11 Signs She is Interested in You After the First Date

11 Signs She is Interested in You After the First Date

Signs She is Interested in You After the First Date

First dates are hard. The anxiety and pressure are understandable.

Some may wonder why such a big deal is made of it. After all, it is merely two people meeting each other. Since they are meeting for the first time, a lot ride on it. As they say, first impressions are the best impressions.

Again, there is no need to believe that if things go awry on your first date, you’re doomed. It’s not the end of the world. Things may work out later on. Or, if she’s not the right one, you may find someone better and more suitable. So, the suggestion is not to get worked up on first dates.

However, you may want to know how you fared on your first outing together. Did your date like you and want to go out with you again?

As you’re not familiar enough with each other, asking her outright may not be a good move on your part. If you want to reassure yourself about your future chances with her, you should look out for psychological signs a girl likes you.

This article traverses the tricky path of relationships and lists easy-to-spot signs she is interested in you after the first date. Once reassured, you may feel confident about asking her out on a second date. This will help your chances with her.

Why are these signs important?

On a first date, you naturally don’t know anything about each other. You find it hard to understand what your date is feeling or thinking. Without an encouraging sign from her, you may not want to make a move and take the relationship to the next level.

Getting this information in real-time can help you to react appropriately and avoid making a fool of yourself. In case she isn’t interested, you can say the right things and part ways amicably.

On the other hand, if she is giving you subtle signs that she’s interested and wants to see more of you, it is your turn to make positive moves. Your failure to say or do the right things may put her off. She may even withdraw her positive feedback.

When things are going great, you are bound to feel great, brimming with belief and trust in yourself. When both of you are feeling confident and positive, it will help to calm down the tension in the atmosphere. Instead of being on the edge, you can chill and enjoy the company of each other. This gives you a good chance for a second date with her.

How to tell if she’s interested after the first date?

Let’s see how she lets you know she is interested in you after the first date.

1. She makes eye contact

If you want to get to the truth of how she feels, nothing is better than eye contact. If she makes consistent eye contact with you, it is clearly a positive sign that she is interested in you. This may be your first date but this single body language can reveal where your relationship is headed.

2. She bites her lip

This is a signal she is trying to send you consciously that she likes you and would be interested in seeing you again. Most of her reactions are unintentional ones but this one she does it knowingly. She’s trying to flirt with you.

3. She caresses her hair

If you find her constantly touching her hair, it is a good sign. There is a good chance that she likes you. Depending on her personality, she may be rearranging, playing with, or twirling her hair while talking to you. Women often do this as a gesture of preening themselves. She is trying to ensure that she looks her best before you. It is also a sign of flirting behavior.

4. She is happy and smiling

There is no doubt in your mind that she is happy and content. She is smiling like a thousand suns. And, you can see the twinkle in her eyes which means her smile is not fake. She laughs at your jokes and is at ease with you and enjoying herself to the fullest.

5. She leans in

This is positive body language that comes out without her being aware of it. When a person is interested in another, they automatically lean toward them during the interaction. Though you are meeting her for the first time, she doesn’t hesitate to sit or stand close to you. Even if there has been no physical contact during the first date, this is a good indication that she is interested in you.

6. She makes physical contact

It may be nothing more than casual and innocent touches – her hand grazing yours or her hands lingering longer than necessary when she is passing the dish. Her legs or shoulders may get too close and touch yours. Most probably, she is doing this on purpose to let you know her interest in you.

7. She is at ease

When a person seems comfortable in your company, it clearly means that they are happy and enjoying it. On the other hand, when a person is irritated by your presence and can hardly wait for the date to get over, you can see it in their body language. She clearly likes to spend time with you. If she is at ease and comfortable as if she is with an old friend, it is a clear sign that she finds you compatible.

8. She is nervous and self-conscious

Though this can be a negative sign in dating circles, if other signs are pointing toward her interest in you, this may mean that she is concerned about impressing you. She may be thinking of you as a good match and she wants to do everything to make you interested in her. She wants to look her best and be on her best behavior. But she definitely wants to spend time with you. All these must be making her anxious.

9. She is paying attention to you completely 

When someone isn’t interested in the company they are with, they will be restless, their eyes wander, and checking the time or phone all the time they are with you. She is the opposite of this. She wants to spend time with you. All the while, she is paying attention to you and you alone. She is hanging on to your every word and is fully engrossed in your conversation. Her involvement is so absolute that she forgets her surroundings.

10. She is eager to know you

The first date is all about getting to know each other. However, if she is not interested in you, she may not be listening to what you are saying and not have anything to ask you. On the contrary, she is all ears. She comes up with genuine questions and makes an effort to remember everything you are saying. She is clearly seeing long-term prospects for the relationship.

11. You end up spending more time together than anticipated

If your first date is planned as a 10-minute coffee date but ends up being a 3-hour-long lunch date, nothing more needs to be said about it other than it is a roaring success. When you are in the company of people you like, time literally flies. Both of you may know that it’s getting late, but don’t feel like leaving each other. The more you spend time with each other, the better the long-term prospects.

Look for no more signs. This one is good enough to conclude that she is interested in you after the first date.

Final thoughts on common signs she is interested in you after the first date

Navigating the treacherous waters of a relationship can be hard for those who aren’t aware of the dos and don’ts of dating. The first date is especially harder as you have no clue what works and what doesn’t with your date.

All you need to do is watch the body language of your date closely to know how she is finding you and whether she wants to see you again. Often body language is an unconscious reaction to the situation and so is believed to be genuine. It’s more reliable than what she says.

Paying attention and knowing her mind will help you avoid making a fool of yourself. This way you can also make the right moves to ensure that you are heading for a long-term relationship.


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