderful way to keep your mind focussed on your goals and intentions and ensure you are moving in the right direction.

    Types of vision boards

    The vision boards you create reveal how clear you are about your goal. Or you can have a theme-based dream board. There are three kinds of boards based on the core idea behind them.

    When you have a clear goal

    This is ideal for those who know their mind. When the answers to the questions below are ‘yes’, go ahead with this vision board idea.

    • Do you know what you want in life?
    • Are you familiar with the specifics of your desire?
    • Are you looking for a dramatic change in your life?

    When you have a fair idea about the desire you want to manifest, it is not hard to search for its visual images. This task would be easier if you know more details about it. Depending on the area of interest, get hold of magazines on the topic. All you need to do is to scour through the pages until you find the images that you think best suits your goal.

    As an example, if you are trying to manifest your dream home, magazines such as Dwell or Better Homes and Gardens would offer enough images. In case you are looking for baby pictures, magazines like Parenting or New Parent Magazine would be ideal.

    When you are unsure

    Just because you are not sure about what exactly you want, there is no need to give up chasing your dreams. The reason for your confusion may have something to do with what you have experienced in the recent past. Such as a great loss, or depression. When you are recovering from a traumatic event in your life, all you will be able to say for sure is that you want a complete change. Or the reason for the lack of clarity can be the same level of passion you have for many things.

    • Go ahead with this vision board idea if the answers to the question below are ‘yes’.
    • Are you confused about your goals?
    • Do you have multiple goals?
    • Do you have a vague idea of what you want but don’t know the details?
    • Are you feeling the need for a change but you are uncertain about it?
    • Are you recovering from a traumatic episode in your life?

    To create a vision board when you are not sure what you want, you need to collect as many magazines from diverse fields as possible. Take your time and go through them with patience. Identify and set aside anything that you find interesting. Go through the cut images multiple times to filter out the unwanted ones until you are left with the ones you are very sure about.

    Most of these images may not relate to any specific goal but these are images that can bring peace and happiness to you. Such as a teddy bear or a garden in full bloom or a spectacular sunrise or a picturesque cottage in the countryside. You can try to ask yourself the reason for liking the image. You may or may not get an answer to that. Even if you don’t find the answer but still drawn to the picture, it should find a place in your vision board.

    When you have theme-based goals

    Most of us set goals for ourselves around the time of our birthdays or New Year. We give ourselves a year to reach the goal. This is the vision board idea for you if your goals fall into any of these categories.

    • New Year or birthday resolutions
    • Area of interest is known but no more details (career or relationship)

    Sit down with a selection of magazines from your area of interest. Choose images related to your theme. Now and then, pause for a while to refocus on your theme.

    Out of these three vision board ideas, the most recommended one is the second one, the ‘when you are unsure’ one. Most often we think we know what we want but our minds are clouded because of social pressures and ego. Our desire for certain things may not be real after all!

    In this scenario, the second vision board option is the most honest of them all. It may not have the clarity of the other two, but it will be truly aligned with who you are. The creation of this kind of vision board can help you get to know yourself better.

    How to create a vision board?

    A vision board is a powerful visualization tool when created in the right way. It offers a wonderful opportunity to bring together representative images of your goals and inspiring quotes in a collage. It enables easy access to all resources that will help you stay on the path to realizing your desire.

    Vision Boards are created on board with cut out images and words typically sourced from magazines. However, now with most people spending the bulk of their waking hours in front of a laptop, online vision boards are also popular. Online versions have the same effect as an offline version. It has some extra advantages while creating. This is prompting more and more people to opt for a digital vision board.

    Vision board checklist

    Whether you are making an offline or online vision board, the general guidelines are similar.

    • When searching for images for your vision board, choose those that symbolize the feelings, experiences, and things you want to bring into your life. The basic criteria that decide whether anything goes into your vision board are that it should speak to you.
    • Placing a picture of yourself at the center of the vision board is a good idea. Do make sure that the picture was taken when you were feeling the happiest. You can go a step further and photoshop yourself into images to make it look like you are in situations related to the dream you are trying to manifest.
    • Plan your vision board with an assortment of images and words. Images alone may not have the same effect. You can consider including your affirmations, inspirational thoughts, and relevant quotes.
    • Photographs, cutouts from magazines, or printouts from the internet – all of these are perfect for your vision board, so long as they help in elevating your mood and make you feel happy and cherished.
    • Visual representation of your dreams and desires should find space in your vision board. Do not have second thoughts about including random pictures that make you happy for no apparent reason. Later on, maybe you will understand the significance of these images in your life.
    • Do not clutter or overcrowd the vision board with too many images and words just because you have cut so many and/or you want so much in life. Vision boards need to be well-arranged, neat, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. In case you have cut too many images and words, filter them out multiple times to find out what you love the most among them. A chaotic vision board is the last thing you would want.
    • If you are aiming for multiple manifestations or changes in life at the same time, you better go for separate vision boards. While you can keep the vision boards related to personal goals at home, it would be ideal to place your career-related ones on the laptop or your desk at the office. However, beginners are advised to aim for singular manifestations at a time.
    A sample of a vision board

    An offline vision board

    Ready to make your vision board? Follow these four steps to plan and create an empowering vision board that can change your life for the better. Let’s get started.

    Plan your board

    Investing some time and energy in planning will help you save yourself from the botheration of last-minute scrambling for supplies.

    Start by asking yourself these questions. Note down the answers and add corresponding items to your shopping list.

    a. Are you making single or multiple boards?

    If you want to manifest multiple goals at the same time, it is best to create separate vision boards for each one of them. Otherwise, the board will be too cluttered to serve any purpose.

    In case you are opting for multiple boards, it would be helpful to figure out the placements for each one of them. This is more important if you are keen on the boards blending with the decor.

    b. What kind of board is ideal?

    You can choose a simple board for the purpose. A construction or poster paper or a cork-board would suffice. In case you want to rearrange the cutouts frequently or reuse them or if the photographs included are too precious, it is better to opt for magnetic boards.

    Figure out the size and color of the board. It depends on the topic on hand, space available for display, and decor of the room.

    Add board/boards to your shopping list along with details of its size and color.

    c. What are the feelings and desires you want to reflect on the vision board?

    Some of the suggested vision board ideas for adults.

    • Thoughts and feelings
    • Values
    • Career
    • Family
    • Relationship
    • Health
    • Hobbies
    • Future goals

    Use the answer to select images for the board.

    d. From where are you going to source the images and words?

    The best places to find them are

    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Internet
    • Photographs
    • Brochures/Flyers

    The visual aspect is very important for a vision board. Try to get cutouts from glossy thick paper. Use a good quality adhesive stick, if you are sticking them. If you are planning to rearrange them frequently or reuse these cutouts, it is better to opt for magnetic boards.

    Add an adhesive stick to your shopping list.

    e. How do you plan to cut the images?

    How do you feel about pictures cut using scissors? If you are okay with it, go ahead. In case you are a perfectionist and are not satisfied with scissor-cut pictures, opt for precision cutting tools such as x-acto fine point blades.

    Add scissors or other cutting tools with cutting mat to your shopping list.

    f. Are you planning to write the affirmations, inspirational thoughts and quotes by hand?

    If you have good handwriting, you can write by freehand. If not you can always use cutouts and printouts. Another option is to use a stencil with paint pens or letter stickers.

    Add your choice to the shopping list.

    g. Do you want to decorate the board?

    If you wish to add embellishments on the board such as stickers or border tapes, add that to your shopping list.

    Finally, it comes to the atmosphere you would like to have while creating the vision board. This is important, as creating a vision board has as much impact on you as the board itself.

    Would you like soothing music, scented candles or incense? Include your choices on the shopping list.

    Shop for your board

    Craft stores and stationery shops are the best places to find supplies for a vision board. You can also shop online for them if you are planning well in advance and can wait for them to be delivered.

    In case you do not have the right kind of magazines to cut the pictures from, you can search for them in stores. Since you are not particular about getting the latest edition, you may be able to find outdated magazines at throwaway prices or even for free.

    Are you planning to get printouts for your vision board? If so better stock up on printer ink.

    In case you are short of cash but do not want to compromise on your vision board, the ideal places for you to shop are thrift stores, recycling depots, and online sites like Craigslist. Crafting supplies are on offer at these places most of the time. If you are lucky, you will find exactly what you are looking for at incredibly low prices. You can also ask your friends for old magazines.

    Make it special

    Creating a vision board plays an important role in your manifestation journey. You can amplify the experience and get more out of the creative act by paying attention to the ambiance and environment. From choosing an ideal setting to playing music and lighting scented candles, you can make this an unforgettable and rewarding activity.

    Here are some suggestions to make the experience exceptional for you.

    • The perfect setting for this creative activity is a quiet and peaceful place, free of interruptions and sounds. You should plan and make sure that you have ample free time for this. As this is something you are doing for yourself, you should try to make the most out of this experience. Engaging in an interesting and productive activity undisturbed would be something you will cherish. Frequent disruptions can dampen the feel-good mood.
    • Ensure that you have all the supplies you need to create your vision board. It won’t hurt to run your mind through the process once again to double-check that items on your shopping list are all there. You may get extra supplies of magazines, glue sticks, and paint pens for the ‘in case’ scenario.
    • Set up the ambiance by playing some soothing music. It can help in elevating your mood and keep you focused on the task at hand. In case you find singing distracting, you can choose instrumental music or nature sounds. These kinds of music are often used during meditation. Playing music can help in drowning out any occasional sounds from the neighborhood.
    • Add to the atmosphere by lighting a scented candle or incense. Or your favorite room freshener, perfume, or oils to make it pleasing and soothing for you.
    • Consider meditating before starting the board-making process. Sit with eyes closed in your meditating pose for 5-10 minutes. This will help you forget about your worries and disconnect with your surroundings. Meditation is helpful to calm you down and focus on the task on hand.
    Create your  Law of attraction vision board

    Making a vision board is an activity that relies solely on your creative skills. Whether you want a literal or metaphorical board, make sure that it reflects the emotions you want to experience. The collage of images and words should be able to honestly depict your desires, speak to you, and tell you a feelgood story.

    Do not rush through the steps of cutting out the images and sticking them onto the board. Take your time to linger on each interesting image you come across in the magazine. The answers to the questions you asked yourself at the planning stage will come in handy.

    Pay attention to how you feel when you see each image. Intuition or gut feeling will help you find the right images for your vision board if you are unsure and find yourself lost. It doesn’t matter that you are deviating from the kind of vision board you thought you wanted earlier. Let your senses and feelings guide you.

    Once you have sifted through the entire bundle of magazines and have a collection of images, arrange them on your workspace and take in the sight. At this point, you may want to discard some of the images. Just keep them aside. In case you have too many images on hand and the space in the board is limited, analyze each image to ensure that you want it on the board.

    Arrange the images and words on the board. Try out a few layouts to see what appeals to you. If you are writing messages on the board using freehand, stencil or stickers, account for these too on the board. Once you are sure about the design, move on to the stage of sticking them. You can opt for tacks or tapes to attach them to the board.

    Voila! Your vision board is ready. Now it is time to hang it in its assigned spot.

    An online vision board

    The online version of the vision board is the perfect answer for those who don’t have the time, energy, or patience to buy supplies and put together a vision board.

    The two criteria for a successful vision board are its visual aspect and visibility. As most of us are spending more of our waking hours in front of the laptops than anywhere else, it makes perfect sense to opt for a digital vision board. In addition to these benefits, a digital vision board comes equipped with advantages such as

    • No expense
    • Easy to make
    • Access to millions of free images
    • Option to include videos

    Here is a list of online vision board apps and desktops that can make your dreams come true. While some of them are free, others demand a nominal fee to access their premium features.

    In case the endless array of free images in these apps is not enough, you will find more copyright-free hi-definition images on these websites.

    Some of the benefits of choosing an online vision board app are

    • Free
    • Ease to use
    • Free access to professionally designed templates
    • Easy access to millions of copyright-free images and videos
    • Availability of desktop and mobile app versions
    • Option to print the poster and get it delivered at your doorstep

    How to Create online vision board with Canva Desktop

    Designing a digital vision board is similar in most respects to its physical version, except for the shopping for supplies and cutting and pasting parts. You need to follow the planning, setting the ambiance, and actual creation just as detailed earlier.

    You can use Canva on your desktop or download the app for free from App Store or Play Store. Both mobile and tablet versions are available.

    Canva has free as well as paid premium versions. To start with, the free version is good enough. Moreover, Canva offers its premium version Canva Pro for free for a trial period of 30 days. You may take advantage of this.

    STEP 1: Go to Canva and choose the preferred dimension. A portrait frame would look better for a vision board.
    STEP 2: Set up grids by clicking on the Elements tab and go to Grids. Depending on the frame size, you get to choose from various grid options.
    STEP 3: Add images. You can use the Upload button to add images from your phone or other sources or use Photos button to choose Free images on Canva.
    STEP 4: Click on the Text tab to include inspirational messages and quotes.
    STEP 5: Use Elements > Graphics to add stickers
    STEP 6: When you are finished, save the vision board.

    You can send this vision board to your phone, save it as desktop wallpaper, share it, or print it as a poster.

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