Why Men Avoid Eye Contact When Nervous

Why Men Avoid Eye Contact When Nervous

Why Men Avoid Eye Contact When Nervous

When it comes to shyness and discomfort, one physical symptom that often reveals itself is the avoidance of eye contact. Whether a man has just met someone new or he is interacting with someone for the first time, men often feel anxious and avoid looking directly into their eyes when they are nervous. But why do men avoid eye contact when they get nervous around women?

What Causes Men to Feel Nervous Around Women?

When it comes to social situations and interactions with women, several factors can cause a man to become anxious and fidgety.

The most common reasons men become uncomfortable in social situations is because of fear of rejection, self-consciousness, or anxiety of not knowing what to say or do. This can lead to a man feeling nervous around women, resulting in a noticeable decrease in eye contact when talking.

How Does Eye Contact Affect Interactions With Women?

In many cases, avoiding eye contact can make an interaction seem dull or uninterested. Even if a man is interested in the woman he’s speaking with, he may come across as disinterested by not maintaining direct eye contact – regardless of his true intentions.

This lack of eye contact makes it difficult for the other person to connect and engage in conversation – which can be especially intimidating for women who might expect more direct engagement from men when a man is nervous around a woman.

Why Men Avoid Eye Contact When They Get Nervous

The most common reason men avoid making direct eye contact when they get nervous is that they are afraid of conveying too much interest toward a woman they don’t know well yet.

In some cases, this fear comes from an unconscious belief that if they make too much direct eye contact, it could indicate romantic feelings or attraction toward the woman – which could lead to an uncomfortable situation depending on how she responds.

In other cases, some men may even experience physical symptoms such as increased heart rate or sweaty palms when making direct eye contact – making them even more likely to look away during the conversation.

Other Reasons Why Men Avoid Eye Contact When Nervous

In addition to the fear of revealing too much interest in someone they don’t know well yet, there are also other reasons why some men may feel compelled to avoid making direct eye contact when they get nervous:

  • Fear of Rejection: Some men may feel intimidated by the idea that a woman could reject their advances if he does maintain direct eye contact during conversation; therefore, he avoids it altogether so as not to face potential embarrassment or humiliation if she doesn’t respond positively.
  • Social Anxiety: For some men who suffer from social anxiety disorder (SAD), making direct eye contact during conversations can be incredibly intimidating due to fear and worry about saying something wrong or being judged harshly by others. To counter this fear and anxiety, these individuals will often look away during conversations so as not to draw attention to themselves or invite negative judgment from those around them.
  • Lack of Self-Confidence: Men who lack self-confidence may believe that holding direct eye contact while conversing with women could increase their chances of being judged poorly, thus leading them to break away from sustained gazes more rapidly than those who have higher levels of self-worth.


Eye contact plays a vital role in communication – especially between members of the opposite sex – so it’s crucial for both men and women alike to understand why someone may tend to avoid making direct eye contact when they get nervous around each other socially.

Ultimately, it all boils down to preference; whether someone prefers limited visual engagement or longer periods of gaze exchanges depends on individual personalities and the level of comfort associated with different forms of communication exchange between two people.

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