99 Positive Body Affirmations to Help You Love Yourself

99 Positive Body Affirmations to Help You Love Yourself

Positive Body Affirmations

Have you heard about body positivity? Each one of us should be aware of it but it is one of the most ignored topics in today’s celebrity-obsessed world.

We all want to look like that model in the glossy magazine spread. The ads also play a huge role in promoting this mindset. Those featured as normal people look so perfect in every sense. When we stare at our own bodies, no wonder we feel disappointed and even disgusted.

Body positivity or love for your body doesn’t come naturally. It needs to be developed and nurtured. To cultivate body positivity, you need to be aware of its importance in your life. There are many steps you can take to encourage the development of a positive body image. 

One of the easiest and simplest ways to promote body positivity is by repeating body positive affirmations. Positive affirmations for a healthy body are simple statements you repeat to yourself to overcome mental blocks and enhance your confidence levels.

Read on to learn more about body positive affirmations and why you should use them to develop a healthier attitude towards your body. You will also find here listed the best body positive affirmations to get you started.

Why should you repeat positive body affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that have the power to change your mindset when repeated often enough. 

Have you heard this saying? “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”. When you can do this with a lie, it will definitely work with the truth.

When you are ignoring the truth, daily positive affirmations offer an easy way to help you realize its existence. Body positive affirmations for weight gain are all about making you conscious of your strengths which you have been ignoring all the while. 

When you get obsessed with something as captivating as a perfect body of a model or an actor, it is easy to lose focus. Through positive body image affirmations, you are merely shifting your focus.

The effectiveness of positive morning affirmations for health has been proven time and again. Its success depends on your ability in choosing the right affirmation, belief in its power to transform your mindset, and dedication to find time and motivation to carry through your plan.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the list of body image affirmations.

Body positive affirmations for positive body image

  1. I love my body as it is.
  2. My body deserves to be loved and respected.
  3. My body radiates confidence and kindness.
  4. I feel healthy and strong in my body.
  5. I love my body as it makes me feel special.
  6. I love to love my body.
  7. I am feeling good about my body.
  8. I am grateful to have a healthy body.
  9. I nourish my body with healthy food and invigorating exercises.
  10. I accept my body with all its imperfections.
  11. My body deserves to be taken care of well.
  12. I am thankful for my good health.
  13. My body is beautiful as it is. I don’t need to look like a model.
  14. I feel complete and happy in my body.
  15. I am grateful to have a healthy body that allows me to experience this beautiful world.
  16. I take good care of my body and my body takes good care of me.
  17. My body deserves all my love and support.
  18. I respect my body as it allows me to live my life the way I want to.
  19. Food is not my enemy. It nourishes my body.
  20. Life is too precious to waste away by obsessing about the body.
  21. Weight is only a number. It is more important to feel good about the body.
  22. My body is worthy of love and respect.
  23. My body is beautiful inside and out irrespective of what others say.
  24. I refuse to berate my body based on what others think.
  25. Aging is the normal progression in life.
  26. I won’t compare my body to that of others as it is a futile exercise.
  27. It is alright to have a less-than-perfect body.
  28. A perfect body is one that is healthy and functions well.
  29. It’s alright for me to love my body with warts and all.
  30. Perfection is not just in looks. Inside also counts.
  31. I am losing myself when I am trying hard to imitate someone.
  32. I am ignoring my virtues when I try to be like someone else.
  33. Embracing my body is the first step towards body positivity.
  34. Others insult or judge me as they are insecure.
  35. I can be beautiful without degrading others.
  36. My life and my body are mine alone. Nobody can tell me what to do with it.
  37. I may have overindulged today. I still love my body.
  38. I don’t need to hate my body to make it healthier.
  39. I suffer from an eating disorder. It is not my identity.
  40. It’s okay to gain weight today. I can always lose it tomorrow.
  41. Being fat or skinny doesn’t define me. It matters who I am inside.
  42. I choose to be healthy over punishing diets.
  43. It doesn’t matter what others think and speak. It is my opinion that counts.
  44. I am kind and compassionate. That is my identity.
  45. I make the world a better place with my caring attitude.
  46. I feel hungry and it is okay to eat.
  47. When I get older, I gain more experience and become wiser.
  48. It is alright not to be perfect all the time.
  49. Health and well-being are more important than good looks.
  50. My hands may not look perfect but they help me perform tasks every day.
  51. My legs may be shorter than that of a model but they carry my weight throughout the day.
  52. I may not be as tall as a model but I am happy and healthy.
  53. Butter and cheese are not my enemies. In moderation, I can have them if I want.
  54. I am strong mentally to resist the urge to binge.
  55. Eating less doesn’t make me better.
  56. Losing weight doesn’t make me a better person.
  57. Size doesn’t matter. I can be healthy irrespective of my size and weight.
  58. Life doesn’t get better because I weigh 10 pounds less.
  59. I eat food to nourish my body and not to drown my insecurities and sorrows.
  60. It is okay to take time off sometimes and relax.
  61. I won’t allow others to dictate how I should look.
  62. I am a work in progress.
  63. There’s more to life than losing a few pounds.
  64. I am letting go of my obsession with my body weight and image.
  65. There is no such thing as good food or bad food. 
  66. I look beautiful even when I feel bloated.
  67. I look great even on a bad hair day.
  68. My weight is not my identity.
  69. My body deserves to be loved unconditionally.
  70. I accept that my body is changing.
  71. I am so much more than my weight and appearance.
  72. My body is a beautiful gift. I treat it with love and care.
  73. I feel complete just the way I am.
  74. I will not allow anyone to body-shame me.
  75. I am letting go of the negative self-talk.
  76. I enjoy a loving relationship with my body.
  77. Imperfections make me unique.
  78. I have the power to do anything I want to.
  79. No hurdles are too high for me to overcome.
  80. I am proud and happy about how far I have come.
  81. I am enough.
  82. I am full of life and vitality.
  83. I am turning into a better version of myself every day.
  84. Size and weight don’t affect my self-esteem.
  85. I love myself for who I am and not who I am told I should be.
  86. I let go of all the shame I have felt about my body.
  87. I am releasing the feeling of guilt and self-pity about my body.
  88. I eat or rest when my body asks me to.
  89. The more negativity I let go of and the more positivity I embrace, the better I feel.
  90. I choose not to obsess about the weight and size of my body.
  91. Nothing matters more than my belief in myself.
  92. I look at myself with kind and forgiving eyes.
  93. All I need is my own approval.
  94. My body is exactly the way I want it to be.
  95. I stop worrying about what others think of how I look.
  96. I strive to improve myself and be better; not to be perfect.
  97. I am at peace with my body and my appearance.
  98. I don’t obsess about things I cannot change.
  99. I treat my body as my best friend.

Bottom line

Body positivity affirmations for a healthy body may seem deceivingly simple to be effective. If you are still feeling skeptical about their efficacy, set aside your doubts for a short period and try them. It would be unfair to write them off without giving them a chance. However, during the trial period, give it your everything. Believe in it 100% and no less. Follow the rules of the game without fail. And see how it goes.

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