When a Man Realizes He Lost a Good Woman

When a Man Realizes He Lost a Good Woman

When a Man Realizes He Lost a Good Woman

Some men don’t seem to realize their luck in relationships and let go of partners that others would give their right arms to. 

They just can’t see the good qualities in their partners and go in search of others. Maybe their new quests go in vain and they get rejected by all those they are keen on. Or, they don’t seem to find anyone to fit into their vision for a partner. Either way, they soon realize their follies. Sooner or later, the man will realize he lost a great woman; all for nothing.

When a man goes searching for greener pastures, he never realizes the foolishness of his actions. This realization comes much later. The moment a man realizes he lost a good woman is something he is never going to forget for the rest of his life. 

This article presents common instances when a man realizes he lost a good woman.

Moments when a man realizes he lost a good woman

Usually, a man realizes he lost a great woman when he realizes that he no longer has her in his life and he is unable to regain the trust and affection of this good woman. He may feel regret, sadness, or longing for what once was. 

This realization usually comes after he has made mistakes or has taken the relationship for granted. When a man loses the woman he loves, he may feel that his world is collapsing. 

1. He becomes aware of you dating others

He was the first one to stray from the relationship. He started dating one girl after another. When you saw his array of new girlfriends, you realized your relationship is over and he’s no longer interested in you.

You had no plans to cling to a relationship in which you are not wanted or respected. You took some time to accept the situation and move on. You became active on the dating scene once again. It was when your ex saw you dating other guys that he realized he has lost you. After all, you are the kind of girl guys regret losing.

Now, when he sees how other men are bending over backward for your attention, he finally can see the plus points that make you a good woman. He begins to realize his good luck for having you in his life but regrets losing you because of his ignorance and foolishness.

2. He never sticks with any one woman

He is always seen in the company of gorgeous women but he can’t seem to bond well with any of them. His relationships are superfluous and short-lived. Is it because he isn’t finding any of them good enough?

Mostly, the reason for his slew of girlfriends is his own worth in their eyes. He is no longer considered hot or an enviable catch by women. His constant search is to find a replacement for you, but all the women he dates fall rather short on this count.

As he darts from one woman to another, he realizes your worth as a good woman and understands that it’s not easy to replace you. In fact, none of the women he dated came anywhere near you. He tries again and again and feels disappointed every time. 

Finally, he reluctantly acknowledges that he lost a good woman. When a guy regrets losing you, he may even come crawling back to you.

3. He isn’t enjoying it as much as he thought he would

He‘s back on the dating scene and is all excited about meeting new women. He feels he can correct the mistakes he made in your relationship. And as predicted, his dating life is going great guns. He always manages to find an attractive woman. He is envied by his friends.

All this means he should be having the time of his life. He should feel happy and on top of the world. Surprisingly, he doesn’t feel overjoyed. He feels as if something good is missing in his life.

He feels sad and down in the dumps. It will take some time for him to realize the reason for his unhappiness and despair. He is missing you and missing you badly.

However, he may take much longer to admit it to himself and even more time to admit it to you. At some point, he will realize he lost a great woman and beg you to take him back. 

4. Hot girls don’t make him happy anymore

He is dating one hot girl after another. Unfortunately, he finds it hard to build a stable relationship with any of them. Most probably, because they aren’t interested in one. He still enjoys the exciting dates he manages to attract. He enjoys the envious glances of his friends. 

That is not all. The girls he dates are great fun as well. There was a great deal of attraction between him and the girl he is dating at present. But recently, he doesn’t seem to enjoy these casual flings as much as he used to. All he can see is the zero value in these relationships. None of them come anywhere near what he had with you.

Maybe you were dissimilar but complemented each other so well. You fitted into each other’s lives snuggly like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Even if you had very few common likes, you both were willing to explore what the other liked. 

Now you realize that this is how a relationship should be. Fun, excitement, or similarity of minds are merely hyped. You can have a roaring relationship even when there is nothing common among the partners. 

5. His new partner is not who he thought she was

In the beginning, she was the perfect partner he has always wanted. Everything was fantastic in his world. He felt as if his heart was about to burst with happiness. He felt all his dreams have come true and he cannot ask for anything more. But like all good things, this too came to an end. In fact, too soon for his liking.

As he got set in his new relationship and his new girlfriend started feeling comfortable, she began revealing her true colors. Her demands grew louder and bigger. After a stage, it seemed to him that she is keener on the materialistic things she can get from him than the relationship itself.

Her list of demands was too stunning and difficult to comply with for him. When he can’t manage her demands, she would pout and sulk. This will make him wish for his old partner. He regrets breaking up with her. When a man loses the woman he loves, he may decide to go back to her.

6. He desired freedom to do what he wanted. But now, he understands what you meant to him

He thought he needed some freedom and independence when in a relationship. He wanted to do whatever he desired without being answerable or responsible to anyone. This made him go away when things got serious between you both. But, when the novelty of his newfound freedom wears off, he begins to feel lonely and empty.

He will realize that you gave him the freedom to do what he wanted when in a relationship. You had trusted him and believed in his decisions when others would have objected. He never realized how much this meant when he was with you, but now, when it is gone, he misses it terribly.

He will see that your relationship was far more than just fun and freedom. He now knows that when two people are in love, it should be balanced with responsibility, trust, and accountability as well. When a man learns these lessons, he will often come crawling back to you when he realizes he lost the perfect partner.

7. He no longer has anyone to have deep conversations with

When a man loses the woman he loves, he can feel an emptiness when it comes to having real conversations. He is not able to converse with anyone on topics that matter to him. He no longer has someone who understands his thoughts and opinions when everyone else seems clueless.

He longs for those long, deep conversations shared with you when you were together. He was able to express himself in ways he never thought possible when with you. These conversations made him feel alive and connected, something he is now missing dearly.

He will realize that when two people are deeply in love, they can discuss anything under the sun without any inhibition or fear of being judged or misjudged. That’s when he can truly be himself and connect with another person on a completely different level. When a man understands this, he will often come back to you when he finds out that he has let go of the best partner ever.

8. He feels he is not as loved by his new girlfriend as by you

He thought when he left the woman he loved, his new girlfriend would fill that void in his life. But when this dream shatters, and when a man realizes he lost a great partner, all for nothing, it hits him hard.

He now sees how much you loved him. Your support and encouragement, even when things were tough and when he faltered, made him feel secure. He felt so loved when with you, something he is now missing in his new relationship.

He will understand that when two people are deeply in love, they care for each other as no one else can. That’s when a man feels safe to share his deepest fears, anxieties, and secrets. When a man realizes this, it is when he can come back to the woman who once held his heart when he finds out that she is still available.

9. He has learned his lessons and is ready to admit to his mistakes

When a man realizes he lost the best partner ever, he wants to make it right and mend his mistakes. He comes back with an open heart, ready to apologize for what he did and understand why it was wrong.

He will now understand that communication is key when two people are in love. He will be prepared to talk things out when things get difficult instead of running away or pushing the blame onto you.

He will also understand that when two people are deeply in love, trust and loyalty are essential. He will be willing to stay faithful when difficulties arise and won’t let external parties interfere with your relationship.

When a man has learned these lessons and when he comes back to you when he realizes he lost a great woman, all for nothing, it is when true love can be born again. He will cherish and value your relationship with him more than ever before.

Some more moments when a man lost a good woman

  1. He is desperate to get back together with you.
  2. He tries to remain your friend, hoping that someday you will take him back.
  3. He no longer has the support of his family and friends.
  4. His loved ones will let you know how he is feeling. 
  5. He is drowning his sorrow and disappointment in alcohol and/or drugs.
  6. He is having dark thoughts.

Final thoughts on moments when a man realizes he lost a good woman

When a guy knows he messed up, he may feel regret and sadness for his actions or lack of effort that led to the loss of a good woman. He may realize that he took you for granted and now realizes the true value you brought to his life. He may feel a sense of emptiness and loneliness, as well as a sense of longing for what could have been. 

He may also feel remorse for not treating you better and for not appreciating you enough. He may make a sincere effort at making amends and winning you back, but he may also understand that it may be too late and that he has to accept the consequences of his actions.

When a man realizes he lost a good woman, it may go either way. When a man loses the woman he loves, he may destroy his life because he is full of sadness and remorse. Or he may manage to turn his life around to attract you back into his life. He feels that you will set aside your decision to leave him and accept him back, now that he is everything you ever wanted.

If you want him back in your life, the simplest way to get through to him is by triggering his hero instinct. When he realizes that you need his help and support and would welcome him back, he will start working on his shortcoming that drove you away in the first place. The power of bringing out his inner hero should never be ignored. 

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