Is French Kissing A Sin In Christianity?

Is French Kissing A Sin In Christianity?

Is French Kissing A Sin In Christian

Is French kissing a sin in Christian context? Many believers are unclear on this topic. The Bible offers guidance, but it doesn’t directly address every specific situation, such as French kissing.

This article will explore what the Scriptures say about intimacy before marriage and how it impacts our spiritual journey. Let’s uncover some truth together!

What Does the Bible Say About Kissing and French Kissing?

The Bible provides principles about kissing and French kissing that can guide couples in their physical intimacy.

Principles About Kissing & French Kissing

There are several points to consider on the topic of kissing and French kissing in the Christian context.

  1. The Bible says it is better for a man not to touch a woman before marriage.
  2. Kissing can lead to sin if it stirs up lust or leads to bad actions.
  3. French kissing is not bad on its own, but whether it’s right or wrong depends on why you’re doing it.
  4. Some Church leaders warn that French kissing might be wrong in some cases.
  5. Pastor Chris Turk tells us that a kiss itself is not bad, but lust and bad actions can come from it.
  6. French kisses can make your body want things that are only okay when you’re married.
  7. God made kissing to stir up passion within us, but more kissing can make this passion too strong and hard to control.
  8. Too much kissing and sex acts outside of marriage could hurt your soul.
  9. It’s important for each Christian person to think about their reasons for showing love through physical touch.
  10. What matters most is that each person talks with God and follows their faith on what’s right or wrong in their life.

How This Applies To Couples

Couples need to think about their actions. French kissing can make you want more. This feeling may push you to do things that are only okay after marriage. Couples who choose to give French kisses before marriage might find it tough to stay pure in other ways too.

The Bible tells us not to lead others into sin (Matthew 18:6). So, if your kiss makes someone else want more than a kiss, it could be a problem. God wants us to keep our minds and bodies pure for our future husband or wife (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5).

That is why married couples should enjoy romantic acts like French kisses, not those who aren’t married yet.

Is Kissing Before Marriage a Sin?

Kissing before marriage should be avoided if it leads to other sin and causes others to become sexually stimulated.

Guard Your Thoughts

Be careful with your thoughts. Lust can start in the mind before it shows in actions. The Bible says if we look at someone with lust, it is like we have already done a wrong act with that person.

God wants us to keep our minds clean and focus on loving him. So, even when you kiss, make sure your mind stays pure too. Don’t use kissing as a way to think about doing things that should only happen when married.

If kisses cause these bad thoughts, take a step back and ask God for help.

Kissing Before Marriage Should Be Avoided if It Leads to Other Sin

Kissing before marriage should be avoided if it leads to other sin. The Bible tells us to flee from sexual immorality and guard our thoughts. When we engage in kissing, especially passionate kissing like French kissing, it can arouse strong sexual desires and temptations.

This can lead to further sinful actions outside of marriage. Kissing is not inherently sinful, but it becomes a problem when it stirs up lust or leads to sexual misconduct. It’s important for Christians to honor God with their bodies and reserve physical intimacy for marriage.

What About Making Out? Is French Kissing or Is Making Out a Sin?

Making out, including French kissing, may not be the best idea for Christians as it can lead to sexual arousal and potentially other forms of sexual immorality.

Chemical Reactions When Making Out

When you engage in making out, there are chemical reactions happening in your body. Kissing and physical intimacy release hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin that create feelings of pleasure and attachment.

These chemicals can make you feel really good in the moment. However, they also have the potential to intensify sexual desires and cravings for more intimate actions. The more kissing that occurs, the stronger these desires may become.

God designed these chemical reactions to be experienced within the context of marriage where they can be fully satisfied and enjoyed without compromising our purity or dishonoring Him.

Why Making Out Isn’t the Best Idea

Making out, especially French kissing, may not be the best idea for Christians because it can lead to sexual arousal and desires that should be reserved for marriage. Kissing itself is not sinful, but when it becomes passionate and intense, it can easily cross boundaries and tempt us towards sexual immorality.

God designed kissing to stimulate our sexual passions, and the more we engage in it, the stronger those desires become. Excessive kissing outside of marriage can put us in spiritual danger and make it difficult to resist other sexual activities.

Consider our actions and intentions when it comes to physical affection and seek guidance from our faith on what is considered sinful in our Christian context.


In conclusion, the topic of French kissing in Christianity is not black and white. While the Bible doesn’t specifically address it, there are principles about physical intimacy that we should consider.

Kissing before marriage can potentially lead to sin if it causes lust or sexual immorality. Ultimately, Christians should prayerfully discern their actions and follow their personal convictions and guidance from God in this matter.


French kissing is not directly called a sin in the Bible, but some say it can lead to other things like sexual activity and could be a venial or mortal sin.

For many Christians, especially youth, any form of sexual activity including French kissing before marriage may lead to sexual immorality and would go against the teaching to glorify God with your body.

The Bible doesn’t mention ‘making out’, but notes one should “flee from passions that are especially strong at a young age”. This means actions like heavy cuddling which cause ourselves to experience high levels of passion must be avoided.

Yes! A simple kiss as we see in Songs of Solomon isn’t considered sinful as long it doesn’t cause others or oneself towards impure thoughts and lust leading them away from pure heart love for Lord.

According to Matthew 5:28, anyone who looks at someone lustfully has already committed adultery with them in their heart – basically daydreaming about or wanting sex outside marriage might make even innocent actions Venus sinful.


That’s your choice! If wait until marriage ensures you honor God with all your heart and keep yourself away from arousing passions prematurely; then that’s wonderful decision aligned with Christian principles.

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