When You Feel Attracted to Someone Do They Feel It Too?

When You Feel Attracted to Someone Do They Feel It Too?

When You Feel Attracted to Someone Do They Feel It Too?

For you, it was love at first sight. And you are confused about your next step. Would you like to know the right way to move forward? Read on.

You are sure about the attraction you feel for this person. You are displaying all the signs you’re attracted to someone.

You have been waiting for some time to see a positive signal from the person to proceed further. But all you can see is friendly behavior that can be interpreted either way. Maybe this person is just being friendly and has no special feelings for you. Or maybe they feel the same way but are not ready to reveal it to you or the world for their own reasons.

You feel as if your heart is bursting at the seams trying to contain your feelings and not proclaim your love publicly. You would like to know how this person feels about it before going public with your feelings. And that is understandable. Who wants to make a fool of themselves by disclosing an unrequited love. 

Now, the riddle you need to solve is what feelings this person has for you. You need to get this information without revealing your feelings. Is that even possible? Can you read the person’s mind?

Mind reading may be too far-fetched. But you can understand what a person is feeling or thinking by looking out for some specific signs in his actions and behavior. Let’s see how you can manage this.

10 signs to confirm mutual attraction

1. Feeling of happiness and comfort in each other’s company

You feel that you are home at last with this person. There is an easy camaraderie that is hard to miss. You may have a similar easy-going relationship with old friends. But you met this person recently and to feel this level of comfort is something worth noting.

Another point you may notice if you care to look for it is that when the two of you are together, the rest of the world seems to fade away. Even in a crowded room, you have only eyes for each other. Both of you may be trying to hide your feelings for the other, but there is only so much you can keep under cover when you are madly in love.

2. Conversation flows smoothly

You may not be great at making light conversations but when you are with this person, you’re on fire. This may make you wonder what is making you act so strangely around this person. Unknown to you, this person is giving you encouraging signals that are making you feel relaxed and talk much more than usual.

You are so comfortable in the company of this person that you don’t bother about the etiquette and rights and wrongs of conversation. You speak out about anything that comes into your mind. The reason for your unusual behavior can be the reciprocity shown by this person.

3. Equal interest in getting to know each other

You are attracted to this person you recently met. So, naturally, you want to know more about them. If you detect the same tendency in this person, it is a clear sign of mutual attraction

Have your friends been hinting that this person has been making inquiries about you? Or did you notice it in your conversations with the person? Whether this person is showing interest in you or is not interested is not hard to ascertain. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open.

4. They seem to remember so much about you

It is one thing to be curious about each other and eager to know more about each other. But retaining the information and recollecting them at the right time is something else. That just shows genuine interest. When this person you are attracted to seems to know more about you than even your best friends, it is a clear sign of attraction.

5. Ready to do anything for you

Even before you ask for help, you will find this person at your side, willing and ready to be at your service. You often find them doing nice things for you like holding the door open or fetching you something. You may feel pleasantly surprised by all the attention you are getting. It is wonderful to know that there is someone out there who is ready to make your life easier for you. 

You may find them by your side both when you are happy or sad. They are always willing to lend a shoulder for you to cry on when you are feeling low. If you care to notice, they don’t seem to give others the same kind of attention or service. When a person singles you out for this level of care and attention, it is a sign of a budding relationship.

6. Check out the body language

Body language never lies. That is one of the best and the worst things about it. If you want to hide something, you may not be able to manage that as body language is something over which you have very little control. 

There are so many hidden body language signs you can rely on to make an accurate judgment. Such as their chest and hips facing you when you are interacting, making eye contact, or their urge to make physical contact, taking advantage of every possible opportunity. Both of you try to present the best versions of themselves for the benefit of the other. When you can detect open body language in this person, you can be sure that they are as much attracted to you as you are to them.

7. Incidences of mirroring each other

When you are focusing your entire energy on knowing this person, you will subconsciously imitate their body movements as well as their manner of speaking and way of thinking. Mirroring is a common phenomenon in relationships. If you pay enough attention, you will find evidence of this person mirroring your actions. That means they are into you.

8. Evidence of sexual tension

This may not be so evident in the beginning as you are just beginning to know each other. As you get closer to the person and interaction becomes more frequent, you would find sexual attraction developing. This may lead to the building up of sexual tension. The reasons may be your expectations, limitations, and disagreements. 

It takes time for two individuals to settle down in a relationship. The initial phase involves getting to know each other – their wants, needs, and expectations. At times, there can be differences in viewpoints which can lead to tension and misunderstanding. As long as the communication channel remains open, you will survive this phase and move on to the next one.

9. Feel it in your bones that something is up

You just know that there is a deeper bond developing between the two of you. You may not be able to put a finger on it but your subconscious mind must have picked up hints and suggestions that helped you arrive at this surmise.

Call it whatever you want – intuition, sixth sense, or just impression. You should not ignore or rubbish it. In fact, they are more truthful than the more obvious signs.

10. Their friends treat you better

You may notice a sudden change in attitude towards you by their friends. They may begin to treat you as one of their close circle. You may find yourself being invited to their parties and outings. All this attention may make you wonder why. Your crush may have indicated either implicitly or explicitly to the friends their interest in you. They may have taken that as a cue to include you in the gang.

Bottom line

When you feel attracted to someone, even if you try your best to keep it hidden, intense attraction signs may show in some way or the other. The same is true when this person returns your affection. While you are trying to ascertain the feelings of this person, they may be doing the same with you.

Can you sense when someone likes you? You would be asking yourself this question.

While there are clear physical signs you can check to ensure the attraction, you can confirm the same using body language or behavioral patterns. When someone is having a hard time prying their eyes off you, you don’t need to look any further. There can be no other explanation for such behavior other than attraction or infatuation.

Once you are sure about mutual attraction, it is time for you to think about the next step.

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