19 Signs of High Feminine Energy

19 Signs of High Feminine Energy

Signs of High Feminine Energy

It’s the overwhelming presence of feminine energy that makes a woman a woman. 

So long as you recognize this energy and are in touch with it, your feminine energy will shine through more prominently. You also need to know how to utilize this energy to make it work the best for you. 

Whether you recognize this energy in yourself or not, others see it in you as charm, charisma, and confidence. It’s your dominating feminine energy that helps you stand out in the crowd and get noticed. It isn’t easy to ignore or forget a woman with high feminine energy.

In case, you’re having trouble spotting your high feminine energy, read on. In this article, you will find the 19 easy-to-spot signs of high feminine energy.

How to spot your high feminine energy?

All of us have masculine and feminine energies in us. While women tend to have more feminine energy than masculine, men will have more masculine energy than feminine. Though this is a generalization, this need not always be true. Men may be high on feminine energy and women may have dominant masculine energy.

So, this article is intended for all to determine if they have dominant feminine energy. 

Let’s get started.

1. You’re compassionate and nurturing

We tend to define them as “motherly”. They feel a strong urge to protect and help others. They feel the need to make them happy and comfortable. They feel a strong desire to take care of others. They do this not as a duty or obligation, but as comforting others gives them a sense of satisfaction and purpose. In fact, they enjoy it and this act gives them direction in life.

It’s not only their fellow human beings who benefit from their benevolence. They love all living things on this planet, including animals and plants.

2. You never hide your affection 

It’s not just that they love others, they aren’t reluctant to show it as well. Their demonstration of love and affection is hard to miss. They hug, kiss, and love to cuddle. Over and above the physical manifestation of their love for others, they are liberal with their words in letting others know their feelings. 

For someone in a romantic relationship with a partner high on feminine energy, PDA is the norm. 

3. Your intuition is active

Women are always linked to intuition. Intuition is the ability to understand something from instinctive feeling rather than from conscious reasoning. This is said to be the working of an active subconscious mind. 

Women with high feminine energy tend to be sensitive to the emotions and thoughts of others. They can pick up nuances from the impressions in their subconscious mind, even if these are based on unspoken words or unseen actions

4. You’re a charmer

You have a magnetic personality and others find you attractive. Doors open for you without you trying too hard. People welcome you with open arms and opportunities come knocking at your door. You stand out in every crowd with your magnetic personality and others are irresistibly drawn towards you.

You may not realize what is happening, but you find life much easier than others. When others complain about how difficult their lives are, you find it hard to relate to them.

5. You’re attractive and sensual

You have something more than physically attractive features and charming behavior. It’s who you are at the core of your being is something that makes you a sensual person to others. It’s an eclectic combination of being aware of what is happening around you and reacting appropriately, knowing your mind and what you want to achieve in life, and gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings.

You know the value of living in the moment and being thankful for the good things in your life. You have no guilt in enjoying the pleasures life has to offer.

6. You’re a warm and easygoing person

Others find you easy to get along with. You are never at a loss for topics for conversation with others. When with you, people find that conversation just flows without interruption. This makes others feel comfortable with you and drawn towards you.

People can see your sincerity and good intentions without much effort. No wonder they want to make friends with you when they see your welcoming arms.

7. Your love for others is for all to see

There’s not an iota of hatred or negative feelings in your heart. This is made clear to others by your open-hearted approach. Others can easily see that you mean what you say. All of them are bowled over by your wide welcoming smile and friendly demeanor. 

While others understand you for who they are, you also find it easy to express your love and affection for others. You have no trouble converting your emotions into words and letting others know how you actually feel toward them. There is no room for miscommunication or misunderstanding.

8. You’re aware of your emotions

While some may have to dig deep to figure out how they feel about a person or an incident, you have never faced this dilemma. You know exactly where you stand and what you feel about it. Experts call this emotional intelligence.

Your high emotional intelligence helps you deal with tricky situations with ease. Your immediate response tends to be spot on always. Not just your own feelings, your high EQ allows you to sense what others are going through and empathize with them.

9. You accept your weakness

You know and accept that you’re not perfect. You recognize that you’re weak in some aspects and find it hard to get rid of this weakness despite your best efforts. Now, you have stopped fighting this anymore. You are okay with it.

Whenever possible, you turn the tables on your weaknesses and make them your strengths. This doesn’t come easy for you. It takes a lot of courage, conviction, and self-belief to go through this process. At the same time, you don’t consider your weakness as a setback or a vulnerability. 

10. You consider relationships paramount

You’re completely dedicated in all your relationships. You try to give your 100% to everyone you interact with. Though you expect the same from others, you know that this is not practical. Even if others let you down, you continue to be loyal and dedicated, in the hope that the other person will get inspired by you and change for the better.

You’re always there for your family and friends. You can sense their need for help and you will give help without them asking for the same. It can be said that you thrive on interacting with others and enjoy human company a lot.

11. You live in the moment

You understand the importance of the present and don’t waste your time and energy worrying about the past and the future. You have made peace with your past and don’t find the need to spend your time planning your future. 

You take things in your stride and enjoy each moment. This helps you avoid unwanted stress and anxiety.

12. Your creative side is active

You love beautiful things and your creativity is much appreciated by one and all. You find the right creative outlet for talents, be it painting, dancing, music, cooking, photography, or writing. When you engage in creative pursuits, you feel an immense feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

You have limitless imagination. Once you let your imagination run wild, it feeds your creativity.

13. Your passion is boundless

Your passion shines bright in everything you do. Others can easily understand your dedication and sincerity in all your efforts. They find your passion inspiring and even join you in your efforts. Even when you face setbacks, it is your passion that helps you overcome obstacles and find success.

In everything you do, your goal is to bring about a positive change and make life better for everyone. 

14. You don’t hide your imperfections

You are the first one to admit your faults and the fact that you fail despite your best efforts. You are aware of your frailties and try to improve yourself all the time. You succeed at this to some extent and you are proud of that. 

You have learned to accept your negatives along with the positives. You accept that you are human and it’s ok to make mistakes. Again, you learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them.

15. Your relationships are healthy and long-lasting

With so many positives in your character, it’s no wonder that you bond well with others. Be it a romantic relationship or one with your family members and friends, you try to give it your all and do your best. 

Women with high feminine energy are especially successful in their romantic relationships as love, affection, and attachment come naturally to them. 

16. You set healthy personal boundaries

You indeed bond well with others but you never allow others to manipulate you or misuse your affability and good heart. You consider boundaries vital for healthy relationships. You spell them out with clarity and enforce the boundaries without hesitation.

You know that this may offend some but you stick with it despite the resistance from others. You are aware of your self-worth and know how to take care of yourself.

17. You believe in self-care and self-love

While some consider these as selfish behavior, you think they are vital for your happiness and well-being. You know that you can make others happy only when you are happy yourself. And, you can help others only when you are in a good frame of mind.

As part of self-care and self-love, you pay attention to the food you eat and make time to exercise regularly. You give importance to looking and feeling good in your own eyes. 

18. You are confident and hopeful

Everyone calls you a positive person and that is exactly who you are. You can always manage to see the pluses in any situation rather than the negatives. This helps you make the right decisions and feel confident. 

You completely trust your judgment and do not entertain any doubts in your mind. You have always been guided by your instincts and followed what your heart wanted.

19. You draw strength from your femininity

You are aware of your high feminine energy and never try to hide it. You know that it’s your high feminine energy that helps you to be who you are. You consider your femininity as your asset and strength. You rely on your feminine side to do things your way and find success.

You don’t believe that being feminine is a drawback or a weakness. And, you don’t think loving, caring, and helping others are things you should be ashamed of. You wear your femininity with pride. 

Do you have too much feminine energy?

You know that you have high feminine energy, but is it too much? Are you too feminine for your own good? In fact, the same question is often asked about masculine energy as well. Can you have too much masculine energy?

There is no such thing as too much femininity or feminine energy. The same is also true for masculine energy. When you exude a lot of feminine energy, others will find you irresistible and naturally drawn to you. They think that you ooze charm and grace. 

It’s not only men who are attracted by your feminine energy, but other women and children, especially babies will find you fascinating and alluring. People just love to be near you and interact with you. 

Your high feminine energy comes through as a can-do attitude and empathetic behavior. Your intuition will be sharp and will help you make the right choices and decisions. You turn your imperfections into your assets and aren’t ashamed of your failures. 

Just feel reassured, you can never have too much feminine energy. The more you have it, the better person you will be.

The Bottom Line

The level of feminine energy as well as masculine energy in each person varies and how these energies are utilized determines the character of the person. Trust your gut and do what is right for you. You cannot go wrong with this approach. But make sure that you don’t ignore or discard your femininity but rather embrace it.

If you’re not yet aware of the presence of high feminine energy, use these signs of high feminine energy to figure it out. You may have to awaken this feminine energy before putting it to good use. There is no limit to what you can achieve with your feminine energy.

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