8 Signs Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

8 Signs Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

8 Signs Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

Hey hey, lovebirds! Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to love lately? Do you have a hunch that someone out there might have their eye on you, but you just can’t be sure? 

Well, fear not because I’m here to give you the inside scoop on all the subtle signs to look out for when trying to figure out if someone has a secret crush on you! 

From their body language to how they talk to you, there are eight key things to keep an eye on that could give away their true feelings. 

So, whether you’re crushing on someone or think someone is crushing on you, keep reading to discover the telltale signs that someone might have a secret crush on you!

8 Signs Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

When it comes to understanding crushes, there’s something special about being human. We can recognize certain signs and signals indicating someone has a crush on us – regardless of age, gender, or situation.

Indeed, we often don’t realize it until we see those key indicators – but luckily for us, our biology has created a universal language for love!

Here are the tell-tale signs someone has a secret crush on you – so pay close attention if you want to find out who’s really loving you from afar!

1) They Act Different Around You

Have you ever had someone you know act completely differently around you compared to how they usually are around others? 

Maybe they get super smiley and chatty around you or clam up and slightly nervous. 

Listen up because this is a dead giveaway that they might have a secret crush on you! 

When someone has a secret crush, they can be flustered and unsure of themselves, so they might act differently around you out of nerves. 

So, pay attention next time you’re around them – do they act differently around you compared to other people?

Do they seem extra happy or shy around you? If so, it’s a sign that they might have a big ol’ crush on you!

2) They Can’t Help Being Near You

If someone’s got a serious secret crush on you, you’ll notice that they can’t help but try to be near you.

They might not always have something specific to say to you, but they love being around you and watching you from the corner of their eye. 

I’m talking swoon-worthy levels of infatuation here! 

They could go out of their way to catch a glimpse of you or pretend to bump into you, all hoping to get your attention and start a conversation with you. 

And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to be around you, am I right? 

So, if you notice that someone’s always trying to get close to you, take it as a sign that they might be crushing hard. 

This is especially true if the person is a little shy or soft-spoken – they might not always know how to express their feelings, but their actions will speak louder than words.

3) They are often the first to reach out

If someone is always initiating contact with you, you might want to sit up and take notice.

Has this person ever asked for your digits or followed you on Instagram? 

Do they always seem to be hitting you up via text or phone, even when there’s nothing particularly important to discuss? 

Well, let me tell you, these are all major signs that they’re interested in you! 

When someone likes you, they want to communicate and keep in touch with you however they can. 

They want to get to know you better and spend as much time with you as possible because, let’s face it, you’re fabulous! 

Keep an eye out for those always sliding into your DMs or hitting you up for a quick chat because they might be secretly crushing on you.

4) They Can’t Take Their Eyes off You

You know what they say – eyes are the windows to the soul! 

And let me tell you, catching someone staring at you can be a pretty big sign that they’re attracted to you! 

When someone has a crush on you, they might have difficulty holding your gaze for too long. 

They might quickly look away or get super flustered whenever they catch your eye! 

But on the other hand, they could also let their gaze linger, staring at you with hearty eyes when they think you’re not watching. 

And let’s be real, who can blame them for staring at you? You’re a total catch! 

So, keep this in mind, lovebugs – next time you catch someone gazing at you from across the room, it just might be a sign that they’re seriously crushing on you.

5) They can’t stop smiling around you

You best believe that people with crushes will be beaming at you every chance they get.

When someone’s crushing on you hardcore, they might always smile at you.

It could be a shy little grin showing how much they feel the nerves or a huge, toothy smile showing how excited they are to be around you.

For real, though, keep an eye out because it might happen more often than expected. 

They might give you that smile when they see you, when they’re talking to you, or even when they’re just talking about you. 

And trust me, when they’re crushing as hard as they are, they won’t be able to help it.

So, if you notice that special someone giving you smiles more often than usual, it’s time to consider that they might just be secretly crushing you.

6) They Constantly Compliment You

If someone constantly compliments you and showers you with praise, that’s a sign that they have major feelings for you. 

We all appreciate when someone notices the little details about us and even more so when those details are praised – it’s just human nature. 

So if someone always observes your style or smile, why not return the favor? 

After all, feeling appreciated is one of the best feelings out there! Plus, it’ll give you a chance to let them know how you feel too. 

And who knows? Maybe they’re crushing on you as hard as you’re crushing on them.

7) They won’t let you go

One surefire way to tell if someone has a secret crush on you is by gauging the strength of their conversation game. 

So, next time you and your crush are chatting away, why not give this tip a spin? 

Subtly disengage from the conversation by acting distracted or talking with someone else in the group and observe how they respond. 

If someone has a soft spot for you, they won’t be able to let go so easily.

They’ll want to keep talking with you and get all your attention. 

Keep an eye out for talkative cuties who don’t let up when you’re trying to slip away – that could be a sign they like-like you too.

8) They make themselves available for you

Someone with a serious crush on you will likely prioritize their time with you above all else – even over other appointments or engagements. 

If you invite them to hang out, they’ll jump at the opportunity and eagerly accept your invitation. 

They might also rearrange their schedule for extra quality time with you. 

So note who’s always saying yes to your invites – it could indicate they can’t get enough of you.

Universal Phrases Guys Use When They Have A Secret Crush On You

There’s a certain way guys express their interest when it comes to love and crushes. Sure, the words he uses may differ, but some universal phrases reveal how much he’s into you!

From his sweet compliments about your looks and personality to his efforts to keep in touch and spend time together – these are all signs that he has a secret crush on you.

Here are some common phrases when a guy has a crush on you he always says these words:

  1. “You look great today” (complimenting your appearance)
  2. “I really enjoy spending time with you” (expressing his enjoyment of your company)
  3. “I can’t stop thinking about you” (revealing his feelings)
  4. “Do you want to hang out sometime?” (asking you on a date)
  5. “You’re so funny/smart/kind/etc.” (complimenting your personality traits)
  6. “I wish we could spend more time together” (showing a desire to deepen the relationship)
  7. “I’m here for you if you need anything” (being supportive and caring)

Final thoughts

So there you have it, the 8 tell-tale signs that someone has a secret crush on you. 

From intense eye contact to prioritizing time spent with you – if someone’s got the hots for you, it’ll show! 

And when the conversation flags, don’t forget to spin this tip to see how they react! So keep your eyes peeled for those love signals and get ready for some major lovin’ coming your way!

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