5 Psychological Signs Someone Likes You Without Talking

5 Psychological Signs Someone Likes You Without Talking

Psychological Signs Someone Likes You Without Talking

In the world of love and relationships, you need to have psychic abilities to succeed. 

This is no exaggeration. Often, especially in the early stages of the relationship, you need to have the sixth sense to know what the other person feels and thinks about you. You may not have established an open communication channel with them.

The ability to read the mind of your partner can help you steer clear of unwanted situations and do things that appeal to them. However, not everyone is born a psychic or a clairvoyant. You can manage as well if you develop the skill to notice signs and body language. 

We let the world around us know what we are feeling and thinking through our body language and other non-verbal signs. If you acquire the skill to notice them, you will be able to deduce accurately if someone likes you without talking to them. No need for beating around the bush or having awkward conversations to extract this information.

This article lists hard-to-miss psychological signs someone likes you without talking to them. Armed with this knowledge, you can decide on your next step in the relationship.

Psychological signs someone likes you without talking

This is a dream come true for those in the early stages of the relationship. You met this person and liked them a lot. You feel as if they are reciprocating your feelings but you are not so sure. Being unsure, you don’t know how to move ahead and what to do about your feelings.

When you know about these psychological signs someone likes you without talking to them, you can make things simple and easy. You can take the initiative to move on to the next step in the relationship. 

Without further ado, here are the psychological signs someone likes you without talking to them.

1. Pay attention to how they position their body

When someone likes you romantically, they would want to see more of you. So, they always try to position themselves in such a way that they are facing you. On the other hand, when someone doesn’t like you, they will try to turn away from you and avoid facing you.

Open body language is a clear sign of attraction. The other person wants to interact with you more and wants to know more about you. They like you and are curious about you. They are looking for opportunities to have conversations with you to get to know you more. They also want to use this opportunity to let you know about their interest in you.

When a person likes you, they always turn their body towards you. This includes their face and entire body facing you, their feet pointed towards you, and their arms open and by the sides. 

2. Are their cheeks blushing or flushed?

This is an involuntary reaction when someone is having strong emotions. Usually, this happens when a person is embarrassed or flustered. On its own, this need not be a sign of love, but when combined with other signs, this is worth noticing.

If you notice well enough, you may discover that this person is not blushing or having flushed cheeks when you are not looking at them. When you’re near them, talking to them, or making eye contact or physical contact, you can see a perceptible color rising on their cheeks. You may notice the same when you ask them to pass the dish or brush past them in a crowded room.

This person may be watching you from afar without letting you know about it. But when confronted with you, they may feel as if they’re caught red-handed. Moreover, this person may want to be at their best when you pay attention to them. This added pressure to look cool and to impress you can make them more flustered.

Even when this person knows that they are blushing in your presence, they can’t do anything about it.

3. See how they react when you brush against them

It’s up to you to figure out how you are going to brush against them or make physical contact with them casually without any reason for suspicion. If you are in a group set up and in a crowded room, this can be managed with ease. Make it look as if you are trying to reach someone beyond them or reaching out for something behind him. 

Do your best not to lean all over them. Try not to make them feel uncomfortable. You may say “Excuse me” to make it look natural. When your bodies come into physical contact, albeit for lack of space, watch out for their reaction. Are they stepping away or leaning away from you? Or is this person staying put and allowing you to come close to them?

If this person is moving away to make space for you, they are not interested in you romantically for sure. However, if the person smiles at you, touches you, or even holds you for support, no need to look further. If they seem confused, nervous, or embarrassed, it is a clear sign of love and passion.

4. Are they making eye contact often?

Stealing glances is an obvious sign of interest and attraction. When you feel obsessed with someone and aren’t sure about how they feel about you, you try to gain as much knowledge about them as you can without arousing their suspicion. This is what this person is trying to do by stealing glances. However, when you feel their eyes on you and look in their direction, they try to avert their eyes and not make eye contact. They may act guilty as if they have been caught red-handed doing something they are not supposed to do. 

However, as they gain confidence, they may feel bold enough to make eye contact when you look in their direction. When you are at two ends of a crowded room, you could feel their eyes on you and follow you around as you move across the room. Every time you look their way, your eyes lock. You spot them constantly looking at you.

Eye contact is a clear sign of attraction.

5. Check out their moves on social media

Social media allows opportunities to watch someone without letting them find out about it easily. But if they want to, they can always check who viewed their photos or read their posts. That is the advantage and disadvantage of social media. 

When someone is interested in you, it is natural for them to resort to cyberstalking. If someone is cyberstalking you, it is a clear sign of their interest and attraction. If you feel suspicious, you can always check who viewed or read your photos and posts on your social media page. 

In case, this person is constantly active on your page and is the first one to comment on your photos and posts, it can mean only one thing – this person is curious about you and wants to know more about you.

Can you sense when someone likes you but hiding it?

Does this person seem to be self-conscious when you are around? If yes, they are nervous about making a good impression on you. They like you and want you to like them. Besides searching for signs of attraction without talking to them, you can also make discreet inquiries among your friends who also know this person. 

If you notice one of the signs on one occasion may not mean anything. The more consistently you notice these signs and the more signs you come across, the better the chances of the person liking you or even crushing on you.

You may want to know how this person feels and thinks about you before you make your move. Or else you may end up making a fool of yourself.

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