How To Be In Your Feminine Energy With A Man?

How To Be In Your Feminine Energy With A Man?

How to be in your feminine energy with a man

When you are in the company of a man, being in your divine feminine energy can help you build the kind of rosy, romantic relationship you have always dreamed of.

But the question is how to be in your feminine power with a man.

You would agree that it is your feminine energy characteristics that attract the male of the species to you. Most of the time, you unlock feminine energy without being aware of it. Now, all you need to master is to turn it on when you want.

When you are in your feminine power, you will feel the trigger of energy, attraction, and confidence with the man you are with.

This article will help you unleash your divine feminine energy whenever you’re with a man so that you can connect with him at the romantic best.

11 ways to unlock feminine energy when you’re with a man

1. Let him know how much you appreciate him

The idea is to make him aware of your divine feminine energy characteristics. 

For this, showing appreciation helps a lot. He must be already attracted to you, if not head over heels in love with you. 

So, this is not something hard for you to do. All you need to do is to be aware of your own strength and unlock feminine energy characteristics. 

This will help trigger the protective masculine nature in him and prompt him to do more for you.

2. Keep it casual and slow it down

When you are in the presence of a man, you may feel unsure of yourself and act flustered. This will make you breathe faster and do things hurriedly. 

It definitely doesn’t help to let your man know that you are upset and unnerved. This will send the wrong signals to your man. 

To avoid this situation, you need to consciously slow down and maintain a casual demeanor. That will make you seem more alluring to your man.

3. Show him your playful side

Playfulness is something that can lighten the mood and help your man see your fun side. And you are at your playful best when your feminine energy characteristics are alive and kicking. 

Men are naturally drawn to you when you reveal your playful nature. So, drop your serious thoughts and forget about your pending work. Turn on your divine feminine energy to lure your man to you with your charm.

4. Keep it mysterious

Do you know that a relationship will lose its charm and edge when you know each other too well? 

The mystery element is something that keeps a relationship alive and exciting. This doesn’t mean you should be secretive in your dealing with the man. 

You need to pick and choose which aspects of yourself you should reveal to him. 

In short, don’t overshare. This will keep him guessing and feeling intrigued, only to pursue you harder.

5. Become aware of your own self-worth

You cannot expect others to value or respect you when you don’t think much about yourself. 

If you feel you are unworthy of his love, he is bound to treat you the same way. Instead, develop self-esteem and self-respect. 

Be confident about who you are. Avoid seeking approval, attention, and love from him. 

Carry yourself with self-assurance and he will be drawn to your powerful divine feminine energy characteristics.

6. Let your heart overflow with happiness

It is the natural tendency of human beings to be around happy people and avoid those gloomy ones. 

You can use this same strategy to draw him towards you. But make sure that your joy is not fake or just for show. 

When he sees you enjoying yourself and happy in your own skin, he will be naturally drawn to you. After all, who doesn’t love to have a fun time?

7. Approach him with an open heart

This may be harder to follow than others. Opening up the heart to a person doesn’t come easily for most women. 

Having an open heart approach means being honest and straightforward and approaching someone or something without a preconceived notion. 

It means having the ability to overlook minor setbacks and approach him with a kind and generous heart. 

This also means you shouldn’t take offense at little things or imagine up intentions and stories that may not be true.

8. Lock eyes with your man

Eye contact is one of the most vital aspects at the beginning of a relationship. 

You may find it easier to convey your thoughts and feelings through your eyes than with your words. 

If you are brimming with divine feminine energy characteristics, you will find it easier to communicate with him through the language of the eyes. Much more than the spoken words, this will bring you together instantly.

9. Allow him to take the lead in the relationship

Men like to be in control of every situation they find themselves in, including in their relationship with you. This will help him feel powerful and be in charge.

Trigger and unlock feminine energy characteristics. Lean back and let him lead. This means it is up to him to make the first move and prove to you his intentions. 

But this doesn’t mean letting him do whatever he feels like. You should know how to strike a fine balance between letting him lead and protecting your interests.

10. Show him your emotionally vulnerable side

It’s natural for a woman to put on an air of self-assurance when she starts going out with a man. 

The reasoning behind this is understandable. You want to put on display your best side to the man to impress him. 

But in the long run, this is going to backfire on you. You should be real and show him your emotionally vulnerable side as well. 

Let him see you for who you really are. If he shows interest in you, you can feel safe about his intentions about why he feels attracted to you.

11. Don’t allow him to transgress your boundaries

Boundaries are important in relationships, whether it is just the beginning or a well-settled one. 

Convey to him in clear terms your expectations from him and the boundaries you have defined in the relationship. 

Under no circumstances allow him to violate the boundaries you have set. Don’t feel scared to raise the alarm or speak up when this happens. If his intentions are good, he will only respect you for this.

The bottom line

You may find it easier to be in your divine feminine energy characteristics if you have done your homework beforehand. This may take some effort on your part as you are bound to feel excited and apprehensive before meeting him. Use relaxation techniques to calm yourself down.

Allow him to believe that he is pursuing you rather than the other way around. Even when you are luring him towards you with your feminine power, learn how to make him believe that he is in charge. 

Also, don’t keep him as the center of your attention. This is bound to make him uneasy and he may feel that he is under scrutiny.

Embracing your divine feminine energy allows for deeper connection and balance in relationships, fostering mutual growth and harmony.


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