15 Signs a Married Man Likes You But is Hiding It

15 Signs a Married Man Likes You But is Hiding It

Signs a Married Man Likes You But is Hiding It

We don’t choose whom we love. Nor who loves us.

Women, in general, don’t want to get themselves entangled with a married guy. But when circumstances bring them together, it can’t be helped. 

A married man may not be at liberty to reveal his feelings for you, for obvious reasons. He may try to ignore the love he feels for you. Even if he acknowledges it himself, he may try to hide it from you and the rest of the world. 

This makes it hard for you to know what is in his heart. Is he interested or not?

Without knowing this, it would be foolhardy to show your interest in him and reciprocate his feelings. In case it’s all in your imagination, it would make you look like an idiot, not to talk about the damage it will do to your relationship.

If a married man likes you but is hiding it, the best option for you is to look for signs in his body language and how often he makes eye contact. Once you are sure about his intentions, you can make the right move.

This article deals with matters of the heart, specifically when a married man has a crush on you. Here you will find signs a married man likes you but is hiding it.

How to know if a married man likes you?

Being married doesn’t prevent a man from having feelings for you. But they are well aware that they are already committed to a woman and it’s against societal norms to stray. Infidelity is looked down upon. Moreover, you may not be ready for a relationship with a married man. 

All these will make him cautious about revealing his feelings immediately. He knows that he needs to approach things discreetly and with care.

However, it’s an altogether different story for you. Even though a relationship with a married man is frowned upon, you’re still a free bird. You may have your own suspicions that a married man is attracted to you. But since he is hiding it, it is hard for you to be sure. You don’t want to jump to conclusions and make yourself look like a fool, for sure.

The ideal choice for you is to look out for signs a married man likes you but is hiding it.

1. He wants to be with you alone

When a married man flirting with you is afraid to reveal his feelings, he may still try to get you to agree to have intimate conversations with you alone. All the while, he will be watching your reaction to his suggestion. If you agree to be alone with him, he will consider it as a green signal.

Being a married man, he cannot afford to be seen with you in public. He will think of ways to set up clandestine meetings. He may even go into the trouble of making it look like an accident.

If you want to avoid this relationship, be careful about having one-on-one time with him. You may not be aware of it, but you are sending him the wrong signal. 

2. He jokes that he likes you

He is married and you’re single. He is wary of how you would react to his advances. He may not want to go ahead and reveal his feelings for you unless he gets a positive sign from you. This is what he is trying to achieve by saying he likes you.

How did you react to his statement? Mortified? Or did you take it in your stride? When a married man wants you and says he likes you, he will always leave a loophole to escape if you find it in bad taste. He can always say that he likes you as a friend and nothing more.

But if a married guy says this, it is a clear sign that he is in love with you.

3. His wife never comes up in your conversations

It’s as if she doesn’t exist in his life or even on the face of this planet. Maybe he is hoping that his marital status won’t feature in your conversations if he doesn’t bring up the topic himself. One thing is for sure – he doesn’t want you to think of him as a married man.

As a married man flirting and falling in love with another woman, he is clearly not happy in his marriage. So, if he mentions his wife, it has to be in a negative context. He may not want to add negativity to your relationship. Whatever his reasons are, he will keep his wife out of your conversations.

4. His behavior is more than friendly; more flirty

Only a fine line divides friendly behavior from flirtiness. Sometimes, it is hard to understand whether the person is just being friendly or flirting with you. Again the definitions of friendliness and flirting differ from person to person. This makes it complicated when you are dealing with a married man flirting with you.

Maybe he is genuinely being nice to you and you are misinterpreting it as flirty behavior. Or he is interested only in an emotional affair. One way to settle this debate is to watch his behavior with others. If he is the same as everyone else, maybe he is being friendly. If not, this is a sign of him liking you more than a friend.

5. He seems to know more about you than anyone else

When a guy likes you, you are all that he can focus on. He will absorb all the information available about you from various sources and stores it in his memory. You will be surprised at the things he remembers about you. This is true for all guys but more for a married man flirting and showing this much interest in you. It is a sign that he is in love with you.

He may not be ready to admit his feelings to anyone, including you or even himself. But these gestures and body language are involuntary. Even if he wants to, he is helpless to control it. So, when you want to know his mind, there is no better place to look other than his behavior. 

6. He shows more than usual interest in you and always initiates conversations

While he may be married, it’s clear that his words towards you have a deeper meaning – one filled with subtle romanticism. Through conversations and other attempts to stay connected, this man is finding unique ways of expressing an undeniable attraction while honoring the commitments of his marriage.

You would know it when a married guy flirts with you. He will always find a way to compliment your looks or a dress that you’re wearing. If a married man is giving more attention than a normal friend, it is a sign that he has a crush on you.

7. He is always available and ready at hand to help whenever you need it

If a married man likes you, he will be a friend in need and a friend indeed. He would come to your aid whenever you needed help, no matter how big or small.

It could be dropping a few things from the grocery store or offering a shoulder to lean on when times get a little tough. A married man who is a friend will also be a great sounding board for your ideas and a positive influence in your life.

8. He is protective and supportive of you

He will be a strong source of strength and a constant source of motivation for you. He will always have your back and go to great lengths to protect you from harm or danger.

If a married man is extra protective and supportive, it could be a sign that he likes you but doesn’t want to show it. He may not be ready to confess his feelings and express love, but he would still do a lot without wanting anything in return.

9. He wants to know more about your dating life

When a married man is drawn to someone, his curiosity may lead him to inquire about their romantic history. He might delicately attempt to uncover if they’re seeing anyone or have been involved in any past relationships. He may even offer hints about his own availability.

This can be a sign that the married man likes you but is too scared to make it known. He might not yet be ready to pursue anything further, but having these conversations will give him some resolution.

10. He is always cracking jokes and trying to make you laugh

When a married man is attempting to put a smile on your face, he may express himself in an amiably bold way. He’ll attempt to make you laugh with playful humor or lighthearted jest.

This behavior is a surefire sign that the married man may have romantic feelings for you, but he’s not quite ready to show it yet. A guy who likes you won’t be able to help himself when it comes to making light of any situation and trying to bring some joy into your life.

11. He is constantly giving you gifts, some of them personal and expensive

If a married man buys you gifts, it could signify that he likes you. He may be a bit hesitant to show his love and admiration for you, but a gift is sure to make him feel better about expressing his feelings.

It may not always be a grand gesture or a very expensive item. A simple token of appreciation or a small trinket could also signify that a married man likes you but is hiding it.

12. He reveals his vulnerabilities to you

Revealing his innermost thoughts and feelings could be a subtle hint that the married man cares for you more deeply than expected. Though he may initially appear cautious, if he trusts you enough to share secrets of his heart, then stronger emotions are likely involved than first thought.

If a married man shares his secrets with you, it could be a sign that he likes you and wants to deepen the connection. He may not want to confess his feelings for fear of rejection or guilt, but this gesture should make it apparent that there is more between you than just friendship.

13. He has coined a special nickname for you

When a married man is interested in a woman, he will come up with an adorable nickname for her. He may not be ready to confess his love, but having a special nickname for her could easily give away his true feelings.

It could be something as simple as “honey” or something more meaningful like “angel.” This could be a sign that the married man likes you but is hiding it.

14. He admires your skillset and hard work and speaks highly of you

When you receive compliments from someone attached, it’s important to tread carefully. While they might not outright say their feelings for you, the way they behave could be a telltale sign of something more than mere admiration. Pay attention to what lies beneath silent gestures, and watch your step!

If a married man frequently admires your work and expresses his admiration for you, it could signify that he likes you but is too scared to admit it. It’s up to you to decide if the relationship should move forward or remain platonic.

15. His mood is suddenly uplifted when you are around

When faced with a married man emitting positive vibes, one should proceed cautiously. There may be more than a simple admiration at play – he could have developed deeper feelings that are hard to express.

If a married man’s mood suddenly brightens when you are around, it could be a sign that he likes you but is afraid to admit it. Pay attention to the way his body language changes when you come into contact and look for telltale signs of admiration.


Flirting is a natural behavior among humans, but it can become problematic in relationships when one partner is not comfortable with it. It can be caused by many factors, including having unresolved issues from past relationships, feeling unsatisfied in the current relationship, or as a way to increase self-esteem. In the case of married men, it may also stem from boredom or a desire for variety and excitement. Ultimately, if flirting becomes an issue in a marriage, communication with both partners is essential to understanding why it is happening and how to address it.

The best way to stop falling for a married man is to recognize that it's not a healthy situation. If you are having difficulty letting go, start by getting support from friends and family. Spend time with people who can offer positive attention, and focus on yourself and your own goals. Remind yourself of why the relationship isn't possible, such as because he is already married or lives in a different city. Then take small steps towards addressing your feelings and moving forward by seeking counseling or engaging in activities that provide an outlet for healthy coping. With time and effort, you can overcome these feelings and move on to healthier relationships.

It is possible for a happily married man to fall in love with someone else, even if they love their spouse and are committed to the marriage. This can happen because of certain circumstances, such as unresolved issues between partners or feelings of loneliness. In some cases, falling in love with someone else can be an attempt to fill a void or gain approval from another person. If this happens, it is important for both partners to discuss what has happened and how to move forward. Communication and trust are essential for a healthy relationship.

There are some signs that may indicate a married man likes you more than a friend. He may act differently around you compared to his other friends, or he might make an effort to spend time with you alone. You might also notice him being overly attentive and offering compliments or favors in your presence. Additionally, if the married man is flirting with you or touching you in a physical way, this could be another indication of feelings beyond friendship. If you’re unsure, it’s best to talk openly and honestly about what’s going on between the two of you to get clarity.

Bottom line

When a married man likes you but is hiding it, it will be out there for you to see if you care to look for the signs. His body language and eye contact will give you the first hints. If you want to confirm your suspicion, there are other signs in his behavior to look out for.

Again, it’s not easy to differentiate between friendly and flirty behavior. To avoid misunderstanding, you should compare his behavior with you and with others. That should give you a clear picture of how he feels about you.

Whether you want to pursue a relationship with a married man is entirely up to you. Once you have a fair idea of his feelings toward you, you can proceed with confidence.


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