500 Things to be Grateful for Today - Gratitude Exercises

500 Things to be Grateful for Today

500 Things to be Grateful for Today

Gratitude is good. For the giver as well as for the recipient. Its benefits are immeasurable and countless.

Numerous studies have proved its effectiveness in providing us with the most sought-after and elusive things in life – happiness, contentment, and peace of mind. 

Most of us take things and people around us for granted, even after being aware of the benefits of practicing gratitude. We can come up with many excuses for that – too busy to pause and reflect is the most common one among them.

Including gratitude in your behavior needs some time and effort in the beginning. Once it becomes part of your routine, it would be easier. 

Gratitude exercises are devised to help in making it simpler for you to practice gratitude. One such exercise is the gratitude list. It is a list of things to be thankful for. 

The gratitude list can act as a prompt to trigger the feeling of gratitude in you. You may go through the list as it is or write them into positive daily affirmations to repeat as often as possible.

When you use the gratitude list, you are reminding yourself of the things you are grateful for in life.

Here is a comprehensive list of things to be grateful for today.

Table of Contents

Things about yourself to be thankful for

Valuing your good qualities is key to a positive and happy mindset. They are easy to ignore and taken for granted. Look inward and identify your strengths.

  1. Being alive – Life is indeed beautiful
  2. Good health – Even if you are not 100% alright, there is always something to be grateful for
  3. Fit body – Hard work always brings results
  4. Uniqueness – Cherish the fact that you are distinct and special
  5. Identity – Be proud of who you are
  6. Strengths – Take pride in your strong points
  7. Respect – After all respect begets respect
  8. Healthy body – Ample proof of your dedicated efforts at conscious eating throughout life
  9. Good intentions – That is all that matters
  10. Forgiveness – Helps in repairing relationships
  11. Focus – You need this to succeed in your endeavors
  12. Happy-go-lucky attitude – Life is too short to be serious all the time
  13. Your roots – You are what you are because of your origins
  14. Can-do attitude – The key to success in life
  15. Never-give-up mentality – Success comes to those who persist
  16. Positive mindset – Nothing is impossible
  17. Empathy – Feeling what others feel is a helpful social skill to have
  18. Friendly personality – Makes it easy for others to approach and ask for help
  19. Hard-working attitude – Never settle for anything less than your expectations
  20. Sincerity – This can earn you long-lasting friendships
  21. Non-judgmental attitude – Accepting others for who they are is a useful trait
  22. Open-mindedness – It opens many doors for you 

Things about family and friends to be grateful for

Things about family and friends to be grateful for

These are the people who offer you unconditional love and accept you without being judgmental. They stick with you through thick and thin and are always there for you. Showing appreciation for everything they have done for you is a small yet significant gesture on your part.

  1. Your mother – The life-giving, kind, compassionate, dependable, and all-knowing
  2. Your father – The supportive, loyal, open-minded, teacher, disciplinarian, and showering unconditional love
  3. Your siblings – The relationship is a unique blend of true affection and intense hate
  4. Your grandparents – Parents with no strings attached
  5. Your extended family – Always there when you want them
  6. Your children – The torchbearers of your legacy
  7. Your grandchildren – A relationship of pure love
  8. Your in-laws – That special love-hate relationship you acquire by marriage
  9. Your bestie/besties – The greatest gift given to us all
  10. Your wife/husband – The person you chose to share your life with
  11. Your girlfriend/boyfriend – The sight of them makes your heart skip a beat
  12. Your fiancé – Eagerly waiting to cement your relationship
  13. Roommates – The family away from home
  14. Best friends forever – ‘til death do us part
  15. Falling in love – That heady feeling that makes you fill up with excitement and unbridled happiness
  16. Support of family – How can we survive without it?
  17. Lifelong friendships – Make life more meaningful
  18. Children’s laughter – The innocence and pure joy can lift your mood in no time
  19. When your kids say that you are their role model
  20. Discovering people who understand you
  21. A person who brings the best out of you
  22. Someone who motivates you
  23. Meeting or chatting with old friends
  24. Someone open-minded
  25. The call or a message from a long-lost friend
  26. Deep conversations about the meaning of life
  27. Time spent with grandparents
  28. The delicious smell of a newborn baby
  29. Quality time with parents

Things in life you should learn to value

Things in life you should learn to value

Oftentimes, we tend to lose sight of the multitude of blessings in our lives. While we obsess over the things we lack, we overlook the ones we already possess. Recognizing and acknowledging them can help you move ahead in life.

  1. Close friendship – One of the few things in life worth living for
  2. Freedom of choice – Not many are fortunate to have this
  3. Lazy weekends – The time you get every week to enjoy life
  4. Vacations – The time for unadulterated fun
  5. Travel – Something that adds value to life
  6. Bank balance – Of course, you want more, but it could have been worse
  7. Pets – They teach you the true meaning of love and loyalty
  8. Mistakes – If not for them, we might not have learned many things in life
  9. Education – Opens many a door
  10. Ability to read – Where you would be without that
  11. Cars – An essential accessory that can help you get your job done faster
  12. Time – Often we learn its value after it is lost
  13. Clean water – Not many people have access to this precious commodity
  14. Pain – No pain no gain and no pleasure either
  15. Freedom of speech – A hard-fought right. Never to be taken for granted
  16. Wisdom – Something you gain with experience as you age
  17. Eyesight – Appreciate its value even when we have it 
  18. Your job – A confirmation that you have something to offer
  19. Bad day – When you learn to appreciate the good ones
  20. Hearing – Being able to hear the voice of your loved one is something to be grateful for
  21. Freedom to vote – A right we often ignore and forget
  22. Challenges – An opportunity to learn and improve our lives
  23. Armed forces – Keeping us safe and secure
  24. Government – Ensuring leadership, social order, public services, and economic stability
  25. Payday – The feeling of pure joy when the coffers are replenished
  26. Bonus – The most anticipated day of the year
  27. Money in the pockets – The reassuring feeling
  28. Windfall – Gives you unparalleled joy
  29. Emotional support animals – Offers love and loyalty without expecting anything in return
  30. Wallet full of money – Gives you a sense of security
  31. Comfortable shoes – Something you can wear throughout the day

Simple pleasures to cherish every day 

In the daily mad rush, these are things that are left unnoticed by most of us. Slow down, hit the pause button, and enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

  1. The warmth of the sun 
  2. The cool breeze on a sultry day
  3. The first sip of coffee in the morning
  4. Your favorite song
  5. Time spent with your loved ones
  6. A good night’s sleep
  7. Sunday mornings
  8. The smell of a scented candle
  9. Winning a prize
  10. Sunshine pouring in through the open window
  11. Idle time curled up on the couch reading a good book
  12. A hot shower in winter
  13. A cold shower in summer
  14. Pool time on a hot, sultry day
  15. Post-work-out feeling
  16. Guilt-free lazing around on an off-day
  17. The smell of fresh coffee
  18. Relaxing in your favorite corner
  19. The smell of clothes fresh out of the dryer
  20. Peaceful and quiet time alone
  21. Fresh air
  22. Warm clothing
  23. Warm socks on a winter day
  24. Snoozing the alarm in the morning
  25. Finding a lost thing
  26. Water pressure
  27. Uncontrollable laughter
  28. Goodnight kisses
  29. Back rubs and foot massages
  30. A free gift
  31. A steal deal
  32. Alone time
  33. Guy’s/girl’s night out – The time for unadulterated enjoyment
  34. The fresh smell of bed sheets
  35. A nice bubble bath
  36. Days when you don’t need to set alarms
  37. The rush of fresh cool air from an open car window
  38. Riding down the hill on a bicycle with arms stretched
  39. The refreshing feel of washed hair
  40. Relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of the day
  41. A handwritten letter
  42. Good hair days
  43. Receiving tax refunds
  44. A cool refreshing swim on a hot summer day

Things in nature to be thankful for

Connecting with nature is a stress-buster, immunity-booster, and raises positivity and happiness levels. It is good for our physical and mental well-being. Fill your lungs with the fresh air, savor the wonders of nature, and feel thankful.

  1. Pouring rain – A good time to snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa
  2. Rainbow – Transports you to the magical world
  3. Mountains – Majestic and awe-inspiring
  4. Sunrise – Beginning of a new day
  5. Sunset – A reminder that all good things come to an end
  6. The Universe – It feels great to be part of this incredible creation 
  7. Gardening – The joy of keeping a plant alive
  8. Pets – They give you so much in exchange for so little
  9. The oceans – A part of the Creator’s grand design
  10. Changing seasons – Wonders of nature
  11. A clear blue sky
  12. White fluffy clouds 
  13. Crisp autumn days
  14. Strolling on the beach
  15. Playing in the snow
  16. Spending time in close contact with nature
  17. Clear starry nights
  18. A garden in full bloom
  19. Falling asleep under the stars
  20. Romantic full moon night
  21. Panoramic ocean views
  22. Waves lapping at your feet
  23. The feel of sand between your toes
  24. Picturesque views from the mountain top
  25. The first snow of the season
  26. Getting drenched in the pouring rain
  27. Magnificent waterfalls
  28. Meandering trails in the woods
  29. Perfect summer days
  30. Warm spring mornings
  31. The change of seasons
  32. Dense tropical forests

Traditions and celebrations to be grateful for

Traditions and celebrations to be grateful for

Traditions and celebrations have a strong link with family and friends. They offer you a sense of belonging and comfort. They lay the foundation for your beliefs, behavior, integrity, work ethic, responsibility, and a lot more. Definitely, something to feel thankful for.

  1. Wedding – Beginning of a new chapter in life with someone you love
  2. Maintaining a family tradition
  3. Family coming together for holidays
  4. The feeling of affinity and togetherness while putting up festival decorations
  5. The beginning of a new chapter on New Year’s Day
  6. The excitement of receiving the first Valentine’s Day card
  7. The feeling of camaraderie while watching football on a Super Bowl Sunday
  8. The happiness of being single
  9. Easter bunnies, chocolates, and egg hunts
  10. To have a wonderful mom to wish Mother’s Day
  11. To have an amazing dad to wish Father’s Day
  12. Thanksgiving dinner with the family
  13. Trick or treat for Halloween
  14. The fun time had when dressed up in costumes
  15. Christmas tree resplendent with lights and decorations surrounded by gifts for all
  16. New Year eve parties
  17. Midnight Mass for Christmas
  18. Birthday parties 

Modern-day conveniences to be thankful for

Can’t imagine a life without them. Often makes you wonder how people managed without these gadgets and conveniences. Something worth appreciating.

  1. Cell phone – How can we live without them!
  2. Supermarkets – They have made our lives easier
  3. Entertainment – How else would we be able to relax and enjoy life?
  4. Transportation – Life without cars, buses, trains, and planes are hard to imagine
  5. Public transportation – Offering a cost-effective way to travel
  6. Modern medicine – It allows us to enjoy life longer
  7. Hospitals – Helping us to get back on our feet
  8. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers – Doing God’s work
  9. Inventions and discoveries – Have helped create this modern world for us to live and enjoy
  10. Customer service – Ready to resolve our complaints
  11. Internet connection – Can’t imagine life without it!
  12. Internet – Bringing knowledge, services, and more within easy reach
  13. Computer/laptop – Work, entertainment, and more in one place
  14. Email – The easy way to connect and share
  15. Social media  – Finding friends from all over the world
  16. Video chats – The next best thing to meeting face-to-face
  17. Television – Bringing the world into your living room
  18. Cable network – News, recreation, … It has something for everyone
  19. Streaming platforms – Entertainment and information available at your fingertips
  20. Movie marathons – For those lazy evenings
  21. Online education –  Providing access to education for all
  22. Vaccination – Makes our lives safer and free of diseases
  23. Cameras – To capture memories
  24. All modes of transportation – Bringing the world closer like never before
  25. Advances in technology – Has changed lives for the better
  26. Smartphones – How did we ever live without one?
  27. GPS and maps – How did people reach places before?
  28. Messaging – Keeping in touch made easy
  29. Selfies – The ultimate tool for the Millennials
  30. Fitness trackers – No more excuses for not taking care of your body
  31. Wireless headphones – The greatest invention 
  32. Online shopping – Access to everything from the comforts of your home
  33. Black Friday deals – Worth waiting for a year
  34. Boxing Day sales – Mind-blowing offers and incredible discounts
  35. Online banking – Money transactions cannot get easier and simpler than this
  36. Credit cards – The genius invention 
  37. 2-hour delivery and same-day delivery – No need to go out shopping
  38. Food delivery apps – When you are feeling too lazy to go out
  39. Restaurants – Food with ambiance
  40. Takeouts – When you are too tired for a restaurant experience
  41. Drive-ins – For faster and simpler service
  42. Music apps – Provides easy access to music
  43. Perfect playlist – A compilation of your favorites
  44. Courts and legal system – Protecting our rights
  45. Smartphone apps – Can’t think of life without them

Things you love to be thankful for

Things you love to be thankful for

If you look around, you can see so many things that make your life easier and give you so much joy, pleasure, and comfort. It is desirable that you feel grateful for their presence in your life.

  1. A comfortable bed to sleep
  2. Sunshine
  3. The breeze blowing on you
  4. Ability to appreciate a work of art
  5. A chance to earn your living
  6. Aptitude to learn 
  7. Watching your favorite movie
  8. Ability to enjoy music
  9. Inclination to acquire new skills
  10. Desire in others to teach
  11. Health and wellbeing
  12. Capability to work towards realizing goals
  13. A beautiful dream
  14. A roof over the head
  15. Pleasant surprises
  16. A smile of a stranger
  17. The message of good news
  18. Date nights
  19. Dancing to your heart’s content
  20. Capacity for imagination
  21. Dancing like nobody’s watching
  22. Sing like no one is listening
  23. Color recognition
  24. Good neighbors
  25. Honest behavior
  26. The innocence of a child
  27. A child’s way of trusting
  28. Long conversations with a close friend
  29. Loungewear – Makes you reluctant to get out of the comfy PJs
  30. Setting intentions for the day ahead
  31. Manifesting a goal
  32. A brilliant original idea
  33. Poking fun at yourself 
  34. Ability to see the lighter side of things
  35. Maintaining your sanity in crazy times
  36. Ability to keep your cool in difficult situations
  37. The circle of life
  38. Aptitude to read and acquire knowledge 

Activities to be grateful for

Activities to be grateful for

Everyone enjoys doing something or the other. Often it is a long list of activities that offer you enjoyment, entertainment, and happiness. Include them in your gratitude list.

  1. Campfire – An opportunity for fun and camaraderie 
  2. Hiking/trekking – A chance to combine physical activity with nature appreciation
  3. Meditation – For allowing you to take control of your mind
  4. Breathing exercises – For a calmer mind and healthier body
  5. Aerobics – Making exercising a fun activity
  6. Cooking – It’s satisfying to see others relish your dishes
  7. Learn to drive – Part of growing up
  8. Long drives – Stress-buster and mood-enhancer
  9. Hobbies – Things you are passionate about
  10. Journaling – The liberating act of converting your thoughts and feelings into words
  11. Long walks in the countryside, breathing in clean air
  12. Taking a clean dive into a river/swimming pool
  13. Scuba diving to see the wonders of the sea
  14. Fly like a bird with paragliding
  15. Make a figure eight while skating
  16. Spending some time in the neighborhood park
  17. Listening to an inspirational talk
  18. Taking a leisurely walk with a friend
  19. Oblivious to your surroundings when reading a good book
  20. Striking off entries in a bucket list
  21. Beginning a new project
  22. Successful completion of a project
  23. Baking your favorite cake/cookies 
  24. A cool shower after exercising
  25. The act of donation or charity
  26. Volunteering to help those in need
  27. Learning a new language

Emotions and feelings to be appreciated

Emotions and feelings to be appreciated Emotions are tricky things. While some can make you feel euphoric and ecstatic, others can bring you down in an instant. Feel thankful for the good emotions that you experience. 287. Ability to laugh - Without laughter, the world would be a sad place 288. Being safe and secure - A vital ingredient for peace of mind 289. Love - Life would be meaningless without it 290. Tears - A good cry is a stress-buster 291. Clarity of mind - Life would be hard without it 292. Cuddles - It can make the worst things in life vanish into thin air 293. Belly laughs - Uplifts your mood instantly 294. The positive outlook - Something you cannot do without 295. Forgiving nature - A vital ingredient for peace of mind 296. The euphoria of winning a game 297. Ability to experience emotions 298. The joy of making your dreams come true 299. The pleasure of receiving an unexpected compliment from someone 300. The joy of giving and receiving love 301. Curiosity and inspiration 302. Kindness and compassion 303. Passion and purpose in life 304. Peace and serenity 305. Pride in our achievements

Emotions are tricky things. While some can make you feel euphoric and ecstatic, others can bring you down in an instant. Feel thankful for the good emotions that you experience.

  1. Ability to laugh – Without laughter, the world would be a sad place
  2. Being safe and secure – A vital ingredient for peace of mind
  3. Love – Life would be meaningless without it
  4. Tears – A good cry is a stress-buster
  5. Clarity of mind – Life would be hard without it
  6. Cuddles – It can make the worst things in life vanish into thin air
  7. Belly laughs – Uplifts your mood instantly 
  8. The positive outlook – Something you cannot do without
  9. Forgiving nature – A vital ingredient for peace of mind
  10. The euphoria of winning a game
  11. Ability to experience emotions
  12. The joy of making your dreams come true
  13. The pleasure of receiving an unexpected compliment from someone
  14. The joy of giving and receiving love
  15. Curiosity and inspiration
  16. Kindness and compassion
  17. Passion and purpose in life
  18. Peace and serenity
  19. Pride in our achievements

Life lessons that you feel thankful for

Life lessons that you feel thankful for

These are lessons learned through our own experiences – both successes and failures. Appreciate them for making your life rich and colorful. 

  1. The art of letting go – This is essential for mental health
  2. Truth – The easiest path to follow
  3. Life must be lived in your own terms – No need to feel apologetic about it
  4. The joy of giving – There is more joy in giving than receiving
  5. Kind gestures from strangers
  6. Finding pleasure in helping others
  7. Apologies that are offered with sincerity 
  8. The generosity of people, especially strangers
  9. Your acts of kindness towards others. Also, to yourself
  10. The comfort of knowing others are as clueless about life’s purpose as you are
  11. Making health a priority
  12. Learning never stops
  13. Importance of doing what you enjoy
  14. Family time – This is important
  15. Learning can happen anytime anywhere

Foods that delight you

Food is not just for nourishment. It gives you pleasure and comfort when you want it. Feel gratitude for making your life worth living.

  1. A good breakfast
  2. A freshly made orange juice
  3. The smell of bread fresh from the oven
  4. The first bite of a cinnamon roll
  5. A hot fudge sundae
  6. Food on the table for every meal
  7. A home-cooked meal
  8. Your favorite chocolate
  9. Eating your favorite dish
  10. Trying out a new restaurant
  11. Testing a new dish
  12. Trying out a new recipe or cooking a new dish
  13. A refreshing smoothie
  14. Ability to stick to your diet plan
  15. The aroma of cooking
  16. The fresh smell of something just out of the oven
  17. Dark chocolate
  18. Desserts 
  19. Energy drinks – To give you instant power and strength
  20. Protein shakes – To help you build muscles
  21. The pleasure of enjoying every single bite
  22. Donuts that melt in your mouth
  23. Delectable pastries
  24. A bag of chips of your favorite flavor
  25. Popcorns
  26. Free samples of ice cream
  27. Happy hour
  28. Hot cocoa
  29. Expressos, lattes, and cappuccinos
  30. Cheese sandwiches
  31. Marshmallows
  32. Pancakes doused in maple syrup
  33. Microwave meals – For those lazy days
  34. Healthy choices
  35. Vegan food

Things at home to be grateful for

Things at home to be grateful for

Home is the place we go back to every day or even spend the entire day. We all try to improve the comforts and facilities at home so that the time spent at home is hassle-free and enjoyable. Count your blessings for the conveniences available to you.

  1. Home – A warm and cozy place is something to be cherished
  2. Electricity – Our lives depend on this
  3. Running water – We can’t imagine living without it
  4. Air Conditioning – Something to look forward to on a hot day
  5. Bed and pillows – A warm and cozy place to sleep in 
  6. Breakfast in bed – It is a luxury not many are fortunate to have
  7. Hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep
  8. Sleeping in on weekends and holidays
  9. Waking up early in the morning and enjoying the peace and quiet
  10. Food in the fridge – To satisfy sudden hunger pangs
  11. Pets welcoming you back home with enthusiasm and excitement
  12. Microwave – To heat the food in an instant
  13. Hugs, cuddles, and kisses
  14. Peace and quiet – Especially after a hectic day at the office and mad traffic
  15. The big bathtub – For relaxing during weekends
  16. Shower stalls – Convenient, stylish, and most enjoyable
  17. Affordable rent – Helps ends meet when the budget is low
  18. Friendly and helpful landlord
  19. Cupboards and drawers – To arrange your things uncluttered
  20. Well-organized living space
  21. Garden – For a close encounter with nature

Things at school to be grateful for

Things at school to be grateful for

For a person, school plays as important a role in shaping the future as much as the family. School offers way more than just lessons learned from textbooks. A big chunk of childhood memories is associated with the school for obvious reasons. Acknowledge the contribution and feel gratitude.

  1. Books – The treasure trove of knowledge
  2. Teachers – The ones who ignite your passion, inspire you to conquer the world
  3. Your favorite teacher – The interactions you looked forward to and enjoyed the most
  4. Your gang of friends – Filling your school days with fun and laughter
  5. Study time with friends
  6. The bus ride/walking to school with friends
  7. Weekends – Something everyone looks forward to
  8. Reading week – A week off from the tight schedule
  9. Learning new things and new experiences
  10. Exposure to the real world
  11. School spirit – A chance to experience something more than yourself
  12. Passing notes – Harmless fun
  13. Skipping classes – Nothing is more enjoyable than the thrill of stolen moments
  14. Clubs – The meeting point of studies and hobbies
  15. Sports – Learning to work as a team and time spent playing with friends
  16. School trips – Fun time traveling with friends and exploring new places
  17. Carefree years – Freedom to do what you wanted with your life
  18. Library – A goldmine of knowledge 
  19. Snow days – When classes are canceled or delayed, greeted by kids with cheer
  20. Vending machines – For those forgetful days
  21. Cafeteria – Where great friendships are made

Things at work to be grateful for 

Things at work to be grateful for

A significant part of our adult life is spent at the office. Everything about the workplace from the boss and colleagues to the amenities available can make or break us. Identify the ones that have made your life easier and feel thankful for them.

  1. First day on your first job
  2. Being appreciated for your contribution
  3. Your work station
  4. Statutory holidays
  5. Office parties
  6. Team spirit – Being part of a team
  7. Work from home
  8. Getting a promotion
  9. Rewards for a job well done
  10. Break time camaraderie
  11. Free work phone with unlimited talk time
  12. Getting paid
  13. Writing off expenses
  14. Adding your bills to the office expense account
  15. Coffee runs and lunch hour
  16. Landing a major client – Especially for the first time
  17. Earning a raise – The satisfaction and sense of achievement is incomparable
  18. Work-related trips
  19. Reserved parking space
  20. Taking time off from work
  21. Career building
  22. Fridays – Prelude to the weekends
  23. Work-life balance
  24. Competition – Something that prompts you to work harder

Memories and experiences that you love and relish

Memories to be grateful for

When you are feeling down or lonely, memories can cheer you up in no time. They are your best companions for life. Thank them for their contribution.

  1. Old photographs – Never fail to bring a smile or warm your heart
  2. Taking a walk down the memory lane
  3. Long lost friends
  4. Bedtime stories
  5. Being tucked in at night
  6. Old yearbooks
  7. Relics from childhood – Favorite toys, baseball gloves, ticket stubs, and old recordings
  8. Rewatching old movies
  9. Lessons and values taught by your parents
  10. Sharing room with siblings
  11. Family outings
  12. Family get-together with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins
  13. Sneaking out to meet friends
  14. Getting into trouble with parents
  15. Listening to your old playlists
  16. Reading your old diaries and notes
  17. Class reunions
  18. Catching up with old friends
  19. First crush, first love, first kiss
  20. First date
  21. High school graduation day
  22. Prom night
  23. Your collections

What are you grateful for today?

It makes sense to assess how far you have traveled in life and what all you have achieved. Recognize where you have reached in life now and appreciate everything you have earned, learned, and accumulated. Even the quirky ones.

  1. Waking up in the morning after a good night’s sleep
  2. Clean and decluttered living space
  3. Breathing in fresh air
  4. The cognitive abilities of the mind
  5. Living on this beautiful planet
  6. A roof above your head
  7. Today’s weather
  8. Ability to earn a living
  9. Ability to raise a family
  10. Willpower to change
  11. Recognition that life will continue tomorrow and will not end today
  12. Freedom to take time off 
  13. Great friendships
  14. Your achievements
  15. Ability to travel the world
  16. Your ability to adapt to newer technology
  17. Advances in the medical field
  18. The facilities accessible to you
  19. A loving family
  20. A wonderful home
  21. A job that gives you satisfaction – Where your talents are utilized and valued
  22. Ample savings to fall back on emergencies
  23. Your education – You got where you are now because of this

Things in the future you look forward to

Things in the future you look forward to

The future signifies hope and that is something to live for. We move forward in life hoping to discover what the future holds for us. And at times we intervene to make the future better, brighter, and happier. If not for the future, life would be dull and inspiring. 

  1. The feeling of hope for the future
  2. Advancement in technology
  3. Future plans and goals
  4. Manifestation of your goals
  5. Fruits of your hard labor
  6. Results of the exam you studied hard for
  7. Completing your bucket list
  8. Finishing your to-do list
  9. Tomorrow is a brand new day and you can start all over again
  10. Waiting for your desires and dreams to come true
  11. Unraveling the mystery of our existence
  12. Finding the meaning of life
  13. Not having a care in the world, for a short period at least
  14. Spontaneous weekend trips
  15. Better relationships
  16. Better experience at work
  17. Finding a better paying job
  18. Finding a job where your skillset finds optimum use
  19. Finding a workplace where you are valued better 
  20. Owning your own home
  21. Meeting your soulmate
  22. Watching your kids graduate
  23. Leaving a legacy that you are proud of
  24. Spending time with your grandkids
  25. A warm relationship with your parents
  26. Meeting your childhood friends after 20 years
  27. Being rich enough to afford your dream car
  28. Retiring with sufficient funds
  29. Learning how to be independent
  30. Figuring out what you want in life
  31. Developing your hobby
  32. Attending the music concert of your favorite artist
  33. Watching your favorite game from the stadium
Thank you with gratitude

Closing thought

Remembering all those things in life that you are thankful for is the first step in practicing gratitude. You may choose from the numerous options available to you to practice gratitude

Such as maintaining a gratitude journal, mindfulness meditation, and affirmations. You may tell the people you love how much you appreciate and care for them. You may write thank-you notes or spend time with them. 

You may use the ideas in this gratitude list as prompts to help you do these gratitude exercises. 

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