What Color Attracts Money? 10 Colors of Abundance

What Color Attracts Money? 10 Colors of Abundance

what color attracts money

Do you know about the Law of Vibration? It tells us that everything in this universe is made up of energy. And this includes the animate and inanimate worlds.

So, colors are also made up of energy vibrations. 

Another Universal Law, the Law of attraction tells us that we attract when we are a vibrational match to our desire. If you are trying to attract money and abundance, it makes sense to be aware of the colors of abundance. 

Are you surprised that colors play a role in money manifestation? Read on to learn more about the connection between money and colors and how to use this to manifest your wealth dreams.

How do colors affect our energy levels?

Each color comes with a different vibrational frequency. Colors emit energy vibrations in their neighborhood. And anyone close enough will receive them.

As we see a color, its energy gets added to ours. This means, colors with positive energy can help in raising our energy levels and those with negative energy can bring our energy level down. The same concept finds explanations in the Universal Laws, Feng Shui, and psychology.

The science of colors is the reason behind the choice of colors in hospitals, workplaces, or even prisons.

As colors impact our energy levels, our physical, mental, and emotional capabilities get affected. Here are some ways colors can affect you.

  • Emotions
  • Creativity
  • Response to situations
  • Relationships
  • Memory
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Appetite 

How to use colors to attract money?

Colors are nothing but packets of energy. When chosen with care, they can aid in your effort to manifest money. Even if you are not trying to manifest wealth or abundance, the right colors can ensure that you are not missing out on opportunities to make money.

In Feng Shui, colors play a major role in attracting the kind of life you want to live. The color of the dress you wear, the color of the paint you choose for your room/home, the color of your wallet/handbag, or the color of your car all contributes to your success.

You should be aware that the best colors for manifesting money are not the same as those for attracting love and relationships. Your color choice should be guided by what you are focusing on. Only this can help you make the best of the opportunities that come your way.

Finding the right color to manifest your desires may not be an easy task. You may have to find this out by taking chances and experimenting. Try the color you consider the best bet and see how it impacts your life. If it works, stick with the color. If not, try others one by one. You can also combine colors to get the desired results.

This may not work for you if you are skeptical about it. Just like anything else, to find success in something you do, you need to have complete faith in its veracity and you should have an unwavering belief in it.

10 colors to attract money

1. Gold

When considering colors to attract wealth, gold is the runaway winner. Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is considered the color of abundance. Why not use the color of gold to gain some wealth?

The glitter of gold can warm the coldest of hearts. The energy and power radiating from the color gold are so intense that it is hard to ignore. Some of the value of real gold is present in the golden color as well. This color represents abundance and prosperity. 

2. Green 

Always associated with money and wealth, green is a color also closely related to nature, life, and revival. Green has been linked to health, growth, and healing. 

Green came to be associated with money and wealth by coincidence. In the late 19th century, when the federal government began printing paper bills, to avoid counterfeiting, the bills were printed with green-black ink on the obverse. Thus the term greenbacks. 

You can also use the color green to improve your financial status.

3. Red

The red color is trickier than any of the other colors. It is a powerful and intense color. It is packed with energy and can be used to achieve diverse goals.

However, you need to be careful when choosing red. Its intensity is also its drawback. Even as red can help you gain what you want, at times, it can also attract negative energy. This is highly relevant in the manifestation of money.

The money you managed to amass needs to be associated with positive feelings. At times, negative energy can creep in, giving the same money a devilish tone. How and where you are using red can help you eliminate the negativity associated with it.

4. Brown

Unlike many other colors, brown is not a standout color. However, this is immaterial when you consider its ability to attract money and wealth.

Brown color emits energy that can help you gain control over your money matters. It is also an excellent color to control your emotions. In most instances, taking financial decisions need a good head on the shoulders. Brown can help you reach this mental space. 

Brown leather is considered the most suitable for money-related matters – be it for your wallet or decorating your office or place of business. Choosing a rich brown shade for your decor can add elegance as well as help you attract money.

5. Yellow

This is a simple yet high-energy color. It is similar in many ways to the color red. This color represents wealth, youthfulness, beauty, liveliness, and creativity.

There is so much positivity attached to the yellow color that you can hardly go wrong with your choice. 

6. Orange

This is a color for money that often gets lost between red and yellow. Containing a similar high energy level, orange brings together the best properties of its root colors, red and yellow. 

Orange is associated with progress, advancement, wisdom, and perseverance. It is a perfect choice to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

7. Blue

This color represents money, peace, resilience, and calmness. It is also associated with many desirable traits like confidence, reliability, faith, truthfulness, guidance, and support.

When you wear blue, it gives you an aura of honesty and reliability. No wonder it is one of the most preferred colors for formals. It is believed that when you wear blue, opportunities come knocking.

8. Pink

Pink is often associated with matters of the heart and womanhood. Considered inferior in status to its more elegant primary color red, pink is a combination of red and white. More youthful, feminine, and energetic than red, pink represents playfulness, pleasure, goodwill, innocence, joy, and fun. 

Pink also has significance in attracting wealth and freedom of choice. Though pink is striking enough to grab eyeballs, it works in a subtle way to attract affluence and its accompanying benefits.

9. White

The most prominent and obvious symbol of purity, truthfulness, innocence, and reliability, white is considered the most recognizable among colors as the symbol of wealth. High on energy vibrations, white has been considered a sign of influence and royalty since ancient times.

The energy of white color is unmatchable. Moreover, you can team it up with any other color to suit your needs. When combined with gold, white is at its best for attracting money.

10. Black

Black comes with a long list of positive properties – strength, prestige, affluence, class, power, elegance, contentment, and authority. Each one of these attributes is useful for you to attract money and abundance. 

However, the nature of the energy of the black color is so delicate and vulnerable that it is easy to go astray. When it does, instead of the positive qualities, it will end up giving you negative ones like ego, superiority, intolerance, bias, pettiness, and devilishness.

Black can help you scale great heights in business if you know how to use it. On the other hand, on an unsure person, black can become a setback and a liability.

Bottom line

Wearing the color of your choice or carrying a specific color wallet or handbag alone won’t help you attract money. Choosing a powerful color for wealth can help you in the overall scheme of things but the more important aspect is the right mindset and high energy levels.

Use the chosen color to bring together various factors that are involved in manifesting money. It can be the glue that connects your mindset, spirituality, values, intuition, creativity, and intentions. 

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