5 Things That Turn On A Female Narcissist

5 Things That Turn On A Female Narcissist

what turns on a female narcissist

Narcissists, in general, are turned on when others believe the fake image they created for themselves. Women, being more emotional, are more influenced by this.

People with narcissistic personality disorder live in a world they create for themselves in which they are exactly what they want to be. They take lots of care to build this phony persona over years. When they come across people who fall for their fake image, they are ecstatic. This is one of the things that turn on a female narcissist.

For female narcissists, this is most evident in their social media activities. The numerous filters provided on these platforms for images and videos mean they can look as gorgeous as they envision themselves to be. 

When the number of likes and followers swell and when their posts are shared thousands of times, they are thrilled to the core. They feel the immense power they have over all these people and this turns on a female narcissist.

On the other hand, when things don’t go as they planned and their little schemes fall flat, they feel enraged and lash out uncontrollably. They will unleash highly toxic behavior without considering the consequences.

This article explores the mind of a female narcissist and tries to figure out what turns them on. Here you will get to know what turns on a female narcissist.

What turns on a female narcissist?

Women with narcissistic personality disorder try hard to impress you by creating a bigger-than-life image for themselves. They will know whether you believed this persona of theirs through your reactions and behavior. When you react positively to this fake identity, the female narcissists are thrilled and turned on.

Here are a few examples of what turns on a female narcissist.

1. You follow their suggestions/requests/commands

Female narcissists love to have a good grip on others and control them. This means they will give you unwanted advice and guidance on how you should do something or behave. When you take on their advice and obey them, the narcissist will feel a sense of victory and accomplishment.

In fact, they treat others like pets. If you act like a well-trained one, they will be pleased with you. The story won’t end there. You will continue to be treated like a pet and ridiculous demands will be made of you just to prove your loyalty and obedience.

Female narcissists are fond of boasting about how obedient you are. 

2. You are overly dependent on them

Female narcissists want to keep you tethered to themselves as this will allow them to have complete control over you. To lure you into this trap, female narcissists will do things for you to make your life easier. You will get used to their pampering and ultimately become over-dependent on them for your needs. You will find yourself incapable of doing things and making decisions on your own.

Making you depend on them is the strategy of a female narcissist. The narcissist will get the thrill of their lives by telling others how you are incapable of managing your own life and how lost you would be without them. 

Once you are completely under their influence, the female narcissist will impart their idiosyncrasies on you. You feel compelled to follow them as they are being so helpful to you. This is one more proof for the female narcissist that they can do whatever they want with you. 

3. You give them expensive presents

Female narcissists will take this as proof of your love and affection. They love bragging to others about all the beautiful and expensive gifts you give them. They like to show them off and get people to talk about them as well as your devotion to her. It is a big turn-on for the female narcissist that you are ready to shower her with exorbitant gifts.

If you are not buying them such over-priced presents, the female narcissist may feign being upset or offended to get you into action. As a peace offering after you kiss and make up, they would surreptitiously demand some outlandish gift. Then, the female narcissist will boast about how much you love her and give this as proof. 

4. You are in awe of them

Don’t ever underestimate a female narcissist. They can see through you and know exactly the kind of partner you are searching for. They will change their outside persona to fit in neatly with the girl of your dreams. And lo and behold! You will fall for her without fail. 

In your eyes, she is the perfect partner you have been searching for forever. You fall head over heels in love with her. In fact, you cannot take your eyes off her or stop singing her praise to others. This is exactly what she wants from you. Your adoration turns on a female narcissist. 

5. They cheat on you

When a female narcissist has her hooks firmly on you and she has got you dancing to her tune, it will keep her happy for a while. Then, she will get bored with the monotony of the perfect existence and may want to add more spice to life. She will cheat on you just for the thrill of it. She needs this to make her life exciting. 

Moreover, when she cheats, she will have one more person on her web. Instead of you alone, she gets to control two people. This makes her feel more important and powerful. 

If you get wind of this and confront her, she will place the whole blame on you. She will use this opportunity to add some drama and make the occasion play out in her favor. On your part, if you are accusing her of cheating, be ready for lots of tears, yelling, blame game, and fighting. 

Bottom line

More than merely obeying her commands if you are subservient to her and act like her puppet, it will make her intensely happy. With this, you are allowing her to control and manipulate you into saying and doing things she wants. Similarly, instead of just adoring her, if you applaud her achievements, it turns on a female narcissist. She may even remind you about this if you haven’t done it for some time.

The ego plays a huge role in the behavior and actions of a woman with narcissistic personality disorder. Being a woman, she will also use her sexuality to get her way with you. Oftentimes, she may not be hiding their narcissistic nature. Instead, she would be proud of it. 

A female narcissist is bound to display narcissistic tendencies. Don’t make the mistake of expecting her to change for the better.

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