Why Is My Boyfriend Annoying Me So Much Lately [7 Reasons]

7 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend is Annoying You So Much Lately (And What to Do About It)

why is my boyfriend annoying me so much lately

You must be reading this because your boyfriend is annoying you so much lately. Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Annoying each other is common in relationships but when it gets too much you may have to find the reasons your boyfriend is annoying and do something about it. 

This article offers you plausible reasons your boyfriend is annoying you so much lately. Here you will also find some suggestions on what to do about it. 

Reasons your boyfriend is annoying you

1. His feelings for you have cooled down

You still remember the excitement and euphoria of the initial days of the relationship when he could barely stand being away from you. Now, it’s not the same. It’s still great when you are together but he seems to enjoy other people and activities. This makes you wonder whether he has lost interest in you.

You need to remember that men and women experience and react to love and relationships differently. While women are more demonstrative about their love, men are more subdued. That doesn’t mean men don’t love or care. Moreover, you cannot expect the same intensity in the relationship as in the early days. Cooling down feelings is natural as time passes.

Besides this, he may have reasons other than you and the relationship to feel low and out of sorts. He may be anxious or depressed for reasons unrelated to you. He may be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. Or else, this may be a sign of aging. The best thing for you is not to read too much into this.

2. He isn’t communicating well

By now you must have realized that men aren’t great at communication. They are not as adept as women in expressing or verbalizing their emotions and thoughts. If you aren’t aware of this, it can drive you nuts.

Unfortunately, that is the way men are created and there is not much you, anybody else or even they can do anything about it. Don’t consider this as one of the reasons your boyfriend is annoying you. 

3. He ignores your emotions

When your boyfriend ignores or rejects your feelings, thoughts, preferences, desires, or behavior, it can be hard for you to take it lying down. It is as if you don’t matter to him at all. When he treats you as unimportant and inconsequential, you become angry and irrational. 

He may do this act of invalidation through gestures and implications. For you, this can be infuriating and frustrating. Though antagonizing and exasperating, his behavior may not have anything to do with you. 

Often men act this way because they are inept at handling and processing their emotions or aren’t sure how to respond to you. He may also be preoccupied with issues unrelated to you.

Before you let this fester and damage you or your relationship, you should initiate an open conversation to address it. 

4. He prefers silence to conversation

When you express your need for discussion, your boyfriend may ignore your request and remain silent. Or, he may walk out to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. This is definitely not on you. Such annoying habits clearly indicate flaws in his personality.

Your boyfriend may be immature or find you confusing. He may be reeling under too much workload or suffering from fatigue. Any of these can make him feel disinterested in having a conversation with you. He naturally doesn’t want any more hassles. 

5. He violates boundaries

Is he poking his nose in your personal affairs too much? Maybe he is getting too involved in what you are wearing, eating, or doing. He may want to have a say in whom you are meeting or making friends with. 

He may be highly critical of you and find fault in everything you do. He prevents you from meeting your family and friends. His love is conditional and you find yourself blaming yourself whenever something goes wrong. This is a valid reason for you to feel annoyed.

6. He’s used to you now 

So much so that he doesn’t find it necessary to be nice to you anymore. It was not like this in the early days of the relationship. He used to move heaven and earth to make things just right for you and make you happy. But all that has changed now.

The reasons your boyfriend is annoying may be simple. He has grown comfortable around you, which is in fact something you should rejoice about. It means your relationship is moving in the right direction. He doesn’t feel the need to put up a front for you and fake it. He isn’t afraid of showing his true self. He is comfortable in his own skin. 

However, this is not good either for the relationship. When two individuals come into a relationship from different backgrounds and with diverse preferences, the ground rules must be drawn up to avoid such issues. Talk to him about this and make him realize how his annoying habits are making you feel.

7. His inner hero is still dormant

Have you heard about hero instinct in men? This is the urge a man feels toward the people he loves and cares about. He would want to do his best to protect and provide for them. 

If his inner hero is active, your boyfriend wouldn’t behave this way with you. He will be nice to you and always take good care of you. He won’t be ignoring you or annoying you so much. 

If he has annoying habits, chances are his inner hero is not yet triggered. Then, all you need to do is trigger his hero instinct. Once triggered, your boyfriend will be ready to lay down his life for you. 

If you want to know how to trigger the hero instinct in a man, try here.

What to do when you are frustrated with your boyfriend?

You can join your boyfriend in being annoying. But remember that this is going to destroy your relationship. You can worsen the situation with your annoying behavior. If you care about your boyfriend and the relationship, you can try these steps.

  • Figure out how this is affecting your relationship
  • Acknowledge and understand your feelings
  • Try not to react and copy his annoying behavior
  • Focus on yourself and your well-being
  • Be ready to change your ways if need be
  • Refrain from thinking of your partner as your enemy

Bottom line

Maybe he’s not as good a person as you thought he is. Or you are just frustrated with something or someone else. A blame game is not going to help either of you. That will lead you straight to break up. 

The key to a happy relationship is to reach out to your boyfriend in a positive way to empower both of you. Hero instinct is a concept coined by relationship specialist James Bauer. It’s a simple and effective way to be happy and stay happy in the relationship.

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