What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate?

What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate?

What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate?

Every one of us dreams about a partner who understands us and is in sync with us. We use the term “soulmate” for that special someone. 

You must have heard that sparks fly when you meet your soulmate for the first time. You know that they are the “One” right away. It is as if the two of you will click fit into each other’s lives like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The phrases “made for each other”, “destined to be together”, and “perfectly suited” all make sense to you.

You feel happy and intoxicated in love. Everything feels right. The entire world seems beautiful. 

You don’t feel the need for words for communication. The relationship you share is as deep as a bottomless well and as strong as the hardest rock of them all, a diamond. 

Life is not just about how you feel or perceive it; it also concerns how you actually live it. Falling in love and the initial euphoria make an excellent start to a healthy, beautiful relationship. But it also matters how it will be moving forward.

Soulmates encourage each other to be their best selves and live life to the fullest. They help each other reach their potential and chase their dreams. No matter what happens in the world outside, you know for sure that you can count on each other.

Just because a soulmate relationship is filled with love and understanding doesn’t mean there are no disagreements. However, the differences in viewpoint never snowball into something big and toxic. With love being the overriding emotion in the relationship, even the disagreements are subdued and never get out of hand. 

The best thing about a soulmate is that they accept you for who you are and never attempt to transform you to fit their perfect image. With a soulmate by your side, you can aspire to be the best version of yourself and scale heights you never imagined possible.

No wonder most of us search for our soulmates all our lives. The tricky part is how to recognize them when you meet your soulmate. Is there a possibility that you won’t recognize them and let them slip away unknown? Ever wondered what happens when you meet your soulmate?

If you are tormented by these thoughts and want to familiarize yourself with the situation, read on. This article lists the most visible signs when soulmates meet. With this insight, you can take it easy and not get stressed out and spoil the show when you are meeting potential soulmates.

12 amazing things that happen when you meet your soulmate

Recognizing your soulmate is not as easy as you think. No bolt of lightning or intense background score to tell you something special has happened! You may look out for these signs, as they give you the best hint that you have found that special someone.

1. Everything feels right.

You are happy and your heart feels light. You even get this soaring feeling like you are floating in the clouds. You find this person easy to be with. No anxiety, no shadiness, no awkwardness. You feel totally at ease spending hours with this person in silence. 

You rarely find yourself disagreeing with this person as they seem to know you well and speak your mind. No pressure, no fighting, no feeling of being cornered. In short, the connection seems so natural.

You don’t feel the need to work on the relationship. You feel free to be your true self. There is no pressure on you to act in a certain way or not to do something. No extra effort, no compromises, no adjustments. 

You feel as if you are living your dream.

2. You have mutual respect.

You feel drawn to your soulmate for various reasons. You may find them physically attractive or see their inner beauty. You may appreciate the way they behave or like their manners. All these impressions add up to form mutual respect. 

As you spend more time with each other, your attraction for each other deepens along with respect. This will be evident in your support for each other’s dreams and goals. Mutual respect is one of the keystones of a healthy relationship.

3. Disagreements are sorted out amicably.

No two people can agree on everything under the sun, especially two people raised in diverse circumstances. A relationship is all about understanding the other person and agreeing to meet midway Though this is the desirable way any relationship should function, this is rarely a reality, except in the case of soulmates. 

Soulmates also will have disagreements, though far few and in between. These “fights” seldom get out of hand as they care for each other. They give each other a chance to air their views and show the patience to listen and absorb them. Both are mature and caring enough to accommodate the other person’s ideas and they figure out the middle path.

“Fights” or disagreements add spice to the relationship as long as they remain cordial and do not turn toxic. 

4. You have no secrets.

Everyone has secrets – things they are not comfortable revealing to the world. Typically it remains hidden in the hearts and dies with the person. However, soulmates are different. They have no secrets from each other. They reveal all their faces to each other – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The reason may be that soulmates have a high level of comfort and are non-judgmental with each other. They don’t feel the need for pretenses and false fronts. They feel safe and secure with each other and cannot wait to tell each other every aspect of their lives. 

This way soulmates have an easy time in the relationship with no fear of rejection. 

5. A single soul in two bodies.

You may have heard this being said about ideal relationships. In the case of soulmates, this is indeed true. 

The attraction is not just limited to a physical one. They feel it at much deeper levels – mental, emotional, and even spiritual. Conversations flow easily without catches and snags. There is always a playfulness in their interactions, even when they “fight”. 

Much of the conversations happen without words through silence and meaningful glances. They care so much for each other that they would do anything to make the other smile and laugh. They love every bit of each other and always prioritize the well-being of the other over their own. 

6. Cognitive transformation is real.

Each person has a set pattern for brain functioning. Changing this is no easy task. It takes years of painstaking effort and perseverance to make this happen. However, a soulmate relationship can help in transforming your cognitive abilities for the better.

The reason is simple enough. When you are in love and a happy and peaceful state of mind, your brain releases happy hormones – dopamine, adrenaline, endorphin, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and more. The happier you are, the more hormones are released.

Every interaction or thought about your soulmate is a trigger for the release of these hormones. And, they are called happy hormones for nothing. They make you happier, more optimistic, more content, and bright and upbeat about life. Your days of being a cynical, pessimistic, and distrustful person slowly fade away. 

Your newfound positive attitude may lead to difficult situations if you are not careful about it. You may get bolder and more adventurous, now that you have someone to encourage you and have your back. You are now more productive than ever before. Your life would seem like a fairytale.

7. You find it hard to stay apart even for a moment.

You indeed love every moment spent together. You feel as if you are in heaven when you are with your soulmate. Naturally, you don’t want to break the spell and part ways even momentarily. You have never before experienced the sense of comfort, peace, and security offered by your soulmate and you find it exhilarating. 

You realize that this is what people mean when they refer to “perfect couple” and “match made in heaven”. You tend to complement each other perfectly and balance each other the way you have never felt with anyone else. 

It is no wonder you get attached intimately to such a person. In fact, this attachment can turn into addiction in no time, especially if your previous relationships were not so great. You don’t want to leave them or part with them when you are together. When you are apart, you are always craving the company of your soulmate. 

You are constantly in each other’s thoughts. If you are an introvert, this may surprise you no end. You may also become the butt of jokes. But no power on earth can keep you apart.

8. You see an improvement in your other relationships.

Meeting your soulmate has a domino effect on your relationship with others as well. With the brain releasing happy hormones and your energy levels getting a substantial boost, it is no wonder that you feel on top of the world. Life with your soulmate will make you feel happy and content. 

When you are at peace with the world, you see and experience everything in a positive way. Naturally, your other relationships with family members and friends will also witness marked improvement. You are now more pleasant, sociable, approachable, and better when interacting with others.

You may even hear a few surprising comments about your transformation. Even if you were not the unfriendly and morose type of person earlier, the difference would be easily noticeable to others. 

9. Your confidence level skyrockets.

With so many positive changes happening in you and your life, the natural progression is gain in confidence, self-belief, and self-esteem. You are aware of the unflinching support you have from your soulmate. With such a backing, you feel you can achieve anything you want to and you are invincible.

Earlier, you always felt apprehensive when attempting something new. That voice in your head used to make matters worse by pointing out all the drawbacks of going ahead with your plan. You felt that some invisible force was always pulling you back, preventing you from pursuing your goals.

Now, with your soulmate by your side, all those negative feelings, voices, and visions have vanished into thin air. There is a song in your heart and a spring in your step. You feel as if you have the superpower to do anything you want to do and become anyone you want to be.

10. You feel safe and secure, yet open and vulnerable at the same time.

Having these feelings from the extremes of the emotional spectrum can be confusing and hard to deal with. The support and encouragement received from your soulmate help in making you feel protected and confident. 

The kind of understanding you have with your soulmate will prompt you to open up your heart to them. Soulmates don’t keep secrets from each other. They are open books, sharing even their innermost secrets and well-hidden insecurities. This will bring you closer and make the relationship stronger.

However, there is a downside to this as well. You have always maintained a strong and confident facade in front of others, including the closest among your friends and family. Revealing the secrets you have always kept hidden from the world may make you feel vulnerable. 

This feeling will need some getting used to.

11. Your heart skips a beat when you set your eyes on your soulmate.

“Butterflies in the stomach”, “sparks fly”, “heart does a cartwheel”, or “on cloud nine” are all perfect ways to describe how you feel when you are with your soulmate. It is the neurochemicals released by your brain that are creating all these feelings in you. 

This is something over which you have no control but the feelings are so much enjoyable that you are not complaining. When you are in love with someone and feel insanely attracted to them, the brain releases these chemicals to help you feel happier. That is sure to help in furthering your relationship and making it stronger.

This is the Universe’s simple way of playing cupid. When two people are destined to be together, the Universe uses all its powers to bring them together.

12. Your life is more colorful.

Before you met your soulmate, your life has been smooth-sailing, with almost nothing worthwhile happening on most days. All that changed after your soulmate entered your life.

Now you feel as if your life is swinging violently like an overactive pendulum at times. There are times when it slows down to normal as well. These oscillations, the ups and downs, are the hallmark of the presence of a soulmate in your life.

The good doesn’t remain good forever and the bad doesn’t remain bad forever either. Nothing is permanent. You experience life in all its vivid colors, comprising the entire range of rainbow colors. Seeing the world in black and white is a thing of the past.

Maybe all these colors were already there but you failed to notice them. It is the arrival of a soulmate in your life that prompted you to view the world in all its glory.

Bottom line

Just because you have your soulmate by your side doesn’t mean that all your problems will vanish forever. Your troubles will still be there and you would still have to deal with them. But you are now more confident about handling them and you also have the backing of your soulmate to boot. You are definitely in a much better position than before. 

The moment you came to know about the existence of a soulmate, you must have begun your search. But you keep worrying about recognizing your soulmate when you finally manage to meet them. Some say there will be instant recognition. This happens for a lucky few and not for all.

They say that there is a soulmate out there for everyone. All you need to do is search and find them. Look out for these signs to know that you have met your soulmate.


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