13 Signs Of A Masculine Woman

13 Signs Of A Masculine Woman

Signs Of A Masculine Woman

Do people comment that you behave like a man? Or that you have masculine traits?

This isn’t a surprising observation. You may indeed be a masculine woman. 

But you may wonder how you can be sure that you are a masculine woman. Being a woman, you expect to have dominant feminine energy. So, are you an anomaly? Are you weird? Why aren’t you like other women?

When you realize that you have dominant masculine energy, questions like this may pop up in your mind. You need to figure out answers to these questions so that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Your comfort is paramount for you to function well as a human being.

Let’s get started and try to list the signs of a masculine woman. With this information, you will be able to recognize your masculinity despite being a woman. Here, you will also find answers to some common questions as well.

What are the signs of a masculine woman?

The signs listed here are typical characteristics of a man. When a woman has high masculine energy, some of her actions would resemble that of a man.

1. You’re fiercely competitive

Once you set your sights on the goal, you’re not distracted by anything else. You will do anything to achieve what you set out to do. While at it, if you face competition, you will not back down. You get more excited at outdoing others and being crowned the best. You will use the last ounce of your strength and everything in your resources to beat others and emerge victorious. 

You aren’t bothered whether those competing against you are men or women, too old or too young, or have the same skillset as you or not. You turn a blind eye to these aspects when it comes to competition.

2. You’re always on fire

You find yourself revving and ready to go, irrespective of what the action is all about. You find it hard to loosen up and relax. Your mind is always active and a train of thought is constantly going through it. When you succeed in one task, you won’t lose a single moment to begin on the next one. There is always a long list of things to achieve for you. 

When you have nothing to do and too much time on your hands, you feel unproductive, purposeless, and lost. You thrive on the momentum generated by your pursuit of your goals.

3. You want to be in charge

You aren’t happy if you cannot control what is happening around you. You have definite views about how things should be done and won’t tolerate incompetence or insubordination. It’s not just about what you’re doing, you would like to have a say in what others are doing too. 

It’s hard for you to trust others, take it easy, and let go. Even if it doesn’t concern you, you may try to take control of the situation and instruct others how to do things the right way.

4. Your logical side is more active than your intuition

Women tend to be more intuitive than men. Feminine energy is closely linked to intuition, while masculine energy is associated with logic and reasoning. If you find yourself relying on logic more than your gut feeling despite being a woman, it is a clear sign that you are a masculine woman.

It’s always said that women think with their hearts while men think with their heads. This just means women are more intuitive and men are more logical. Being logical means, you will think through things before acting upon them and your ideas are more practical. You spend time planning ahead beforehand and don’t like surprises and risks.

5. You’re self-reliant and independent

You are averse to following others blindly. You would rather create your own paths and enjoy others following you. It hurts your pride to depend on others for your needs. You feel that you’re as good as any other person and perfectly capable of figuring out answers to your problems. 

You are strong, self-sufficient, and hard-working to succeed in anything you attempt. It’s not your thing to ask for help or follow what others are doing. Even if you are aware of the risk of failure, you would rather do things your way and not let others guide you.

6. You place a high value on status and material success

Many people may be happy to just get by as long as they are comfortable enough in their personal life. But not you. You have a laser-sharp focus trained on getting rich and climbing the social ladder. You aren’t satisfied until you reach the level you want to reach.

Financial success is a yardstick you use to measure success and accomplishment. You are much aware that money can open closed doors for you. You are not just satisfied with acquiring wealth, but you like to flaunt it as well. You want to have the best that money can buy – a flashy new car, a luxurious home, expensive branded clothes, and more.

7. You judge others

You have no unease or hesitation when criticizing and judging others. Often you fail to see their perspectives or give them the benefit of the doubt. While at this, you may come across as harsh and ruthless. 

You are also unaware of the gray shades; you see only things in black and white hues. Either something or someone is right or totally wrong. You fail to recognize that humans seldom act this way. You don’t spare yourself from your judgmental eyes. You pull yourself down with this negative approach.

8. You have difficulty expressing your emotions

Even when you love a person, you have trouble verbalizing your feelings and thoughts. You expect others to understand your emotions without you spelling it out clearly. Most times, this is asking for too much and you end up with lost opportunities through miscommunication and misunderstandings.

You are also reluctant to reveal your vulnerabilities to others, thinking they will think less of you. You consider emotions private and not to be made public. As a result, you tend to bottle them up and suffer as a consequence. Because of this, others rarely get to know your real personality. 

9. You experience an emotional disconnect

You don’t feel your emotions like most others. Though you do have emotions, they remain detached and never sink in deep enough for you to really experience them. Because of this, you often don’t realize the existence of these emotions and ignore and disregard them.

A person experiencing emotional disconnect will find it hard to show their emotions. Others will find them cold, hard, and insensitive. Even when you know that something is amiss with you, you can’t figure out the problem or find a way to resolve it.

10. You run away from intimacy

You feel uncomfortable when someone tries to be intimate with you. On your own, you never initiate an intimate situation. This is true for physical and emotional connection. You tend to keep others at arm’s length both physically and metaphorically. 

You feel vulnerable when you let others get close to you. You don’t share your secrets with anyone as you find it hard to trust others. You feel that others will take advantage of you if they know your weaknesses. 

11. You are attracted to feminine men

With you being a control freak and domineering personality, you find men with pronounced masculine energy not appealing. You are attracted to men with high feminine energy. They are the ones who will allow you to take charge and make decisions. You understand them and they too seem to understand you well. You find it easier to get along with feminine men.

You tend to have a tough time with a man who has more masculine energy than you. The competition to be the best will create a lot of tension in the relationship. With a feminine man, you find the right partner.

12. Your body language resembles that of a man

You may be walking or talking like a man or have the posture of a man. In fact, this is what makes others say that you are more masculine than feminine. You stand tall with an open posture and erect body. You have big strides and walk with assured steps. Your handshake is firm and strong. Your entire body language exudes confidence and purpose.

13. You consider being feminine as weaker

Even if you want to be more feminine, you may still equate being more feminine to being weak. You alone cannot be faulted for thinking this way as our society is conditioned on these lines since time immemorial. In fact, you may have promoted your masculine side over your feminine side to put up a strong and confident image in front of others.

Can a woman have masculine energy?

All humans have both masculine and feminine energies in them. Typically, masculine energy dominates in a man, and feminine energy is more in a woman. However, this energy balance may get reversed. Some men may have more feminine energy and some women may have more masculine energy.

So, a masculine woman is not an alien concept. In many women, the masculine energy will be dominating, making them act more like a man. And, there’s nothing wrong or bad about it either. No two humans are created similarly. A masculine woman is just one version of a woman.

However, it’s up to each individual to decide how they will be using the combination of masculine and feminine energies they have. It should be utilized in such a way that it is beneficial to us as well as the people in our lives. 

If you are a masculine woman, there is no need for you to feel ashamed or guilty about it. You don’t need to change anything about you either. But if you want to feel more feminine, you should make efforts to boost your feminine energy and reconnect with it.

Is being a masculine woman wrong?

As mentioned earlier, it is perfectly natural to be a masculine woman. All women have some masculine energy in them along with feminine energy. But in most women, feminine energy is dominating and so, they will be more feminine in character.

As long as you are comfortable with who you are, you can just remain the way it is now. But if you want to feel more feminine, you should take steps to boost your feminine energy.

Why do I have high masculine energy despite being a woman?

Here are some reasons for your high masculinity.

  • Your mother had pronounced masculinity. Or some woman who played a huge role in your childhood was more masculine. 
  • You highlighted your masculine side as a shield to protect you against violence or abuse.
  • You became more masculine as society values masculinity.
  • You had to assume masculine roles in your personal life for survival. Such as taking care of younger siblings, providing for your family, etc

When a woman is more masculine though she’s not comfortable with it, it may be because she abandoned her femininity due to her extenuating circumstances. She doesn’t want to be exploited and wants to be in control of her personal life.

How can you become more feminine?

You can embrace your femininity and let go of your masculinity by following any of the following steps.

  • Become aware of your own body
  • Connect with your emotions and learn how to express them without constraints
  • Teach yourself the joy of giving and receiving
  • Hone your intuitive abilities and use them as often as you can
  • Be kind and compassionate to your fellow humans
  • Practice self-care and self-love

You need to remember that this will not happen overnight. It is a slow and ongoing process and you need to continue reconnecting with your femininity. Your feminine side may have remained hidden all this while. Discovering your feminine side would be something you would enjoy.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the signs to recognize whether you are a masculine woman. If you find these signs in you, there is no need to panic or feel disheartened. As long as you are happy with your current situation, you don’t need to change anything. If not, try reconnecting with your feminine side using the steps mentioned above.

The idea is to find a balance between your masculine and feminine energies so that you can be happy and lead a fulfilling personal life.

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