What Are The 7 Laws of Attraction?

What Are The 7 Laws of Attraction?

What Are The 7 Laws of Attraction?

It is an amazing gift to manifest your desires using the power of your mind. This is an intrinsic gift in every human being, whether aware of it or not, using it or not. 

The universal law of attraction helps you in harnessing this power and use it to your advantage. The law is one of the 12 laws of the Universe. It tells us that our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings have a great influence on what we attract into our lives. By turning it around, we can attract what we want by influencing our thoughts and belief system.

The law of attraction contains 7 sub-laws that deal with various aspects of our mental state. Having a good understanding of these rules helps speed up the manifestation process and make it successful. 

Let us take a look at the 7 laws of attraction in detail.

1. The Law of Manifestation

The most familiar of all the laws of attraction, this law states that the object of our constant focus will manifest in our lives, irrespective of whether it is positive or not. All our thoughts and feelings are mirrored in the world around us, making our minds an incredibly powerful tool. The more positivity we manage to infuse into our minds, the more we get in our lives.

The flipside of this law is that we need to be careful about the negativity that creeps into our minds occasionally. As per the law, this negative element will lead to the manifestation of negative things, which is definitely undesirable. Making positivity your way of life can bring every one of your desires into reality. You may also like this article about the fastest manifestation techniques.

2. The Law of Magnetism

This law helps us understand what has happened in our lives until now and what are the possibilities in the future. It says that everything in our lives including the people, things, and circumstances is a direct result of our energy vibrations. In short, we attract what we are. That is, we attract into our lives people, things, and events that have the same vibrational energy as ours. We act like magnets.

We can use this law to get what we want in our lives. Raising our energy vibrations, we can manage to match up to the energy level of our desires, thus resulting in their manifestation. This is a simple enough process in theory, but not-so-easy to practice. With steadfast belief and burning desire, it is possible to change the way our mind works to manifest our desires.

3. The Law of Unwavering Desire

This law explains why some of our desires remain unfulfilled. Unflinching desire is the basic requirement for a successful manifestation. We may think we like something and want that, but it may not be strong and stable enough to withstand the rigors of the manifestation process. The purity of intention and freedom from fear, doubt, and desperation are the keys to unwavering desire.

We wish for many things in different stages in life. But when we actually think about it, we realize that most of them are not important, frivolous, or detrimental in some way or the other to ourselves or others. Before we embark on a manifestation journey, we need to think hard whether the desire we are hoping to manifest is something we really want. Because only desires that are strong, steadfast, and unshakeable have a shot at success.

4. The Law of Delicate Balance

The workings of the entire Universe are based on the fine balance of its various elements. The same applies to the principles of attraction as well. When the elements are in balance in us, we are in a happy, peaceful, and content state of mind. Only at this stage can we manage to raise our energy vibrations to match up to that of our desires and manifest them into our lives. 

Appreciation and gratitude are the essential elements to achieve this balance. When the feelings of obsession and desperation enter our minds, it destroys the balance, brings down the energy levels, and takes us further away from our desires.

5. The Law of Harmony

Harmony is the central theme of this Universe. And, so, it is also a vital part of the law of attraction. Everything in the Universe is interconnected through energy sources. We have to align ourselves with the energy circulating through the Universe to derive maximum benefit. 

Tapping into the Universal energy will give direct access to all positive things that the Universe has on offer. This gives us more power of creation, more abundance, and a chance to make our dreams come true. 

6. The Law of Right Action

Our actions and words have a butterfly effect on the world around us. And, they come right back to us in the end. This means, how we behave and treat others directly influences our own lives. By choosing the right path, offering a helping hand to the needy, or just by being a good human being, you can attract more positivity and good things into your life. 

Your behavior and actions are well within your control, even in the most trying circumstances. Consciously choosing to be good, dignified, and honorable when you are naturally inclined to be angry and destructive, raises your energy levels in no time.

7. The Law of Universal Influence

We are an integral part of the Universe. This means every one of our actions and words impacts the world around us. Individual energy vibrations become a part of that of the Universe. This law tells us to be aware of the implications of our thoughts, feelings as well as actions, and words. 

As everything in this Universe is interlinked, anything you do will not only affect your immediate family and friends, but also perfect strangers. So, you need to be extremely mindful of what you are thinking, doing, or saying.

Many people have trouble focusing on themselves. We are surrounded by materialism, advertisements, and all sorts of other distractions that pull us away from the reality that is inside of us.

It is a common feeling to feel something is wrong with your life but not know what it could be. You may also want to check out our ultimate guide on aligning with the Universe and healing the disconnection from the Universe.

The Law of Attraction Morning routine helps start your day with a positive attitude and confidence in yourself. It is based on the principle of “like attracts like”, so you set up the perfect conditions for success by creating your day right.

The 7 laws of attractions are the stepping stones that help your manifestation attain success. These laws are the foundation for the shift in mental attitude required to attract the desire you want to manifest. Being aware of the laws helps in making conscious choices. Ultimately.

For more on this topic, download our free law of attraction planner to get started.

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