The Law of Attraction Planner: PDF Free Download Printable

The Law of Attraction Planner: PDF Free Download

law of attraction planner

You may have come across the law of attraction and how you can manifest all of your desires using it. The proposition is too attractive to let go of without giving it a chance. And, for that, you need to know more about how it works and how to make it work better.

Information is available in plenty; you can get it from books and the internet. However, planning strategies for your manifestation process is not as simple as that. You should know how effective planning can change the outcome. Manifestation is one of those things that is easy to learn but hard to practice, let alone master.

What you need is a law of attraction blueprint to help you plan and navigate every step of the process, ensuring you are on the right path and sticking to it, and see you through to the goal. A law of attraction planner offers the right kind of support to make your manifestation journey easy and simple.

This article will take you through the salient features of the law of attraction and the process of manifestation. Here you will find more details about the law of attraction planners – what is it, why do you need them, and how to use them. 

You can download a Law of Attraction Planner for free here.

law of attraction planner

The Law of Attraction: An overview

The law of attraction is a philosophy or way of thinking that tells you how you can achieve your goals by focusing on them. This is made possible through the process of manifestation. The fundamental principle of the law of attraction is “like attracts like”.

To understand this, you need to know about another Universal Law – the law of vibration. It states that everything in this Universe is made up of energy and is in constant vibration. 

Now let us get back to “like attracts like”. This means you attract people and things that have the same vibrational energy as yours. And, your vibrational energy is not a constant. You can raise it with certain positive actions.

Manifestation of a goal involves raising your energy vibrations to equal that of your goal. The law offers a wide range of tools and techniques to help you achieve this. Visualization, affirmation, meditation, and practicing gratitude are some of the most effective ones among them.

Manifesting using the law of attraction can be summarized as – Ask, Believe, Receive.

All these may sound like a piece of cake – straightforward, uncomplicated, and manageable. Be assured that they are anything but.

Understanding the principles of manifestation is one thing but understanding how to make it work for you is a different ball game altogether. During the manifestation journey, you can expect hurdles and roadblocks, twists and turns, pitfalls, and hidden dangers lurking in the shadows.

This is where a law of attraction planner can come in handy for you. It can shine a bright light into the process and make the shadows vanish. So that there will be no more ambiguities or nasty surprises left. It can expertly navigate you through the perilous journey and help you reach the fruitful end. 

If you are new to the law of attraction topic, we recommend you to check our law of attraction guide for beginners.

What is the Law of Attraction Planner?

A law of attraction planner is a must-have companion for manifestation beginners. It is an invaluable accessory to help you manifest your desires and goals. It guides you through the path of manifestation with exercises, information, and practical tools. 

A planner is designed to organize your daily life without distracting you from the pursuit of the goal. When you are manifesting, you are not deferring your daily activities and put your life on hold for the duration. This necessitates focusing your energies on the task at hand despite the stresses and hardships of the daily routine.

Using a planner allows you to unburden your mind of the multitude of details of manifestation. Moreover, making a record of your every action, thought, feeling, and emotion gives you more clarity and also serves as a useful reference.

Let us take a deeper look at the various features of a law of attraction planner. The planner includes a:

Daily journal:

This is where you enter every single thing you do every day. It prompts you to find an intention for the day, daily affirmation, and something to feel grateful for. It has space to enter your plans for the day, to-do lists, and what you actually did. This acts as a time management planner. You can conclude your daily journal with your comments on how your day turned out to be.

Manifest planner:

This is where you enter every single thing you do every day. It prompts you to find an intention for the day, daily affirmation, and something to feel grateful for. It has space to enter your plans for the day, to-do lists, and what you actually did. This acts as a time management planner. You can conclude your daily journal with your comments on how your day turned out to be.

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Gratitude journal:

gratitude journal

This is in addition to the space provided for recording your blessings in the daily journal. You may repeat the same and add some more here. An exclusive gratitude journal acts as an instant pick-me-up when feeling depressed. All you need to do is read a few entries to realize how blessed you are. You can use the opportunity to dig deep in your heart and discover the wonderful people and experiences you have come across in life and the beautiful places you have visited.

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Affirmation journal:

daily affirmations

This is in addition to the space provided for recording your blessings in the daily journal. You may repeat the same and add some more here. An exclusive gratitude journal acts as an instant pick-me-up when feeling depressed. All you need to do is read a few entries to realize how blessed you are. You can use the opportunity to dig deep in your heart and discover the wonderful people and experiences you have come across in life and the beautiful places you have visited.

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13 reasons why you need a Law of Attraction Planner

As explained earlier, the manifestation process sounds deceivingly simple to read. Only when you get down to the implementation part or try to practice all that you have read and understood, the trouble begins. You may face difficulties on various fronts. You may find yourself on the sticky ground here. 

Manifestation is a hard practice to master. And it is called practice for a reason. No wonder beginners find it more arduous and confusing. You may have a hard time figuring out the practical aspects of various steps and would like to have some support and clarifications. You may feel puzzled by the choices you have to make. 

For example, one of the most important steps of manifestation, in fact, the most crucial one, is “Trust the Universe”. Trust is something you cannot switch on and off. It is not something you can develop overnight. Moreover, it is more difficult to sustain than build. Naturally, when you reach this step, you are bound to encounter some issues.

Another dilemma you may face in your manifestation journey – remembering to follow all the steps of manifestation in the right manner and with the right attitude. Keeping track of various manifestation-related activities itself is difficult. On top of that, you need to learn to balance it with your daily commitments. 

You don’t set aside a few days or weeks, or months of your life for manifesting goals. As putting your life on hold is not a choice for you, you need to master the balancing act. This means you will have to accommodate the process of manifestation within your daily schedule. For most people, this is already packed. 

When you read about manifestation it looked like an easy and simple way to achieve what you want. What started as a simple exercise, gets more and more complicated and difficult as you progress along the manifestation path. 

It is indeed easy and simple, only if you know how to go about it. This is exactly what a law of attraction planner can do for you. It can guide you through the maze of steps and techniques, keep you focussed, and find the balance by integrating law of attraction practices into your daily routine.

A law of attraction planner can make the process easy to understand and follow, help you plan and organize your activities. It acts as a life planner and fills in the role of a life coach. It acts as a substitute for life coaching courses.  In short, it streamlines the entire process of manifestation so that it is easier, simpler, focused, and more enjoyable for you.

Here are some pertinent reasons for choosing a dedicated law of attraction planner.

1. Get clarity on your life purpose

As a law of attraction beginner, you may have a muddled-up list of wishes and wants. You may not be clear about your mission in life and whether these goals are in alignment with your life purpose.

Unless you gain clarity of purpose in life and figure out the goals that confirm with this, you will be traveling on the wrong path, headed in the wrong direction.

Using a law of attraction planner can help you get a clear picture. Ultimately it will help you to carve out the dream life you want to have.

2. Manifesting bigger goals

The law of attraction tells you that there is no limit to what you can manifest. The sky’s the limit. This is absolutely true. 

However, you need experience and expertise to reach this level of manifestation skill. As a beginner, it is too much to aspire for bigger goals. The Law of Attraction experts advise you to start small. That is progress from smaller intentions to bigger goals. 

The problem with bigger goals is the longer time it needs for realization. Doubts and mistrust can creep in unawares, destroying your hard work in no time. You are more likely to abandon your goal.

The “Action Plan” section of the “Manifestation Planner” helps you break down bigger goals into smaller accomplishable tasks. You can make daily, weekly, and monthly goals with the planner. You can manifest smaller intentions faster and this will provide you the self-motivation to move on to the next one until your main goal is realized.

A law of attraction planner can make the transition from smaller to bigger goals faster and smoother. You are more likely to stick with your goals. The discipline, focus, and organized approach a law of attraction planner offers can help you gain knowledge and mastery of the process at a faster pace than you would otherwise. 

3. Clear, precise, and concise goals

All your dreams do not translate to manifestable goals. Only burning desires do. You need to be absolutely sure about wanting them, be passionate about it, and be ready to go to great lengths to see them realized. Moreover, the goals you set need to be aligned with your moral values and life purpose.

A law of attraction planner can guide you on the right path and help you gain a clear vision and clarity of mind. When your goal is in agreement with your skillset, passion, and you as a person, there is more likelihood of you sticking with the process and seeing your goal through.

4. Keep you focused

Daily journal entries and regular updates on the goal necessitates constant observation and contemplation. As this is an ongoing process involving days, weeks, or even months, this would keep your thoughts from straying. 

You can use this opportunity to shift your mindset and get to know who you really are deep inside. You need to weed out the negative attributes of your character and aim for overall improvement in your attitude. You can develop a new belief system to help you become more successful.

5. Leads to self-improvement 

Manifesting a goal requires all-around growth as a person. You cannot focus exclusively on the goal as manifestation demands comprehensive progress for harmony, happiness, and positivity. What you need is a life coach and/or a life planner.

Moreover, the law of attraction techniques like affirmations and gratitude help you raise your self-worth, confidence, and appreciation of what you already have. It creates new self-awareness. 

All these sweeping changes happening in your life are aimed at making you a better person, living a dream life of joy, peace, and purpose.

6. Embrace new opportunities

The whole process of manifestation works on the principle of “like attracts like”. This means you have to raise your energy vibrations to match that of the goal so that it is naturally drawn towards you. 

Increasing the vibrational frequency directly translates to becoming more positive as a person. As you turn into a more positive person, you undergo a radical life transformation. Your perspective, the way you look at everything, including yourself, improves. You feel more optimistic and will be ready to try things you never considered before. 

A whole new world opens up for you.

7. Gratitude takes root

Not that you were ungrateful before. Often in the rush of life, you can easily overlook the feeling of gratitude. The manifestation process emphasizes the role of gratitude in getting what you want. Regular practice of gratitude makes it a part of your character.

When gratitude becomes second nature to you, your life is bound to change for the better. When you imbibe gratitude, most of the negative emotions and feelings vanish into thin air. Such as anger, stress, criticism, annoyance, dissatisfaction, and even depression.

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8. Become more productive

With improved focus, attitude, and willingness to try new avenues and take chances, your future life will look brighter. You may be following the manifestation steps to achieve the goal you set for yourself. But in the process, you are improving all aspects of your life. You end up eliminating procrastination and time-wasting. 

Moreover, you learn how to break down bigger goals into smaller ones. And how to maintain your focus and motivation to achieve the goals one after the other. This way of handling things becomes so ingrained in you that you will begin to use the same tactics in your life as well. Raised productivity and success are the natural outcomes.

9. Higher levels of motivation

Maintaining your motivation levels on a higher plane is key to success in manifestation. If you feel discouraged and lose interest in the goal, your manifestation journey will end abruptly. All the tools of manifestation given in the law of attraction planner are designed to keep you highly motivated.

This trend will reflect in other areas of your life as well. When you see how you managed to make the seemingly impossible goal possible, you will feel inspired to try the approach to other tasks as well. This means so much more success and more accomplishments in life.

10. Raises creativity

The more you are tuned in to yourself and the more you know yourself, your intuitive skills improve naturally. When manifesting a goal, the law of attraction planner urges you to think and plan your path to the goal. Using a planner means you convert what is in your mind into words and write it down. And, this involves creativity.

As you learn to pour your thoughts out onto the paper, you are unconsciously honing your writing skill. Visualization is one of the most recommended techniques to raise your energy vibrations. Whether you are using your imagination or taking to scriptwriting, your creativity gets a big boost.

11. Eliminate negativity

This is one of the first steps of manifestation. Negative thoughts, feelings, and attitudes can bring down your energy vibrations, thus preventing you from manifesting your goal. The law of attraction planner offers various suggestions to help you do away with your negativity and create positive neural pathways. Such as affirmations and gratitude.

The way the law of attraction planner guides your thoughts and actions onto the right path, you would start wondering, “Why didn’t I think of this before?”. When you see that you can achieve so much more with a positive mental outlook, you start adopting it into all aspects of your life.

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12. Learn to appreciate yourself

Keeping yourself motivated throughout the manifestation process means patting yourself on the back and rewarding yourself for small victories. With a planner, you learn the importance of key self-development processes and accepting and acknowledging your effort and dedication. This can be a life-changing experience.

Naturally, when you see how this approach brings you success, you would be willing to imitate the same in other areas of life as well.

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13. Understand the importance of letting go

Chasing a dream life doesn’t mean getting obsessed with it. This is what the manifestation process teaches us. You need to learn the importance of taking a breather, relaxing, and letting go. Those who are not used to the approach may find it difficult in the beginning. 

But as you progress along the manifestation path, the planner will help you recognize the value of this approach. And once you experience ultimate success with this, you will only be too willing to make it part of your attitude.

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How to use a Law of Attraction Planner?

The law of attraction planner included is a printable pdf. You can print as many copies as you want and use it as a physical worksheet.

Here are some guidelines on how to make the best of the planner.

  • You need to set aside 5-10 minutes every day in the morning for making entries in the planner.
  • The daily journal “Today’s Plan” is ideally filled up at the beginning and end of the day.
  • You can use this to make a mission statement for the day. With your intention and to-do lists, you are reminding yourself of the task ahead.
  • In the “Notes’ section, you can summarize the day’s events and mention whether you achieved what you intended for the day.
  • You can memorize and repeat the daily affirmation whenever possible and as many times as you can.
  • At the end of the day, you can come up with a positive incident or incidents that you feel thankful for.
  • The “Manifestation Planner” is to track your progress in manifesting goals. This mission statement helps you to motivate, focus, and stay positive throughout your manifestation journey. You may also want to take a look at our guide on how to manifest something by writing it down.
  • You can write down the goal itself and how you expect to feel after achieving it.
  • You may note down your visualization experience in the earmarked space.
  • Under the “Action Plan”, you can break down the main goal into smaller tasks.
  • In case this is not necessary, you may use the space to outline your plans to achieve the goal. Your law of attraction roadmap guides you on the right path to success.
  • Use the section “Limiting Beliefs” to list the beliefs you identified as detrimental to the goal. You can use this to work on them and get rid of them.
  • You can choose five affirmations to repeat every day. This is over and above the daily affirmation mentioned in the daily journal.
  • Use the space earmarked as the “Vision Board” to stick images, quotes, sayings, and affirmations related to the goal. This will serve as a visual reminder of the goal.
  • Use the “Gratitude Journal” to dig into your memory and come up with experiences that you consider you need to feel grateful about. You can do this at the end of the day every day.
  • Use the “Begin Each Day With A Grateful Heart” section to remember a person who influenced you. Our guide to 500 Things to be Grateful for Today may be of interest to you.
  • Use the “Count Your Blessings” section to remember an incident from the past that made you who you are today.
  • Use the “Today I Am Grateful” section to remember a place you enjoyed visiting and would like to visit again.
  • Use the “My Daily Affirmations” section to make a master list of affirmations that strike a chord with you. So that you can pick your daily affirmations with ease.
  • You may use the affirmations listed in the planner as such or tweak them to suit your needs.
  • To focus better, you can practice a short session of meditation before making entries in the planner.
  • You can also plan your daily sessions of visualization and affirmations before journal entries.

A law of attraction planner can make your manifestation journey fun and enjoyable, at the same time help in sharpening your focus and providing inspiration and motivation. In short, it can make the process of manifestation easy, simple, fast, and successful.

The planner given here has limitations in terms of tools and techniques included and the space provided to record each one of them. You can add additional blank sheets to record your experiences with any other technique you want to try. 

Despite its limitations, a law of attraction planner is a good companion for both women and men to have when manifesting life goals. As it brings together all the basic requirements for manifestation, it ensures that you are not missing out on the essential ones. This is an extremely powerful planner everyone can make use of.

Manifesting, especially for beginners, is not easy. You should welcome any help available to make it easier. A law of attraction planner can make you more focused, motivated, positive, and organized, whether creating wealth or searching for love.

You may be able to find some of these in inexpensive personal development books and ordinary planners but not all the essential components are present in them to make manifestation successful. Low-quality planners lack the comprehensive approach of a good life journal. Most planners focus on some aspects and leave out the rest.

This planner integrates all these unique teachings and everything you need for manifestation and offers it to you as a package. These are the same methods millionaires and high achievers use to become successful. This is how high achievers develop their winning strategy for wealth building, success, and joyous life. This is the only planner you’ll ever need.


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