The Truth About Why Men Get Nervous Around Women

The Truth About Why Men Get Nervous Around Women

The Truth About Why Men Get Nervous Around Women

Whether it’s due to a lack of confidence or simple social awkwardness, many men experience nervousness when around women. It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman they know well or a stranger — the experience can be equally uncomfortable and nerve-wracking. 

This apprehension is nearly universal across all cultures and ages, with most men claiming that they feel particularly anxious in unfamiliar settings with strangers of the opposite sex. 

In this article, we will explore the real reasons why men feel so apprehensive around women and ways to help reduce this kind of anxiety.

The Real Reason Why Men Get Nervous Around Women

 When asking men why they get so anxious when talking to unfamiliar women, the most common response is usually, “because I don’t want to make a fool of myself.” But let’s look at some of the real reasons why things might feel tenser between men and women than friendships between members of the same gender:

1) Fear Of Rejection

Nobody likes feeling like their advances are unwanted, but for some reason, this fear looms particularly large for men when interacting with women they don’t know very well. 

Men often worry that making even friendly conversation could be misconstrued as being too forward or aggressive. This means that even harmless topics of conversation become fraught with potential pitfalls and disasters waiting to happen — not exactly conducive to keeping cool under pressure!

2) Self-Consciousness & Social Anxiety

Self-consciousness can be a huge factor in male-female interactions because no one wants to say something embarrassing while trying to impress another person. 

Add in any underlying social anxiety issues, and it’s easy to understand how things can quickly become overwhelming in these kinds of situations.

3) Unfamiliarity & Gender Roles

Many people find interacting with someone new difficult regardless of gender since there are always lots of unknowns involved — what do they think? What do I say? What kind of impression am I making? 

For those raised on traditional gender roles (even if those roles have now shifted), these worries become even more intimidating since it seems like there are unwritten rules dictating that certain kinds of behavior are expected from each gender — anything outside this mold can lead people down an uncertain path!

Tips For Overcoming Anxiety When Dealing With Women

Although there may not be any magic bullets for completely eliminating nerves or discomfort when interacting with someone new (of either gender) altogether, there are definitely things you can do to help alleviate any tension you feel in social situations involving women:

  • Break The Ice With A Compliment – Compliments are always welcome if offered without being overbearing! Showing genuine admiration for someone never fails to put them at ease and gives both parties something pleasant upon which to build a conversation afterward.
  • Make Eye Contact & Smile – Eye contact shows that you’re listening intently, and smiles give away your good intentions; both together effectively create an atmosphere conducive to engaging conversations! Plus, smiling just makes everyone feel more comfortable overall 😉
  • Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself – Remember, it doesn’t matter whether or not you ‘wow’ her off her feet; taking away the pressure from yourself will help relieve some stress before approaching someone new & might also lead you down interesting paths/conversations along the way!
  • Be Yourself – No one likes fake people who try too hard, so stop worrying about fitting into society’s mold or any preconceived notions about what “being cool” looks like — stay true to yourself, and others will appreciate your authenticity much more than any mask you could ever wear!

How do I stop getting so nervous around women? 

Focus on being yourself instead of trying too hard. Breaking the ice with a compliment or making eye contact & smiling can also go a long way towards alleviating nerves when first starting conversations with new people (especially female ones). 

Finally, remind yourself that exceeding expectations isn’t necessary; taking away pressure from yourself often creates enough room for meaningful conversations without added strain! 

Is it normal for guys to be scared around girls?

Absolutely! It’s perfectly natural for both genders (and all sexes) to feel a bit anxious when first interacting with someone new, especially if those interactions involve the opposite sex. 

Everyone experiences social anxiety differently, and there are many ways to help alleviate it, such as focusing on being yourself, complimenting others and, making eye contact & smiling – so don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel nervous!


Everyone feels a little nervous from time to time in social settings, especially around people they don’t know well or of the opposite sex. Knowing why men get nervous around women can help us better understand our own behavior and that of others in these situations – and make conversations much more pleasant for everyone involved. 

When a Man is Nervous Around a Woman, thankfully, there are some simple things we can all do to combat this kind of anxiousness, such as breaking the ice with a compliment, maintaining good eye contact and smiling whenever possible, and taking pressure off ourselves by remembering that we don’t have to be perfect to have an enjoyable conversation.

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