Why Do I Feel A Strong Connection with Someone?

Why Do I Feel A Strong Connection with Someone?

Why Do I Feel A Strong Connection with Someone?

You meet numerous people in your lifetime, but you find yourself connecting easily with only a handful among them. These may be in the romantic context or otherwise. The connection is stronger with even fewer. Someone with whom you feel an intense bonding is most probably your soulmate.

Who is your soulmate?

Soulmates are almost always wrongly labeled – as lovers, romantic partners, and spouses. Blame it on movies for creating this illusion. The fact remains that your soulmate need not be linked to you romantically. However, most often they are because of the depth of the connection and intensity of the emotions involved.

Soulmates are, in simple terms, the mates of souls. According to the law of attraction, they share similar soulmate energy, similar purpose, and a similar vision. It is believed that soulmates are brought together to remind each other of their life’s purpose and to awaken their true self. Soulmates help each other find who they really are.

Relationship with your soulmate

Soulmate connections may last a lifetime or a short while. As the purpose of the bonding is to help you find yourself and awaken your senses, the relationship need not last forever. Moreover, soulmate relationships are so intense and passionate that it is hard for it to survive for long. Once its purpose is served, the soulmates tend to move on.

Though soulmates seldom stay together forever, the love and connection remain intact for the rest of their lives. The connection is so deep and profound that it is impossible to ignore and forget.

Signs of soulmate connection

You meet, connect with someone, and part ways after spending some time together. This may be romantic relationships or just friendships. This kind of connection happens many times in your lives that you are left wondering whether any one of these people was your soulmate.

When you bond with your soulmate, some telltale signs make it evident the nature of your connection. So, here are the easiest to spot and obvious signs of a soulmate.

  • Though you are connecting with someone you barely know, you feel as if you have known them for a long time. You feel an instant and irresistible attraction to the person.
  • The rapport you enjoy with this person is beyond comprehension, irrespective of whether the relationship is romantic or otherwise. It is as if you knew each other in your previous births and now just carrying on with the connection.
  • Soulmate connections are believed to bring about sweeping changes in your life. That is considered the whole purpose of a soulmate. Especially if you are facing hurdles and blockages in life that is making it hard to progress, meeting your soulmate can change all that. Not only do they help you rediscover yourself, but your soulmate can also lead you to the right path without being intrusive.
  • Though a soulmate can bring about positive changes in your life, the relationship with your soulmate can be anything but calming and uneventful. The intensity of a soulmate relationship will bring to the fore your old fears, pains, and problems. Most probably this happens as a way of release and clears the air.
  • The strong connection with someone may bring out your hidden skills and talents that even you were unaware of. That is the kind of relationship you can expect with a soulmate. The outcome is most often positive, but the relationship itself will be wild and turbulent that it rarely lasts a lifetime.
  • When the soulmate connection has a romantic angle to it, which most often is the case, the depth and passion involved may trigger an on-again-off-again cycle. You will part ways after a short period of connection, but find it difficult to forget and move on. You come back together, only to part ways later.
  • The connect and disconnect in a soulmate relationship happen in a predestined fashion. When you look back and think about it, it is as if the Universe played a role in the whole setup. Call it by any name – fate, destiny, kismet, or plain luck, it points to you being set up for the relationship by a higher authority.
  • At the beginning of the relationship, you feel a strong connection to someone. However, as the purpose is served, such as your life problems resolved or your hidden talents revealed, you find the intensity and passion in the relationship shrink and fade away. Ultimately this may lead to parting ways.
  • When you feel a strong connection with someone, unlike other relationships, you sense a bigger purpose in your union. You feel as if the Universe is bringing you two together to achieve something great, something beyond the capabilities of the two individuals involved.
  • The best part about a soulmate connection is that there is no judgment involved. You are accepted for who you are. This allows you the freedom to be yourself without bothering about the reaction of the other person. In fact, the presence of the other person calms you down and all those negative thoughts and feelings just vanish. You may be interested to learn how to get rid of intrusive thoughts forever.
  • Even at the beginning of the soulmate relationship, both of you find yourselves in tune with each other. Better described as on the same page or the same wavelength. It is as if you can sense the needs, wants, and preferences of the other person without spelling it out. A connection of the souls. In fact, that is exactly the essence of a soulmate relationship!

These signs are just indications or general guidelines, but ultimately you need to trust your instincts and intuitive abilities to figure out whether that someone is your soulmate or not. Pay close attention to your heart’s expressions and there you will find the answer.

We often use the terms ‘feeling connected to someone’ or ‘having a connection with someone’ in many contexts. In most instances these connections are superficial – merely having similar views or tastes on a specific subject and no more. When the connection goes to a deeper and significant level that leaves profound and lasting impressions, then the connection is between souls.

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