What Triggers Emotional Attraction in a Man?

What Triggers Emotional Attraction in a Man?

What Triggers Emotional Attraction in a Man

The beginning of a new romance and relationship is fun and exciting, at the same time filled with anxiety and uncertainty. 

In the world of love and relationship, it is the general belief that when you come across the right person, things just fall into place and you don’t need to do much or worry about it. This may be true for some couples but not for all for sure. 

You may feel the attraction on some level but the rest is hard work and heartache into creating a loving healthy relationship. In most instances, it is the physical attraction that triggers a relationship. To build on this to create a deeper and long-lasting bond, you need to work on and create emotional attraction.

Physical attraction is something most of us have a good grasp on as it is more tangible and easier to understand and put into practice. Emotional attraction is a different ball game altogether. However, without it, a relationship is bound to stagnate and fizzle out.

This article explores the topic of emotional attraction and its role in a relationship. This article also discusses diverse methods you can employ to trigger emotional attraction in a man.

What is emotional attraction and why is it important?

The starting point for most relationships is physical attraction. You may have heard about love at first sight. That is a purely physical phenomenon before you even have a chance to interact with each other. Then the question is, “Isn’t physical attraction enough to sustain a relationship?”

The simple answer is definitely not. Physical attraction is like the catalyst in a chemical reaction that can set the ball rolling. It comes easier but is usually short-lived and hard to sustain without the help of something deeper and more intense.

This is where emotional attraction comes to your rescue. 

Emotional attraction is the pull experienced by two individuals in a relationship due to the compatibility of personalities, agreement of minds, shared dreams, and hooking up of hearts. This is what keeps the romance in a relationship alive even after decades. 

Emotional attraction is so vital in a relationship that without it the relationship is bound to fail, as physical attraction is fleeting. In fact, emotional attraction can help in sustaining physical attraction but not the other way round.

A couple experiencing emotional attraction has a better chance of heading to the altar than one with only physical attraction. When you notice signs a guy is attracted to you, you should invest time in developing an emotional connection with him.

A healthy relationship needs both – physical attraction as well as emotional attraction – in equal doses to balance it out and make it work. Especially if you want to take the relationship with someone to the next level, it is the emotional attraction that you need to work on. 

10 ways to trigger emotional attraction in a man

Men are, of course, different from women. What triggers an emotional reaction in a man varies vastly from how it works with a woman. So, when we are discussing creating emotional attraction triggers, we need to consider them separately.

Here, in this article, you will find how to trigger an emotional attraction in a man.

1. Physical touch

It is universally accepted that men have a strong reaction to physical touch. The shortest route to create emotional attraction in a man, try to introduce physical touch into the relationship equation. 

This can be as casual as grazing your hand against his or placing your hand on his shoulder or hands. A friendly hug, flicking an imaginary lint off his shirt and holding hands all count as physical touch. 

Start small and build it up. As time goes by, this physical aspect of the relationship soon turns into emotional attraction.

2. Give compliments

Show your appreciation for who he is and what he is doing for you. Nothing can beat what compliments can do to a relationship. Ultimately everyone wants their contributions acknowledged and appreciated. This will lay a strong foundation of emotional attraction on which you can build your relationship.

Though everyone loves compliments, not everyone knows how to take one. So, feel your way and take a measured approach while giving compliments. Just because it is good doesn’t mean you should go overboard. That can backfire on you. 

Don’t give compliments for the sake of it. Be genuine. Also, choose your timing carefully. Make sure he is enjoying your compliments and not feeling awkward or embarrassed. 

3. Take it slowly

Although you feel the urge to fast forward the relationship, it is better to go slow and take one step at a time. Or else, the relationship will be heading towards burnout, even before you can build emotional attraction with him.

You may feel pressured to get more intimate with him for fear of losing out on the relationship or getting closer to him. But that would be like approaching the goal from the wrong angle. A relationship based only on physical attraction and intimacy will not survive for long. If your aim is to build a lifelong relationship with him, you should invest more in establishing an emotional connection.

4. Learn to trust

Trust and commitment form the foundation of any relationship, more so a romantic one. Two individuals from different backgrounds and upbringing come together to build a relationship together. No matter how much you try to find out about him before committing yourself to the relationship, you will end up discovering more about him later.

What you may discover later on may be good or bad. And, therein lies the risk of commitment. Without that leap of faith, you would find relationships impossible to form. You may get hurt or the relationship may not work but you must commit yourself to the relationship.

This means you are not playing the field anymore. You are investing all your time and energy into building this relationship. There is no better way to trigger emotional attraction in a man than to assure your commitment to the relationship.

5. Get to know him better

Communication is considered one of the cornerstones of a relationship. You should use your communication skills to get to know each other better. A bond based only on physical attraction or shared interests won’t last long. You need to develop something much deeper than these to sustain a lifelong relationship.

Both of you have had a life before entering into this relationship. It will take multiple conversations to really know a person. Some guys are ready to share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and past with their partners without much prompting, while others are reluctant to divulge anything even after much prodding.

Steer the conversation to topics he is comfortable with. Find out what he is passionate about and talk about it. You will find him coming alive like never before. Talk about anything if he doesn’t want to discuss personal details. The more conversations you have with him, the more opportunities you will have to build trust and the more likelihood that he will open up later on.

6. Let him know that you care

This is very individualistic and differs from person to person. Remembering small details about him, knowing his likes and preferences, or offering your support when he needs it are all excellent ways to establish emotional attachment in a relationship.

What works for one may not work for another. Also, encourage him to reciprocate the same for you. Caring should not be a one-way street in a relationship, or else it is doomed to fail. When both partners learn how to care for each other and not take each other for granted, emotional attachment is the natural outcome.

7. Pause to listen

Often in your enthusiasm to share your thoughts and emotions, you fail to understand the need of the other person to talk. Listening is as important a part of the conversation as talking.

Listening means really understanding what he is saying and remembering what is being said. This way, you learn more about him and get to know him better. This is vital for emotional connection.

8. Don’t rush it

A relationship needs to be given time and space to develop at a natural pace. Exerting pressure on him to move on to the next stage in a relationship is not recommended. By doing that you are endangering the relationship as the strain may cause it to fall apart.

Coming on too strong may scare him off if he is not ready for the next step. Or he may feel sick and tired of the whole thing and would feel like running away from it all. He may feel that moving too fast will rob the relationship of all fun and enjoyment.

He may not have gotten over the last relationship and may not be fully ready for the next one. If you push for more commitment, you may lose him altogether. With patience, you will be able to establish an emotional connection with him.

9. Continue to be independent

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking moment with each other and share everything. Continue pursuing your individual goals and live life as independently as you did before you met him.

Instead of being put off, a person with an individualistic and independent attitude earns respect and admiration from their partner. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to shed your individuality or freedom. Learn how to balance both these aspects the right way and emotional attraction is the natural by-product.

10. Reveal your vulnerabilities

You may think of this as a deal-breaker in a relationship. You may think that by revealing your weaknesses and exposing your vulnerabilities you will end up in a more fragile position. The truth is far from it. 

One of the easiest ways to build an emotional connection with a man is to get them to share their insecurities and weaknesses. Getting him to do this is not easy. If you make the first move and open up first, it would be easier for him to follow your example. 

On the other hand, if you are putting up barriers and not ready to open up, there is no reason why he should. This will lead to a stalemate in the relationship, which is not a good sign.

Again, oversharing is also not good. By revealing everything about each other in one go, there will be no more mysteries in the relationship to add to its charm. 

Bottom line

Developing an emotional connection in a relationship is hard work. You are allowed to resort to a variety of methods to make this possible. Creating emotional attraction triggers in a man is somewhere on the top of the list. 

Just be aware that developing emotional connections is unworkable in many relationships. You may be incompatible with each other. You may not always choose the right guy. Then, the relationship will end sooner or later. There is no point in forcing an emotional connection where it is not possible.

Unlike physical attraction, it is harder and more time-consuming to build emotional attraction. Take it slow and steady and one fine day the realization will dawn on the both of you that you cannot live without each other and want to be together forever. That is the real emotional attraction.

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