What to Do When Bipolar Partner Ignores You [4 Tips]

What to Do When Bipolar Partner Ignores You?

What to Do When Bipolar Partner Ignores You

Relationships are anything but easy even for normal people. It’s unimaginably hard for someone with a bipolar personality disorder.

When you are in a relationship, you are investing so much of your love, care, attention, and time in a person. This can be overwhelming for you as well as your partner. This can be so staggering that it can affect every moment of your life. 

For a person with bipolar disorder, already reeling under an emotional rollercoaster and extreme mood swings, this additional burden can be too confusing and challenging to handle. If you, as a normal person, get involved with a bipolar person, the relationship may go from bad to worse in no time. 

You will find the relationship toxic and unhealthy. All you may want is to run away from it. But if you are concerned about the correctness of this decision, you may have to rethink it. Just like in many instances, the easiest option is not always the best one. 

If you pause to think about how your action may affect your bipolar boyfriend, you will realize that you are taking the wrong step to correct another wrong. So, you may ask, “What is the way out?” or “What can I do now?”

You should know by now that a bipolar person doesn’t have any control over their behavior. What a person suffering from bipolar disorder need is understanding and unconditional love from you. If you are ready for this, you may consider giving the relationship another try.

In case you are wondering why a bipolar person ignores you or what to do when bipolar partner ignores you, read on. In this article, you will find it explained in detail. Here, you will find the reasons and solutions when bipolar partner ignores you. 

Reasons why your bipolar boyfriend is ignoring you

When you are in a relationship with someone suffering from bipolar disorder, lack of communication, disappearing without a trace, and ghosting mustn’t be alien to you. When your bipolar boyfriend is in the middle of one such episode, they may not respond to your calls or texts. You may stand outside their home ringing the doorbell, but you may not get any answer. 

Your bipolar boyfriend may treat you as if you no longer exist for them. This level of neglect and rejection can impact your relationship immensely, leaving you wondering whether your bipolar boyfriend even loves or cares for you anymore. Is there any point in continuing the relationship with a person with bipolar disorder?

Before you decide to cut ties with your bipolar boyfriend, try to understand the bipolar symptoms and why they act the way they do.

  • When a person suffering from bipolar disorder ignores you, it’s not just you. They are ignoring everyone. So, try not to see this as a personal insult.
  • Their behavior may make you reactive and aggressive towards your bipolar boyfriend. As a person with bipolar disorder finds it hard to deal with constant conflicts, they will ignore you.
  • A bipolar boyfriend may be trying to keep their distance from you to protect you from their toxic behavior. A person suffering from bipolar disorder knows that they cannot control it but doesn’t want you to get hurt in the process. 
  • Your bipolar boyfriend may be trying to make sense of what they are going through. While they process their emotions and mood swings, they may need more space.

You may feel that your bipolar boyfriend could have explained their position. Unfortunately, your partner is suffering from bipolar disorder and may not be thinking this way. Give them time and space to sort themselves out. Eventually, they will come back to you on their own.

Don’t let bipolar disorder ruin your relationship! Here are 4 things to do when bipolar partner ignores you

A relationship with a person suffering from bipolar disorder can be hard on you as well as your bipolar boyfriend. Bipolar symptoms may take their toll on you. You may feel cheated or heartbroken when they ignore you. On the other hand, your bipolar boyfriend may have their own reasons for it. 

As you are the normal one in the relationship, it is up to you to deal with this situation in a mature way. Here are some suggestions on how to best handle being ignored by your bipolar boyfriend.

1. Offer them enough time and space

This is something a bipolar person wants the most from the people around them. Being their partner, it’s up to you to give them time and space to overcome their mood swings. You may offer help and support but desist from providing advice or telling them what they should do. One thing a person suffering from bipolar disorder will not tolerate is patronizing behavior from you.

Remind them now and then that you’re right there for them. You’re ready to help in whatever way they want. All they need to do is ask for it. However, don’t feel disappointed when they ignore your offers of help.

Don’t push them into doing something even if you think it is the best for them. Just be watchful of what they do to avoid harm to you as well as themselves. Don’t feel dejected when the situation remains the same or even gets worse. 

You need to have positivity for both of you as your bipolar boyfriend can’t help it when they are depressed. 

2. Wait for the right time

You may be bristling at being ignored by your bipolar boyfriend, but confronting them immediately may not be a good idea. If they are going through one of their bad phases, the showdown can only end up worsening the situation. You need to time it right when they are feeling better and in a receptive mood.

If your bipolar boyfriend seems to be in a long-drawn depressive phase, don’t add to the trauma by making them feel guilty. In a relationship with a person suffering from bipolar disorder, you need to be the mature one and shoulder more responsibilities. Otherwise, there is no chance of overcoming the troubles and surviving them.

3. Develop a positive outlook

When you are surrounded by negative vibes, it is not easy for you to maintain a positive attitude. But you can pull it off with the help of your support system. Do whatever needs to be done to stay positive all the time despite the negative reactions you may get from your bipolar boyfriend.

In case the presence of your bipolar boyfriend makes you feel depressed, take a break and come back rejuvenated. And learn not to take it personally or feel sad when bipolar partner ignores you.

Get help from your family and friends, go for therapy, or join a bipolar disorder support group to maintain a healthy mindset. Make sure you are calm and peaceful in the presence of your bipolar partner.

4. Tell them what is happening in your world

When a person with bipolar disorder is having one of those episodes, they may shut out the entire world including you. They may isolate themselves and may not be aware of what is going on outside. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to know. On your part, you can update them through messages. 

If you know that your partner is reading your messages, you may leave complimentary and encouraging ones. This may help a person with bipolar disorder overcome their issues quicker than otherwise.

Let them know that you are leading a normal life and having fun with your friends. This may help them feel better as they will no longer feel guilty for dragging you down into this relationship. 

This way, you can continue to stay in touch with your partner and let them know that you haven’t given up on them. Texts and emails are better than calls and in-person visits as they are less intrusive. When your partner is ready, they can reply.

Get Your Relationship Back on Track: Our Final Thoughts on Dealing with a Bipolar Partner Who Ignores You

Being in a relationship with someone suffering from bipolar disorder isn’t easy. When you find a person with bipolar running away from relationships, you may have to be the pillar to anchor them. You may have to summon every last drop of your patience and good humor to tolerate their bipolar symptoms. 

When bipolar partner ignores you, you may find it extremely difficult not to react. But if you love your partner despite them having bipolar disorder and want to continue in the relationship, you have no choice in this matter. You just need to learn how to control your reactions, frustrations, and anger.

Just tell yourself that your partner is suffering from a bipolar personality disorder and doesn’t actually mean what they are saying or doing. This will require a higher level of maturity and understanding on your part. Be ready to accept that your partner is suffering from bipolar personality disorder and that none of the things they do or say is intentional.

With help, support and treatment, a bipolar person can function almost normally in a relationship.


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