How to Respond When a Guy Says He Likes You?

How to Respond When a Guy Says He Likes You?

How to Respond When a Guy Says He Likes You?

Like it or not, our egos play a huge role in our relationships. When a guy says he likes you, no doubt, it is a big boost to your ego.

Most probably, this makes you feel good and on top of the world. There is also a chance that you aren’t interested in a romantic relationship with him.

Before you say something in response, pause a moment to think from the guy’s perspective. It must have taken him immense courage and confidence to utter those words. He sure knows the risk involved in approaching you without knowing your response. 

How to respond when a guy says he likes you?

Irrespective of how his words make you feel, ensure that your response is not hurtful to him. It’s all about being a decent human being. That is the least you can do in the circumstances. 

This article offers you a few suggestions for you on how to respond when a guy says he likes you. You will find here suitable responses for both scenarios – if you like him and if you aren’t interested.

How to respond to I like you from a guy? (when you like him)

You sure will feel as if you’re lifted up and walking on air. You have been wanting to hear this from him for a long time. Now that it is happening, you feel as if your heart is about to burst with joy. 

More than the ego boost and appreciation, you loved to hear the confirmation that this guy, whom you have loved for a while now, also feels the same way toward you. 

However, you need to remember that he is in a precarious state of mind. One wrong word or gesture from you can spoil everything. If you aren’t prepared for this situation, you may have trouble considering all the angles and framing a good response. 

Here are some pointers on how you can respond when a guy says he likes you.

1. Don’t laugh it off

When you feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, or surprised by the situation and you don’t know how to respond when a guy says he likes you, it is natural for you to laugh nervously and treat the situation as a joke. But remember that this is not one of those circumstances. Even if that may be your spontaneous reaction without any thinking, he would still feel hurt and put down.

Can you imagine being treated as a joke, when you took days of serious planning to approach a person with your feelings? You would be crushed and completely demoralized. Now, is that what you want to give back to him after how he made you feel? 

If you are aware of your tendency to laugh when embarrassed, try to control it. Give yourself a moment to come up with a reply. This is better than saying the wrong words. If need be, take a few deep breaths. Once you’re in control, say your piece.

2. Don’t close the door on his face

You do like him, but you may not be ready to come out and say it. You may need time to think about it. Moreover, it is natural for a woman to feel overwhelmed when a guy says he likes her. This may happen even when she is expecting it or prepared for it. 

Whatever your reasons are for not coming up with an immediate “yes”, don’t dismiss the feelings or brush him aside. You may think that you can always come back later and revive the topic when you’re ready. But in matters of the heart, it doesn’t work that way. Lost opportunities are sometimes lost forever.

Also, it would be foolish to reject the proposal outright because you barely know him. Give yourself and him a chance to know each other and make an informed decision. By letting the door remain open, you can avoid feeling regret later on.

3. Don’t make false promises

When the guy says he likes you and has bared his heart to you, the least you can do is be honest with him. Surely he deserves to be treated with respect. Your circumstances may not allow you to say “yes” to him immediately. That doesn’t mean you should say “no”. You can explain your position to him rather than give him vague replies or false promises that you may not be able to keep. 

You may already be in a relationship but are planning to break up soon. Tell him how the situation is for you and you can even ask him if he can wait for you to be free before you can give him an answer. If he is a reasonable guy and he cares for you much, he will only be happy about your honest reply. He will readily agree to your suggestion.

4. Refrain from playing hard to get

Though this is highly recommended by some to keep him on his toes, add value, and make the most of your relationship, it will spoil the honest atmosphere forever. If you want to have a healthy and meaningful relationship with him, you are starting off on the wrong foot with this move.

The guy was honest and straightforward when he revealed his feelings for you. When you play hard to get, you are playing games with him. That wouldn’t be fair to him. How would you feel if he does the same with you? Don’t assume that guys don’t feel as much as you. That’s just lame.

However, being honest doesn’t mean you should go overboard and act clingy. If your response is on either end of the spectrum, it will make him wonder what he saw in you and why he bothered to approach you. Find the middle path between being cold-hearted and overly attached when a guy says he likes you. 

How to respond when a guy says he is falling for you? (but you’re not interested)

This is harder than the first scenario, especially if you want him to remain your friend. It’s not easy to reject the advances of a man without hurting his feelings and spoiling the relationship. 

Here are some suggestions you may find helpful in such situations.

  1. Take your own time to reply when someone says I like you over text.
  2. If he is asking you out on a date, you can tell him that you’re busy.
  3. Drop hints about other guys in your life without making him feel inferior.
  4. Refrain from initiating conversations with him even if you have no one else to turn to.
  5. Avoid discussing intimate topics with him.
  6. Be careful with your body language. Avoid making eye contact too often.
  7. Tell him that you’re not yet ready for the relationship.
  8. Treat him like your big brother and ask for help and advice.
  9.  Refer to him as a “good friend” in conversations with him and others.
  10. Go easy with your friendliness and flirty compliments. All these are signs of interest.
  11. Take out your match-making skills and fix him up with a date.

Final thoughts when a guy says he likes you

The guy may have prepared for days, weeks, or even months before revealing his feelings for you. Here, you are at a disadvantage. You need to think up the perfect response within seconds. That is a huge responsibility on your shoulders and you may think that it is unfair to ask of you. But if you think of the mental turmoil of the guy before he made up his mind to tell you how he feels about you, you will realize that it evens out.

Admitting one’s feelings is never easy when you don’t know how the other person is going to respond. No matter what your reply is, say it as nicely as you can manage.

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