16 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Him Miss You

16 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Him Miss You

16 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Him Miss You

Have you ever wanted to make a man miss you like crazy? Do you wish you knew the secret tricks to get inside his head and make him crave your love and attention? We’ve all been there – longing for meaningful intimacy in a relationship, even from a distance.

In this article, I’ll share 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you badly. These are simple yet powerful ways to get into his emotions and make him desire you more than ever. They range from posting alluring pictures to triggering his protective instincts – all healthy tricks to nurture a lasting connection.

With just a few of these psychological tricks to make him feel needed, intrigued, and seduced all at once, you’ll soon have him missing you every minute you’re apart. He won’t just casually think of you now and then – he’ll be obsessing over you non-stop!

So read on to discover 16 foolproof ways to make a guy miss you like never before.

1) Play Hard to Get

Playing hard to get triggers his chase instincts and makes him miss you like crazy. When you’re less available and reciprocate interest slowly, he’ll work harder for your attention. It makes him see you as a prize worth pursuing, raising your value. Studies show scarcity increases attraction.

Resist being an open book. Make him wait for replies. Suggest alternate dates. End interactions first sometimes. This perceived scarcity kicks his hunter instincts into gear. Soon, he’ll be obsessed with winning you over, thinking about you nonstop!

2) Create Distance

If you want a guy to miss you, especially in a long-distance relationship, you need to create some space between you. Being joined at the hip 24/7 will cause him to take you for granted.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder when used judiciously. Reduce the frequency of contacting and seeing each other to allow genuine missing to happen. Let some of those cute good morning/good night texts slide occasionally. Say you’re busy when he wants constant video calls.

3) Love Bomb then Withdraw

Want to make someone miss you like crazy? Try love bombing them with affection, then suddenly going cold turkey. They’ll quickly become addicted to your sweet devotion. But just as they start taking your love for granted, withdraw it all without warning.

This rollercoaster transition from fulfillment to emptiness will intensify their feelings. The abrupt lack of love they were enjoying will make them miss it badly. Use this technique carefully and be prepared to set boundaries when they return. 

4) Let Him Initiate Contact

If you want to make your partner miss you even when you’re apart, let him be the one to initiate most of the contact between you. This allows him to experience your absence.

Rather than texting or calling him constantly, hold off sometimes. By reducing how often you reach out first via text messages or calls, you create more opportunities to make him wonder where you are.

5) Have Your Own Life

The best way to make him miss you is to have a fulfilling life of your own outside the relationship. Avoid making him the center of your universe.

Go out with friends, travel, pursue hobbies, and post pictures of your adventures. Keep up independent interests and activities that bring you joy on your own.

This gives him a chance to observe your exciting life from a distance. It also models healthy relationship boundaries, preventing codependency. He’ll aspire to be included in your world again.

6) Trigger His Hero Instinct

Most men have a natural drive to protect and provide for loved ones. Learn how to make him miss you by triggering his innate hero instinct.

Ask for his help with something challenging that makes him feel trusted and valued. Compliment his skills and strengths. Show appreciation for his efforts and accomplishments.

When you create a sense of being needed, it gives him satisfaction and purpose. But don’t overdo it – just occasional triggers to activate his protector/provider instincts.

7) Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to make him miss you, even from afar. Post fun pictures and updates showcasing your exciting life. Selfies in cute outfits and snapshots with friends will catch his eye.

Seeing your alluring posts while you’re apart will spark his curiosity about what he’s missing out on. He’ll imagine himself by your side, wanting to join in the fun. A glimpse into your world through social media keeps you on his mind and makes your absence felt.

8) Improve Your Appearance

Making some positive changes to your look is a great way to get a guy’s attention and make him miss you. Update your wardrobe, hairstyle, makeup, fitness level – whatever makes you feel confident.

When he sees you looking and feeling your best, he’ll be stunned by your glow-up. Improving your appearance sparks his desire and attraction. He’ll regret not being around to appreciate your beauty in person. Upgrades are a powerful motivator!

9) Be Mysterious

Don’t reveal everything about yourself too soon. Keep some mystery to make him curious. Withhold or be vague about certain personal details and stories when conversing.

When you’re selective about what you share, it leaves questions in his mind. The less he knows, the more he’ll obsess over the gaps, especially when you’re not around. A little bit of mystery challenges him to figure you out, ensuring he’ll be thinking of you.

10) Texting Mind Games

Playing some clever texting games is an effective way to make him miss you. Use psychology to seem less available. For example, wait a bit before responding to his texts. Letting 10-15 minutes pass builds anticipation and makes your replies seem more valuable.

Other techniques include occasionally cutting conversations short and not initiating texts yourself. The perceived scarcity this creates subconsciously drives him crazy. He’ll obsess over your sporadic texts and lack of constant contact. Texting mind tricks boosts his desire in your absence.

11) Say You’re Busy

Don’t always be available when he asks to meet up. Tell him you’re busy. It’s okay to turn him down politely, but suggest another time so he knows you’re still interested.

For example, “I have plans this Friday, but I’m free Sunday afternoon instead.” This shows you have a fulfilling life, and his company is a bonus. Occasionally, demonstrating other priorities will make your time together more meaningful. He’ll learn not to take you for granted and will miss you eagerly in between.

12) Leave Him Wanting More

Always be the one to end interactions first to leave him wanting more of your time. For instance, when chatting on the phone, you can say, “Oh! I just realized I need to get going. Let’s catch up more this weekend!”

Ending the conversation abruptly on your terms builds anticipation and desire for your next interaction. Similarly, try wrapping up dates before he’s ready to say goodbye.  He’ll start looking forward to your meetings even more!

13) Leave Something at His Place

Next time you’re at his place, accidentally leave something behind – a unique hair clip, lip balm, earring, or other memorable item.

When he finds it after you’ve left, your forgotten object becomes a pleasant reminder that triggers thoughts of missing you and feeling your absence. For extra impact, make it sentimental, like something he complimented you on wearing. This little memento implants memories and positive feelings that keep you on his mind.

14) Flaunt Your Life on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the best tricks you can use to make him want to be by your side. Post snaps showcasing fun outings with friends, travels, hobbies – an exciting life he’s missing out on.

Seeing snapshots of your days apart will spark his FOMO. He’ll imagine himself in the pics with you, wishing he was there to enjoy the adventure and romance. Flaunting your world via Snapchat ensures you stay on his mind and in his heart during separation.

15) Spend Time with Friends

Make plans with your besties and share pics while you’re away. Seeing you out enjoying life without him will make him think about how much fun you’re able to have independently.

Hanging out with your friends shows you have a fulfilling social circle outside the relationship. He’ll wish he could be included in the laughs and bonding you’re experiencing while apart. Time with friends nurtures your other connections, making your absence more poignant.

16) Have Amazing Sex

Having mind-blowing sex is one of the quickest ways to make him miss you when you’re not around. Men love physical intimacy, so giving him an experience he craves will ensure you stay on his mind.

Rather than quick or boring hookups, focus on mutual satisfaction. Build the passion, try exciting positions, and really immerse in the sensations. Fulfilling sex forges a deep connection and memories he’ll long for when you’re apart. Leave him dazzled for an ego boost that boosts his attachment.

The End

So there you have it – a list of 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you like crazy! I hope these tips help you get inside his head and heart to stir up longing and attachment even when you’re apart.

The next time you miss your guy, put a few of these sly moves into play. Before you know it, he’ll be blowing up your phone and counting the seconds until he can see you again!

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