Law of Attraction for Beginners - The Ultimate Guide 2020

Law of Attraction for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

Law attraction Guide for Beginners

Did you hear about the Law of Attraction from an excited fan of this magical concept? Most probably, yes. When the person animatedly described how the Law of Attraction transformed his/her life, you must have thought that it sounds too good to true. Read on to find that it truly is.

A simple analogy to the Law of Attraction is the law of gravity. We have no control over its presence or how it affects us. But we can choose to rein it in to benefit us. Like gravity, the Law of Attraction is just there for everyone to harness. It is up to us whether we want to be skeptical about it, ignore it, fight it or embrace it to derive its benefits and bring positive things into our lives.

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    What is the Law of Attraction?

    The Law of Attraction definition is pretty simple. You attract what you are. Or, you are what you attract. To attract into your life positive things, all you need to do is stay positive. In other words, positive thinking can make your wildest dreams come true! The law of attraction meaning The law of attraction is guided by the 7 laws of the universe. They are
    1. Burning Desire
    2. Visualization
    3. Absolute Belief
    4. Affirmation
    5. Complete Focus
    6. Manifestation
    7. Gratitude
    The Law of Attraction applies to people, objects, feelings, thoughts and all things in this universe.
    One of the basic principles of our universe states that like attracts like. This means positive thoughts and actions bring about positive things and energy in your life. This is the law of life. If you would like to learn more about the law of Universe, read 33 Spiritual Laws of The Universe.

    How can you make it happen?

    Ask, believe, and receive.
    These three steps can improve you manifest what you want in life. First, you need to decide what you want. When doing this, you have to concentrate solely on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Care must be taken to do away with negative thoughts and feelings. And then ask for it. Your sole job is to ask. And not to bother about how you are going to get it. Leave the rest to the Universe! Ask Believe and Receive The second step involves unconditionally believing in the outcome. Believe with conviction that you will get what you want. This part doesn’t come easy. Many people are conditioned to limitations and may require some effort in removing these roadblocks. Once you change your mindset to believe that you are worthy and deserving to get what you want, it is smooth sail ahead. Then it is time to affirm your belief. That is taking action to make your desire fruitful. Like, applying for a job you covet or starting a gym routine to lose weight. The third step readies you to receive what you want. For this to happen, you need to become a vibrational match with your desires.
    Everything in this universe is vibrating at its own frequency, including us. To get you ready to receive whatever you desire, you need to tune your vibrations to the frequency of your desire. This is possible through positive thoughts and affirmations.
    One easy method to practice positive thinking is to visualize that you have already received what you want. When you stay in a heightened emotional state of joy, love, gratitude, and appreciation, you are at a vibrational match with your desires. Another way to achieve a vibrational match is to use affirmations. 
    Affirmations are statements of your wants and desires. You can do this by focusing on the happiness and contentment you would experience realizing the goal. Writing down these feelings can help in enhancing the effect

    The History of The Law of Attraction

    It all started in the early 19th century when Phineas Quimby set into motion the New Thought Movement. This movement is based on the concept of the superior power of “mind over body” and that “the body is only the house for the mind to dwell in”.

    The History of Law of Attraction

    In the late 19th century, Helena Blavatsky, an occultist, and philosopher used the term “Law of Attraction” for the first time in her book. She used it to refer to the attraction between elements of spirit.

    Prentice Mulford, an author, and pioneer in the New Thought movement used the Law of Attraction in a general sense covering all aspects of life. Most of the universal laws of attraction were laid down by him.

    After Mulford, came other New Thought authors such as Henry Wood and Ralph Waldo Trine. Through their books, the doctrine reached the masses and started gaining fans.

    The 20th century witnessed a slew of authors propounding the concept. This includes the best-selling books of all time – Think and Grow Rich (1937) by Napoleon Hill, The Power of Positive Thinking (1952) by Norman Vincent Peale, and You Can Heal Your Life (1984) by Louise Hay. Abraham-Hicks has authored numerous books on the topic.

    The Secret (2006), the movie by Rhonda Byrne, renewed the interest in the concept. The film was followed by a book of the same name the next year. The sequel The Power (2010) portrays the Law as the law of love.

    A host of celebrities has endorsed the thought process and explained how to attract positive things into your life using the Law of Attraction. They include Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay-Z, LMFAO, Conor McGregor, and Lady Gaga.


    Does Law of Attraction Work?

    When you hear about it for the first time, it is natural to ask yourself whether the law of attraction is true. Even the followers of the Law do have their moments of doubt. Critics are eager to write it off as pseudo-science or mumbo jumbo. How can we prove its veracity when everything about it is in the mind; something we cannot see, touch or feel?

    The misconception about the Law of Attraction stems from the idea that by visualizing what you want and asking for it, you will get it. Even if it is a Lamborghini. The truth is far from this.

    The Law of Attraction is about replacing negatives thoughts and feelings with positive energy. You are focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

    Eliminating bad things in your life and filling it up with positive actions, feelings and thoughts are sure to make you feel good. And the elated feeling is bound to support you get the very best out of your life.

    For those searching for proof of its truthfulness, the evidence is the inner happiness experienced by its proponents. And not the materiel gains like an expensive car or a palatial house or a high-flying job. For some, these may bring happiness, but there is no guarantee.

    The actual proof is in how you feel.

    How to use the law of attraction?

    The concept is incredibly simple, yet it can be hard to follow for a newbie. The law of attraction for beginners needs some simplification. So, to make it easier, these simple steps have been drawn up for you to attract miracles using the law of attraction.

    How to use law of attraction for your success

    Decide what you want

    When you are doing this for the first time, it is okay to take some time to make this decision. You simply choose something that you really want and not something that you think you should. Whatever you choose should get you all excited and you need not provide a reason for wanting it.

    Visualize your success

    Once you know what you want, imagine that you have it. And experience joy and elation. While doing this, don’t bother to think about how your dream is going to become a reality. Ignore your brain’s well-meant logical reasoning and focus on the end result. By visualizing your success, you are shifting your reality. The Law of Attraction states that when your vibration is a match to your desire, your reality will shift to meet that match. In other words, your dream will become a reality.

    Believe in it

    Most of us can only believe what we can see. Believing that you will realize your dream is easier said than done. This step may sound simple enough, but hard to follow for a beginner. When your present situation suggests to the contrary, you need to train your brainpower to accept that you will succeed in getting what you want.

    Affirm your belief

    Just deciding what you want and believing you will get it is not enough. You need to take action to help you towards realizing the goal. Such as to score good grades, you need to study.

    Stay positive

    What you think and feel every day has a great impact on your life. While positive thoughts and energy can do wonders for you, negative vibes can wreak havoc in your life. When your thoughts are focussed on what you desire, your subconscious automatically looks out for opportunities to make it a reality. Stay positive and love your life.

    positive thought with law of attraction

    Be grateful

    Feel gratitude for everything you already have and about to receive. Practicing thankfulness every day will fill you with positive vibrations. This, in turn, will help you in getting what you want. However, you should feel gratitude with a pure heart and not fake it. 

    Learn how to practice gratitude.

    Manifesting Love and Relationship with The Law of Attraction

    We have been going on and on about how to apply the Law of Attraction to get whatever you want. So, it is natural for you to ask whether you can apply the law of attraction in relationships. Does the law of attraction work for love? The answer is yes of course! With the right approach, you can find the partner of your dreams. Law of attraction for love
    Have you ever felt that the more you chase something, the more it runs away from you? This is so true about relationships. Ultimately, you will feel desperate and give up saying that you are fine being single. And then, out of nowhere, someone appears in your life.
    Have you ever thought about why this happened? There is a method in this madness. You can follow this step-by-step process to understand how to use the law of attraction for love.
    • As a first step, you need to be comfortable with yourself. When you are desperate or dejected, the relationship is bound to suffer and fail in the end due to constant conflicts. Your self-acceptance is the key to attract good people into your life.
    • Now, you can concentrate on what you want in a relationship. And, what are the qualities you would want in your partner? Please remember that looking for specific physical attributes may not provide you security and stability in a long-term relationship. Though there is nothing wrong with keeping them as add-ons. To find a successful relationship, you should focus more on your feeling than on the looks.
    • It is now time for you to start visualizing a happy and content life with the love of your life. Recreate the feeling of what’s it like to be in love. Imagine that your wish is already fulfilled and you are now in a perfect relationship with the partner of your dreams. You can amplify the warm feeling by writing down everything that is happening in your daydream. You can also try meditation for attracting love in your life.
    • Last but not least, keep faith in the process and believe in the power of the universe to make it happen. Though you may have ideas about the appearance and character of your ideal partner, the success of utilizing the Law of Attraction steps depends on your ability to trust the universe to find you a loving and long-lasting relationship.

    Attracting Money and Wealth Using the Law of Attraction

    Did you come across the Law of Attraction when searching for ways to get rich quick? If yes, don’t feel defensive. You are not the only one.

    Manifest money fast using law of attraction

    If you are still searching for how to manifest wealth, rest assured, you have come to the right place. Understanding and learning the law of attraction manifestation techniques can assist you attract money and wealth in no time.

    Using the Law of Attraction, you can get whatever you want, including wealth. Even while this is completely true, it is not as easy as that. It requires a lot of commitment to grasp the concept and master the skill to make it work.

    Follow these simple steps to know how to use the law of attraction for money.

    • Concentrate on the good things in your life and be thankful for having them. Thinking more about positive things is sure to put you in a better frame of mind than focusing on things you don’t have.
    • Staying positive is easier said than done. Your brain would want to linger on negative energy like “you will fail” or “you don’t deserve it”. Whenever you encounter these negative thoughts, train your brain to turn the tables on them and convert them into positive ones.
    • Do not fall into a guilt trap and identify the wealth you are dreaming of as greed. To avoid this trap, you need to stay in touch with your values. It helps if you are planning to spend the money on something you feel is right. You need to stop viewing money and wealth in a negative light. Feel comfortable with the idea of acquiring and spending them.
    • It is true that money can solve most of the problems, but what it can’t guarantee is happiness. Even when wishing for them, be realistic and get a good grasp of your financial situation. Do not dwell in the dream world and think that getting hold of huge sums of money can solve all your problems. If need be, ask for help from your near and dear ones. Do remember that nothing lasts forever; whether they are good times or bad.
    • Imagine that you are already successful in acquiring wealth. You need to convince your perception that you have all the money you are dreaming of right in the present moment. This technique will help you to become a vibrational match with wealth.
    • Even when coveting money in the hope of a better life, you may be having a nagging thought at the back of your mind that the wealth will bring the evil in your life. The truth of the matter is that it all depends on how you handle it. Make a list of all situations that you fear you may face when you get money. And find ways to manage them.
    • You can also try meditation to attract money. Money manifestation meditation needs some practice to get it right. Meditation brings together diverse aspects of the Law of Attraction to help you succeed.

    Want to learn more about Manifestation methods?

    You may also want to take a look at our manifestation guide on:

    Improving Your Mental and Physical Health Using the Law of Attraction

    Through numerous scientific studies it is well established that our mind plays an important part in our health; both physical and mental. The placebo effect as described in modern medicine proves this point convincingly. Law Of Attraction Health And Wellness The Law of Attraction techniques use the healing power of our mind to improve our mental and physical health. This method can be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment to speed up recovery.
    According to the principles of the Law of Attraction, the concept of mind over body works in two ways. You can use your mind to heal your body ailments. And an unhealthy mind leads to a sick body as well.
    Listed here are some simple procedures to help you to keep them healthy.
    • Mental stress is the biggest villain. Whether the source of the stress is internal or external, it leads to the accumulation of negativity. If left unchecked, this can result in some serious mental and physical illnesses. There is no second opinion that for a healthy mindset and body, stress needs to be eliminated. removing yourself from unhappy situations and keeping away from negative people can help to this end. You can develop hobbies and keep yourself surrounded by happy and loving people. Deep-breathing exercises and meditation can support a lot in relieving stress.
    • Improve your self-esteem. You can end up with low self-respect due to various reasons. The most common contributor to low self-image is obesity. Our society, with ample contribution from media, is fixated on a model-like body for all. If you are unhappy with your body weight, you can change your lifestyle, eating habits and include workouts to support you attain your ideal body. Instead, if all you do is worry about your present shape, you are filling your brain with negativity. And the worst part is that this negativity destroys all the good work you are doing to lose weight. You need to learn to love your body, whatever shape it is in.
    • The regular Law of Attraction techniques such as visualization, affirmation, unwavering belief and being grateful can improve your health. In addition to these, you need to eat healthily, exercise regularly and maintain a positive attitude for a healthier you.

    Achieve Success and Abundance with The Law of Attraction

    Manifesting success and abundance may seem too overwhelming at the onset. However, with the Law of Attraction, it works just like other manifestations. The principle remains the same. It is, in fact, the law of abundance.

    Attracting abundance by using law of attraction

    • Before you start the process, you need to unclutter your mind by listing out the limiting beliefs and assumptions. These accumulate in your mind over years whether you want them or not. And their very existence prevents you from realizing your dream. The same can be said about guilt, shame, and self-doubt. You need to get rid of them forcibly. Listening to motivational discourses, reading inspiring quotes and positive affirmations are helpful.
    • When beginning your manifestation journey, the success rate is higher if you concentrate on one goal. You may start thinking, “how to make the law of attraction work instantly”. Don’t expect miracles to happen in a day or two. Even small steps in the right direction can be treated as a success. If you are patient enough, you will ultimately reach your destination.
    • Treat your mistakes and failures as stepping stones to success. Don’t feel discouraged. Learn from them and try again.
    • Stay away from people who try to pull you down with their judgemental attitude. Understand that they are doing this due to their own limiting beliefs. Set your own goals, don’t let others dictate you.
    • In the end, steadfast perseverance, unflinching belief, and a positive attitude can bring you everything that you would ever want.

    Law of Attraction Tips for beginners

    Charting out your path with the Law of Attraction can be overwhelming in the beginning. Understanding the concept can be daunting not just for novices. However, the process is very simple and not complicated at all. All you need to do is to decide what you want, believe in it happening with as much positivity as you can muster and do your bit to make it a reality. The law of attraction for beginners In case you are getting stuck or finding roadblocks ahead, here are some tips to make your journey with the Law of Attraction easy and rewarding.

    Demolish limitations:

    Before you start using the Law of Attraction, you need to do an inventory check of existing thoughts and beliefs. Don’t be surprised to find some restricting ones that can hamper your progress. Do away with them.

    Take control of your thoughts:

    Every thought is made up of energy. Your mind is like a runaway horse when you give it free rein. A procession of thoughts passes through it during your waking hours. Some of them are good, some not-so-good, some really bad. When you are starting your journey with the Law of Attraction, you need to have control over your thoughts. Staying positive is vital in manifesting your desires. Be the energy you want to attract.

    Set clear-cut goals:

    When deciding on what you want, zero in on something that has clarity. ‘Being happy’ is very vague. You need to go deeper and define happiness and what makes you happy. Describe it with as many details as possible.

    Focus on one desire:

    You may want to have many things at the same time. As a beginner, it is better to concentrate on one desire. Only then you will be able to want it with a burning passion, which is the basic requirement to succeed.

    Don’t bother about ‘how’:

    It is natural to ask how you are going to achieve your goal. But that is not the way this concept works. All you need to do is decide what you want and ask for it. You need to train your brain to ignore its curiosity in this regard.

    Absolute belief:

    Believing without an iota of doubt is the key to success. Affirmations and constant repetition are immensely helpful in raising the level of belief.

    Daydream your way to success:

    Visualization is an integral part of the process. Daydreaming about your post-success future can easily get you into the zone. You can also send yourself emails or letters from your future self vividly describing how wonderful life is. Setting up a vision board with images of your perfect future at places that catch your eye is another great idea.

    Write them down:

    Many people can only just think of goals, affirmations, and gratitude. There is nothing wrong with that. But writing them down raises its intensity to an altogether another level. It helps you to see and remain focussed.

    Bolster your faith:

    Having unshakable faith exponentially multiplies every step you take. Mere motivation can take you only so far. Develop real faith by affirmations and constant repetition.

    Love and respect yourself:

    It is essential to your success. The basic principle of the Law of Attraction says that ‘like attracts like”. Staying in a positive mindset is as important as eliminating every single speck of negativity. Be kind to yourself. Begin and end every day with gratitude: Being grateful for the good things you have gives you confidence that your present and future wishes can also come true. And, it puts you in a happy and positive mood, very essential for you to succeed.

    Exercises That Help You Attract What You Desire

    The Law of Attraction steps can be deceivingly simple, but not so easy to apply and follow. You are assured of the benefits of the Law of Attraction by repeating these easy-to-follow exercises.

    1. Take your time to decide what actually you want.
    2. Create a vision board to help in visualization.
    3. Select a few positive affirmations and use them repeatedly.
    4. Be thankful for all the wonderful things in your life.
    5. Use a focus wheel to attract more of what you want.
    6. Learn how to meditate daily and bring more positivity and focus.
    7. Practice mindfulness.
    8. Write down a list of things you are grateful for and look forward to.
    9. Activate your intention point.
    10. Imagine and act as if you have already achieved what you want.
    11. Stay positive and spread happiness around you.
    12. Do random acts of kindness.
    13. Stop worrying and obsessing about things.
    14. Do away with limiting beliefs.
    15. Get rid of negative thoughts and feelings.
    16. Get ready to receive what you wished for.
    17. Keep the company of like-minded people.
    18. Practice visualization from the perspective of another person.
    19. Do visualization that involves multiple senses.
    20. Read books about the Law of Attraction and inspirational quotes.
    21. Believe in the power of the Universe to make your dream come true.
    22. Download a free law of attraction planner to get started.

    It isn’t easy to balance your life with work, relationships, and personal goals. It’s hard to know where to start or what activities you need to prioritize.

    Can the Law of Attraction help? Is there a Morning Routine that will help you live your best life? Yes! There are specific practices for every situation; Clear up your schedule, release negative energy, tap into your creative side, let go of what does not serve you.

    The Law of Attraction Morning Routine is seven activities that help you live better in all aspects of life. The steps are simple and only take about 10 minutes each morning, an effective way to start your day with a positive mindset.

    Now that you have been introduced to the laws of attraction and its benefits, it is natural that you want to know more about it. Here are some articles offering exhaustive information about the Law of Attraction and learn how to manifest your dream.

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