How to Tell If a Man Over 50 Likes You

How to Tell If a Man Over 50 Likes You

How to Tell If a Man Over 50 Likes You
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    Dating a man in his 50s is so different from your experiences with your peers. Their interests and expectations are vastly dissimilar and so are his experiences with the opposite sex. 

    They’ve probably been married before. They are clear about what they want from you as well as in life. Having lived longer, they’ve accumulated enough life experiences to give them clarity of thought and feelings. 

    Older men are more mature and patient because of the age gap. If you have never dated an older man before, it will be like a breath of fresh air for you.

    Older or younger, both are men and so there will be commonalities. However, they are a world apart in certain aspects. This article lists signs to know if this guy likes you. Here you will find the most noticeable facets about a man over 50 and his expectations from a relationship. 

    Things you need to know about a man over 50

    If you are keen on building a romantic relationship with an older man, you should invest some time in figuring him out. You should know his likes/dislikes, expectations, and, more importantly, what makes him tick and what he will not tolerate.

    • He loves recognition and appreciation.
    • He likes to display his masculinity.
    • He is demonstrative about his love.
    • He offers help.
    • He has a hard time dealing with criticisms.
    • He is already set on a particular behavioral path.
    • He will resist your advances to change him.
    • He hesitates to ask you out as he is unsure of your response.

    Things a man over 50 wants in a relationship

    Being older and having seen the best and worst aspects of human behavior, an older man would have different expectations from his partner as compared to a younger man. 

    • He wants to combine romance with friendship.
    • He is ready to offer everything he has.
    • He would like to play an active role in your life.
    • He would like you to trigger their manliness.
    • He considers sex only as one of the components of the relationship.
    • He expects you to be independent.
    • He looks forward to having a fun time with you.
    • He prefers women who share the same beliefs and values.
    • He wants you to be ambitious and pursue your goals.
    • He encourages you to be your true self.

    10 Signs a Man Over 50 Likes You

    Older men are more settled in life and have had more experiences than their younger counterparts. The age gap influences their behavior towards you. If you are unsure if this guy likes you, pay attention to his body language.

    Here are some good signs to know whether this guy likes you.

    1) He talks to you often

    One of the most common signs that an older man is interested in you is if he talks to you often. If he makes an effort to start conversations with you and always has something to say, it’s a good sign that he likes you. He may also try to make you laugh or smile.

    He might tell you a joke or share something funny that happened to him. If he does things like this, it’s likely because he wants to make a good impression on you and make you like him.

    2) He reveals his love for you.

    He is over 50 and he has seen life at its best and worst. When he sees something good, he has learned the hard lesson not to hesitate. As soon as he realizes that he has fallen for you, he will tell you as directly as he can.

    Older men know that any delay in revealing their feelings may result in them missing the chance of a wonderful relationship.

    3) He perfectly balances his love and attention.

    Being older and more mature, he knows how to show his love and concern without intruding on your personal space. He will call or text you a few times a day to keep in touch with you. But he will give you enough space to do your own things. He definitely will not drown you with his eagerness.

    He knows how to balance his love and attention for you. He will neither let you feel neglected nor feel suffocated.

    4) He gets out of his comfort zone for you.

    An older man will be more set in his ways and it is indeed a big deal for him to step outside his comfort zone. He will face more resistance from within to try new things and follow unfamiliar paths. But his love for you acts as a compelling factor.

    When he is dating a younger woman like you, he will feel it necessary to do certain things to accommodate your interests and prove his worth. Most importantly, he may want to convince you that he can change his habits and way of thinking. 

    Whatever the reason, this is a good sign that this man likes you.

    5) He is focused on you.

    When he is with you, he gives you his entire attention. He is not like the younger guys who prefer to watch sports, check phones, or play games. When his undivided attention is on you, no wonder you feel on top of the world. He knows exactly how to make a woman feel special and cherished.

    He devotes his whole attention to you because he firmly believes that you deserve it. With this, he is making it clear how important you are to him. Do you want any more convincing that this man likes you?

    6) His hero instinct is active.

    All men have natural instincts to protect their loved ones. This is a good sign of his love for you. If he displays protective behavior towards you, you can rest assured that this man likes you.

    The hero instinct is present in all men, young and old. Because of his maturity, an older man knows where to draw the line on his protective behavior. Or else, he will become overprotective, a harmful and undesirable trait. 

    He will offer you help such as driving you home after a late night event or running errands. He will make sure that it is an offer you are free to accept or refuse. He will make it clear that he will always be there for you. All you need to do is give him a holler. 

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    7) He is eager to commit to the relationship.

    An older man must have seen many ups and downs in life. His life experiences have taught him that when he sees something special, he should not hesitate. He knows that he may lose what he found when the moment is past. This means he will make up his mind quickly unlike younger guys.

    Some may consider his “dating experience” as a setback. There is no need to see it this way. It is his experience that has given him the maturity to make quick decisions. 

    8) He wants to know more about you.

    Unlike younger guys who are way down the career ladder, an older man must be occupying more responsible positions. Older men are bound to be busier and may rarely get any free time. But their vast experience has taught them the tricks of effective time management. 

    Despite their busy schedule, older men always seem to find time for everything they want to do and everyone they want to be with. And, you are right on the top of his priority list.

    If he is consciously making an effort to stay in touch with you, you need not worry anymore. This man likes you.

    9) He is honest and frank with you.

    Not even for a moment does an older man consider deceiving or misleading you about his intentions. Playing the cat and mouse game is not his USP. He thinks it demeaning to fool around with you. He firmly believes that you deserve better than that and need to be treated with respect. 

    From his life experiences, he must have gained a good insight into his real wants and desires. He knows exactly what he desires in a life partner. When he finds out that you fit the bill perfectly, he makes up his mind without hesitation. He will come straight out and let you know how he feels about you. 

    You will find the same level of honesty in all his dealings with you. This means this guy likes you and is serious about you.

    10) He encourages you to be independent.

    An older man has more life experiences that make him wiser and more mature. He understands the importance of empowering women and giving them the freedom to pursue their interests and dreams. A younger man may not completely comprehend the importance of this.

    As this man likes you, he wants you to feel happy and content. He understands that the only way a woman can feel fulfilled is by living up to her potential. He encourages you to chase your dreams and makes sure that you don’t feel cooped up in the relationship.

    Bottom line

    An older man is more serious and committed in his relationship. When this guy likes you, he doesn’t take it lightly. He will do everything in his power to make you feel special and cherished. An older man will show his love for you without making you feel suffocated.

    If you are still in doubt about his intentions, just watch out for these body language signs. When you are interested in a man over 50 who is showing these signs, then there is a good chance he likes you too.

    The best thing to do is to take things slow and see where the relationship goes. There is no need to rush into anything. Just enjoy getting to know each other and see what happens!

    If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends! They may be wondering how to tell if a man over 50 likes them too! Thanks for reading!


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