How to Tell If a Bipolar Man Loves You [7 Tips]

How to Tell If a Bipolar Man Loves You?

How to Tell If a Bipolar Man Loves You

You would be asking this question if you are familiar with the mental health and workings of a man with bipolar disorder. His mental faculties would be swinging wildly like a slender tree in a hurricane. 

One moment he would be swept by euphoria and feels on top of the world. The next moment, he would find himself in the deep depths of depression, fighting unknown demons. If he is one of those exceptionally unfortunate ones, he would have both these emotions at the same time. There would be moments of sanity and normalcy in between as well.

When his mind is on a rollercoaster of emotions, it’s not easy to differentiate between his real feelings and perceived ones. Even if you can sense sensual stirrings and a special connection in him, you might wonder whether these are signs of his manic phase. His lack of judgment and excessively impulsive behavior makes it hard for you to tell them apart. 

But men suffering from bipolar personality disorder also fall in love and can enjoy a healthy relationship. But for you, it’s not easy to deal with bipolar boyfriend. So, the question before you is “How to tell if a bipolar man loves you?”

This article explores the mental health of a man with bipolar disorder and comes up with clear signs of blossoming love in his heart. Once you know his heart’s desire, you can take the lead if you’re interested in a relationship with him.

How to tell if a bipolar man loves you?

1. Watch his behavior over time

Just because this man with bipolar disorder seems to be interested in you and devoting a lot of attention to you, it cannot be interpreted as him being in love with you. You can tell if a bipolar man loves you by checking his behavior toward you when he is going through diverse bipolar phases. 

How is he when he is manic or depressed? Is he showing the same level of affection when his mental health is normal? He may not be able to understand this himself. Dating a man with bipolar disorder is never easy. You may have to shoulder most of the responsibility in this relationship. 

If his devotion to you is consistent irrespective of the emotions he is going through, look no further. The guy is head over heels in love with you. Now it is up to you to make your move.

2. Does he consider you an ideal partner material?

As someone with bipolar personality disorder, he would be aware of the demands he is placing on you. He would be careful about choosing his life partner. He would be watching you closely for your reactions to his wild mood swings. Even while he would appreciate your help and support, he may not want you to give up on your life for his sake or overprotect him.

All you need to do is watch his mental health closely for his reactions and approval. Is he happy with the way you treat him or behave with him? Does he disagree with you about how you speak to him or do things for him? You can learn a lot about what is on his mind by observing him.

3. Is he interested in a relationship?

Being someone with bipolar personality disorder, he would be constantly fighting his demons, be it his manic highs or depressive lows. In between all these is he interested in romance? You can get an insight into his mind by talking to him. What are his thoughts on love and relationship? Is he interested in a relationship?

This is not about you alone. Unless he is inclined to build a relationship with someone, you may not stand a chance with him. Is he taking an active interest in dating and interested in knowing and spending time with potential partners? 

4. Is he impulsive?

Love is synonymous with being impulsive even among normal people. When you fall in love, you throw caution and judgment to the winds and go ahead with building a relationship with the person. At a later date, when you are rudely awakened from the love-induced euphoric state, you realize the foolishness of your action. You realize that the partner is not ideal for you in so many ways.

For a man with bipolar disorder, this situation is ten times more valid. Because of their mood swings and inability to judge, they tend to be more impulsive than normal people. That makes them all the more predisposed to make wrong choices in relationships.  He may find himself falling in love quickly with you. You can get an idea of his impulsiveness by paying close attention to his decision-making process.

5. Do you detect the 3 Cs?

Whether normal or suffering from bipolar personality disorder, you need to have the 3 Cs for building a healthy relationship with someone. Can you detect them in your interactions with this man with bipolar disorder? The 3 Cs are compatibility, chemistry, and commitment. 

A man with bipolar disorder may choose to believe that he is in a romantic relationship with you so that he can fill his mind with happiness and get over his depressive state. Or he may deceive himself that he is in love with you when he is feeling euphoric during his manic phase. Irrespective of what he is telling himself, see if you can spot the 3 Cs. These are genuine and cannot be faked.

6. Has he gifted you anything intimate?

A man with bipolar disorder may have a hard time putting his emotions and thoughts into words. He may not find it easy to express his love for you verbally. Instead, he will take the gift route to let you know how he feels toward you.

Did he gift you anything that suggests he considers you more than a friend? Whether expensive or inexpensive, it is the kind of gift he gives that matters more. If you pay attention, the gift purchased during his manic phase tends to be more expensive and more outlandish than the ones when he is feeling normal. He may not be in a state to consider buying gifts when he is depressed.

7. What does he think of you?

Though it is hard to know for real what he thinks about you, you can always get a close enough guess if you listen to him. Does he think you are the most beautiful woman in the world? Or the most talented or the most wonderful? Is he infatuated with you? Does he hang on to every word you say or find it hard to pry his eyes away from you?

Adoration and infatuation are clear signs of love and romance. Even when a bipolar person is going through mood swings, one steady focus for him would be you, if he is in love with you. He will draw happiness from your presence in his life to get him through the depressive stage.

Concluding Thoughts on Understanding the Love of a Bipolar Man

Are his feelings for everyone as intense as they are for you? Is he as obsessed with others as he is with you? With a bipolar person, there is no normal to compare his reactions with. The only way you can tell if a man with bipolar disorder loves you is by comparing his reactions to others. His love obsession for you would be easy to detect.

Has his routine changed in any way? Are his physical activities the same as ever? If a bipolar man loves you, it will definitely reflect in his activities. His energy levels, sleep patterns, and appetite will witness significant changes.

Again, the behavior and reactions of each guy with bipolar disorder are different. That makes the task harder for you. If you are familiar with him, you will find it simpler to figure out what is on his mind. If not, you may have to get closer to him. If you are interested in a relationship with him, this would be time and effort well invested.


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