7 Signs He Finds You Attractive

7 Signs He Finds You Attractive

7 Signs He Finds You Attractive

When a man finds you irresistible, he may or may not make it known to you. Some men, for reasons best known to themselves, keep their emotions hidden.

If you are also attracted to him and want to know how he feels about you before going further ahead, this would be hard and confusing. Surely, you don’t want to misread the intentions of the guy and assume he finds you attractive when all he wants is to be a good friend to you. That can be quite embarrassing for you.

The easiest way to avoid such goof-ups is to rely on body language and signs of male attraction to know what is on his mind. We, humans, tend to show what is on our minds unintentionally through our behaviors and gestures. These signs are more reliable than even the answers you may get out of them in case you are bold enough to make the first move.

This article delves into the mind of a man in love and offers you the 7 signs he finds you attractive. Armed with this information, you can decide on your next course of action to set the ball rolling in your relationship.

Undeniable signs he finds you attractive

1. He makes constant eye contact

A man won’t be able to peel his eyes away from something he desires, especially the woman he loves. When he finds you attractive, his eyes will stray toward you, even if he tries hard not to stare. He will be partially aware of this tendency to make eye contact. He also knows that this will alert you to his interest in you. So, he would want to keep the fact that he finds you attractive a secret until he’s ready to reveal it to you the way he wants to.

Unfortunately, that is the trouble with body language and signs. These are controlled by our subconscious minds and our consciousness has no control over them. So, he may consciously try to look away but his eyes will stray back to you again and again. 

Eye contact is one of the most powerful signs of male attraction.

2. He is all praises for you

When a man finds you irresistible, all he can see are your good aspects. He will be blind to your flaws and shortcomings. This will make him go ga-ga about you. He will tell whoever is willing to listen how beautiful, competent, or talented you are. 

He will think you are the most beautiful or well-dressed woman in the whole wide world. Or a good cook or a great organizer. He may be bowled over by your efficiency or multi-tasking skills. He may brag about your high qualifications and meteoric rise in your profession. Anywhere he turns, all he can see is something good about you. And, he never hesitates to tell others about it.

3. He doesn’t mention your flaws

Even when he comes across your imperfections, he willingly turns a blind eye to them. Sometimes when he is forced to acknowledge them, he will make enough excuses for you that you will begin to feel embarrassed. Do you want anything more to prove that he finds you attractive? 

They say love makes one blind. He is living proof that this is true. Even your faults and weaknesses that stare him in the face, he fails to see. He has eyes only for your positive traits and accomplishments.

4. He is immensely proud of you

He always goes overboard in his appreciation for you. Be it your achievements or skill set. He doesn’t have any misgivings in telling you this straight on. He doesn’t stop with this. He will talk about how good you are to everyone he meets.

Clearly, he finds you attractive and is seeing you through the rose-tinted lens that makes everything you do appear great. When he appreciates you, there is no trace of jealousy in his behavior. He is highly supportive of anything you do and encourages you all the time.

This is one of the obvious signs of male attraction.

5. He shares his innermost thoughts and feelings with you

That should mean something if he is not the talkative kind. Men, in general, are not very expressive about their emotions or reveal their thoughts to others. As he is sharing everything with you, he definitely considers you special.

You are the first person he rushes to share his joy as well as grief. Whenever he is facing problems at home or the office, he will come to you for opinions and advice. While he doesn’t talk to anyone else about his intimate affairs, he feels confident to open up to you. This is one of the obvious signs he finds you sexually attractive.

6. His ego lies dormant when he’s with you

Anything you ask of him is never too much for him. He always makes it happen for you. Even if your demands are over the top and embarrassing to him, he never considers the option of saying “no” to you. He never allows his ego to come between him and you.

In fact, he thinks it a privilege that you asked him for help. At his office, he may be the top guy, making others do the work for him. But with you, he is nothing but your man. You get to see a man without ego only when he is head over heels in love with you and he sees you as someone special.

7. He places a high value on your opinion

Does he come to you with his personal problems, expecting you to give him suggestions for resolution? When he has issues with his boss or colleagues at the office or if he’s overlooked for a promotion, he rushes to you for comfort and reassurance. The same is the case when he faces issues with his family and friends. Whenever he wants validation, it’s you that he seeks out.

Even when he hasn’t talked a word about his love for you. You find him spending every waking moment with you. He may not want others to notice his behavior and make comments. But as days wear on, he no longer cares about what others thought. He loves you and he has high regard for you.

Bottom line

He may buy you expensive gifts, whether there is an occasion for it or not. He wants to be with you all the time. He loves and appreciates you for who you are. He doesn’t assign much importance to your whims and impulses. He takes them in his stride and doesn’t feel it is inconvenient. 

He can’t stop bragging about your good looks, expertise in makeup, and your dress sense. Unlike many men, he has no problem helping you out with your shopping. He is careful about his clothes and appearance. All he wants to do is make memories.

If he is investing heavily in time and effort with you, it is an obvious sign of male attraction. Through various body language, he is hooked nice and proper with you.

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