11 Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings

11 Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings

Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings

Have you ever wondered if the charming and diplomatic Libra man in your life secretly harbors feelings for you? 

As a zodiac sign known for being private about their emotions, it can be challenging to decipher what’s going on beneath the surface. In this blog post, we’ll uncover 11 signs that a Libra man may be trying to hide his feelings from you.

Understanding these subtle cues and behaviors will give you valuable insight into his true emotions and intentions. So let’s dive in and unravel the mystery behind the elusive heart of a Libra man!

Signs A Libra Man Trying To Hide His Feelings

1) He Can Be Very Indecisive

A Libra man may show signs that he is trying to hide his feelings by being indecisive and frequently changing plans. 

He may also need help discussing personal topics and feel torn between wanting to spend time with someone and needing some distance.

These behaviors can be easily misinterpreted as flightiness or an inability to commit, but they can also indicate that a Libra man struggles to process and express his emotions. 

By recognizing the signs of a Libra man trying to hide his feelings, it is possible to understand the situation better and support him as he works through his emotions.

2) He Avoids Talking About His Emotions 

Libra men often try to hide their feelings by avoiding talking about their emotions. This is because of the highly balanced nature that characterizes them and the influence of Venus, the planet of beauty and love. 

They may prefer discussing practical achievements or experiences instead, excluding any emotional aspects that are present.

For example, he might talk about a business deal or a vacation without describing the feelings involved, or when asked about their romantic life, a Libra man might quickly change the topic or discuss stories from others instead.

3) He Doesn’t Want To Hurt Your Feelings

A Libra man may hesitate to reveal his feelings for someone because he does not want to risk hurting the person’s feelings if they do not feel the same way. 

This is because maintaining a balanced and fair relationship is vital to them, and they would rather keep their emotions hidden than cause any awkwardness. 

When asked directly about his feelings, a Libra man may give an evasive response or try to change the subject to avoid any potential tension or hurt. 

4) He Becomes Passive-aggressive 

Keeping a relationship healthy and strong takes effort, and understanding what libra man feels and why they act in certain ways is essential. 

When a Libra man goes into the passive-aggressive mode, it could be a sign that he is trying to hide his feelings. This kind of behavior includes:

  • Not responding to messages.
  • Being sarcastic.
  • Avoiding activities the two of you once enjoyed or communicating in any other way that isn’t open and honest.

If you come across this behavior from your Libra man, it is vital to address it. Talk openly about how his lack of communication makes you feel, and use “I” statements instead of accusatory language.

It can also help to have another source of support, such as a friend or therapist, who can guide how best to communicate with him and work through the issues together.

5) He Is Trying To Make You Laugh 

Libra men are natural charmers and often try to make people laugh to show their interest and affection. However, they can also use humor to deflect attention away from themselves and hide their true feelings.

If you notice your Libra man trying to make you laugh but not asking deeper questions involving vulnerability, it might indicate that he is hiding his real emotions. 

While this could be perfectly normal for their outgoing nature, it could also indicate that he is uncomfortable expressing his deepest thoughts and feelings. If this is the case, it’s important to let him know that having these conversations with you is okay without fear or judgment.

6) He Is Being Quiet Around You

Libra men are known for their feelings and can be guarded when expressing them. If your Libra man is suddenly being quiet around you, he may be trying to hide his true emotions.

It could be because he’s afraid to show vulnerability or because he was hurt in the past and is scared of opening up again.

When a Libra man is quiet around you, it’s important to be patient and understanding. Ask him gentle questions about his feelings and encourage him to share his thoughts.

By listening and understanding his emotions, you can help him open up and express himself in a safe environment.

7) He’ll Be Curious About Your Life

A Libra man may hide his feelings for you by appearing distant and uninterested, but a closer look at his behavior will tell the truth. 

He may show genuine interest in getting to know you better by asking questions about your hobbies and goals and remembering small details that show he’s been paying attention. 

For example, if you mentioned your favorite book or restaurant months ago, don’t be surprised if he brings it up again out of the blue! This shows he’s been paying attention and cares enough to remember what matters to you.

Furthermore, he may be curious about your past experiences and aspirations. Asking what motivates or scares you most could indicate that he wants to dive deeper into understanding who you are. 

8) He’ll Remember Many Small Details

A Libra man might remember small details important to you, like your favorite color or what you wore on a specific occasion. 

These details may seem trivial, but they indicate his deeper feelings for you. He might also express his emotions indirectly by surprising you with reservations at your favorite sushi restaurant on your birthday. 

Paying attention to such clues will often reveal the true depth of his feelings and how much effort he puts into the relationship.

9) He’s Extremely Protective

When a Libra man tries to hide his feelings, he may become very protective of the person he has feelings for. 

This behavior can be seen in various forms, such as wanting to spend more time with them, being extra attentive to their needs, and shielding them from potential harm. 

While some may interpret this as possessive or controlling, it usually indicates genuine concern and affection. They will offer emotional support and lighten the load during difficult times.

It’s possible that a Libra man’s overly protective nature could mean they have a romantic interest in someone, but not necessarily – they may care deeply on a spiritual level.

10) He Gets Jealous Of Other Guys

A Libra man may become jealous of other guys if he sees them showing interest in you or spending time with you. 

It could be a sign that he’s feeling threatened, and his feelings may manifest as possessiveness or protectiveness of your time and attention. 

He may even give the other person cold stares or snide remarks. This behavior could indicate that he is trying to hide his feelings, although it’s important to differentiate between healthy jealousy and toxic, controlling behavior. 

If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to talk openly with him about how you feel.

11) He Makes You A Priority

When a Libra man makes you a priority, he still cares for you deeply despite his attempts to conceal his true feelings.

This could be manifested in various ways, such as making plans with you often or going out of his way to help you. 

For example, suppose the Libra man offers to pick you up and take you home when your car breaks down or rearranges his schedule to spend more time with you. 

In that case, it suggests that he is trying to ensure you know how much he values your company despite his efforts to conceal his emotions. 

Reasons Why A Libra Man May Hide His Feelings

Common Reasons Why A Libra Man May Hide His Feelings

While the reasons for a Libra man hiding his feelings can vary from person to person, some of the most common ones include:

Fear Of Rejection Or Vulnerability: Libra men can be reluctant to share their feelings because they fear being rejected or taken advantage of. 

Desire To Maintain Harmony: A Libra man often values harmony and balance in relationships, leading him to hide his feelings to avoid potential conflict or disruption. He may also keep his feelings hidden if he believes it will be better for the relationship as a whole. 

Confusion Or Uncertainty About His Own Feelings: A Libra man may hide his feelings due to confusion or uncertainty about his emotions. This can be especially true if he’s starting to develop romantic feelings for someone and if he has been hurt. 

Fear Of Judgement Or Criticism: A Libra man values their reputation and can be overly concerned with how others see them, preventing them from expressing true emotions.

How To Get A Libra Man To Make A Move

If you’re interested in a Libra man and want to get him to make a move, here are some tips:

Observe His Body Language And Actions 

Watch his body language to gain insight into a Libra man’s feelings. A sure sign of interest is if he maintains eye contact with you for long periods and tries to get closer or make physical contact as he speaks. 

Comparing his actions around you to how he treats other people can give further clues – if he appears anxious and uneasy when talking to you, this could mean that he is interested but shy; alternatively, if he seems calm and opens around you, it could point to a mutual connection between the two of you.

Create A Comfortable And Safe Space For Him To Open Up 

Creating a supportive and safe environment is important to make a Libra man comfortable enough to share his feelings. This can be achieved through building trust by actively listening, being non-judgmental, and avoiding criticism or defensiveness. 

Show genuine interest in what he has to say and validate his emotions, then create an intimate atmosphere that makes him feel secure. Enhance the setting with soft music, cozy lighting, and snacks he likes to help him see you as a trustworthy confidant.

Respect His Boundaries And Communicate Clearly 

To win a Libra man’s affection, respecting his boundaries and communicating are essential. Avoid pushing him too hard if he seems hesitant, as Libra men value balance in their relationships. 

Additionally, be direct and honest about your feelings rather than playing mind games or sending mixed signals, which can lead to confusion and miscommunication.

Maintaining these elements of understanding and transparency in your relationship will create a solid foundation that allows you both to grow together over time.


Libra men can sometimes be challenging to read, especially regarding their feelings. Recognizing signs of a Libra man trying to hide his feelings and creating an atmosphere of safety and trust is essential for getting him to open up and move.

With the right approach, you can build a strong connection filled with mutual understanding and respect. Above all, always treat a Libra man with patience and kindness as he navigates his emotions. Good luck!

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