The Cinnamon Abundance Ritual: First Day of Every Month

The Cinnamon Abundance Ritual: Prosperity on the First Day of the Month

Cinnamon Abundance Ritual

Have you heard about the cinnamon abundance ritual? This simple but powerful practice has been used for ages to invite prosperity into one’s life. In this article, we’ll explore how to perform a simple cinnamon ritual step-by-step and other ways you can harness cinnamon’s abundant properties.

You’ll learn about the significance of cinnamon for abundance in various cultures and spiritual traditions. We’ll cover when to do the ritual for optimal results, including setting an intention and actually blowing the cinnamon. And you’ll discover additional methods beyond the front door ritual to benefit from cinnamon’s energetic qualities.

By the end, you’ll understand how to use cinnamon for luck and the benefits of incorporating cinnamon into your routine, from attracting wealth, abundance, and prosperity to improving your overall well-being. Whether you want to manifest money, success, or simply more joy and positivity, cinnamon can help shift your energy and open the floodgates of abundance.

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The Significance of Cinnamon for Abundance and Prosperity into Your Life

Cinnamon has long been revered across many cultures for its ability to attract prosperity, vitality, and success. This popular and valuable spice used heavily in trade gained an enduring connection to abundance, wealth, and prosperity throughout history.

Cinnamon’s energetic and warming properties are believed to stimulate the senses and promote productivity, motivation, and a sense of vitality. According to mystic and author Nikki Van De Car, cinnamon is associated with energizing and igniting the senses across various folklore, Hoodoo, Conjure, Ayurvedic, Chinese, and other traditional medicine practices.

When used intentionally in rituals, cinnamon is seen as an ideal tool for welcoming and attracting prosperity while clearing away negative energy or blockages that may be in the way. The 1st of the month cinnamon abundance ritual, for example, sprinkle cinnamon powder across the front door threshold to invite wealth into one’s home and life.

Whether cinnamon is used on its own or complemented with other ingredients like protective salt, it is revered for its power to shift energy and act as a magnet for abundance when paired with intention. Lighting cinnamon incense, adding it to baths, or carrying a cinnamon stick aims to align one’s energy field and vibration with the frequencies of positivity, success, and prosperity.

In short, cinnamon has endured through the ages as a symbol of and pathway to abundance. Tapping into its energetic properties continues to be popular for manifesting prosperity and abundance, catalyzing motivation, and inviting wealth and success across all areas of life.

abundant energy of cinnamon

When and How to Do the Cinnamon Ritual

Timing is everything when it comes to manifestation rituals. Choose opportune days and times to fully align with cinnamon’s prosperous properties.

Choose the Optimal Days

  • First of the Month – Performing the ritual on the 1st day of each month is highly recommended. The first of the month represents a fresh start, a new chapter, and an opportunity to set the tone for the next 30 days. It’s the perfect time to welcome abundance into your life.
  • New Moons – New moons also align well with abundance rituals. As the moon’s light grows over the next two weeks, it mirrors the growth you’d like to see in prosperity, success, and wealth. Harness the momentum of the waxing moon.

Set Your Intention Clearly

Before performing the actual cinnamon ritual, take a moment to set your intention out loud. Verbalizing the intention infuses it with greater energy and clarity while signaling to the universe that you are ready to attract prosperity and abundance.

What to say when blowing cinnamon:

  • “I welcome abundance, prosperity, and success into my home and life now. My home is a magnet for wealth in all its forms.”
  • “When this cinnamon blows, I am opening myself fully to receive all that I desire and more. Abundance now freely flows to me.”
  • “I blow this cinnamon with the intention to align my life and home with prosperity. Endless blessings flourish here.”

Tailor your intention phrasing to resonate with your unique desires. The key is stating that you are open and ready to welcome ongoing abundance.

Perform the Cinnamon Ritual

  • Stand outside your front door with a tablespoon or two of cinnamon powder in the palm of your hand. Face the door.
  • Blow the cinnamon powder from your hand with force over the door’s threshold into your home. Do this three times while visualizing a gust of prosperity entering your home alongside the cinnamon.
  • Let the cinnamon powder remain where it lies overnight or for at least 24 hours before cleaning it up. This gives the ritual time to fully activate.
  • Note: If using additional salt for protection, add it to the cinnamon in your hand before blowing.

Complementary Practices

  • Drink cinnamon tea or use cinnamon essential oils on ritual days to align your energy.
  • Maintain positive thoughts and a prosperity mindset on ritual days and beyond. Dwelling in abundance consciousness strengthens the ritual.
  • Journal or plot action plans to continue building momentum post-ritual.

Other Ways to Use Cinnamon’s Abundant Properties

While the front door ritual is popular, there are other creative ways to harness cinnamon’s prosperous energies. Incorporate cinnamon into your routine through:

  • Baths – Add cinnamon essential oil or ground powder to baths to energize your aura and align with abundance. Let the aroma uplift you.
  • Incense – Burn cinnamon incense and move through each room to cleanse your home’s energy. Breathe in prosperity.
  • Wallet Dusting – Lightly coat the inside of your wallet with cinnamon powder to amplify your earning potential.
  • Cinnamon Sticks – Carry a cinnamon stick in your pocket or purse to surround yourself with its frequencies. Keep it with you.
  • Cooking – Bake goods like snickerdoodles or drink cinnamon tea to internalize cinnamon’s vibration. Set your intention.
  • Potpourri – Place cinnamon sticks, oranges, and cloves in a bowl for an aromatic and powerful mix. Display in your home.
  • Floor Wash – Add cinnamon essential oil or powder to your mop water and cleanse your floors. Welcome abundance in.
  • Candles – Rub taper candles with cinnamon oil before lighting them to infuse your space.

Get creative with how you bring cinnamon’s energies into your life beyond the 1st of the month ritual. Let it become a prosperous touchstone.

The Benefits of Using Cinnamon for Prosperity

Incorporating cinnamon into your spiritual practice provides a wide range of benefits beyond attracting wealth.

Energetic Benefits

  • Instantly lifts and lightens the energy of any space it occupies, promoting feelings of vigor and productivity.
  • Helps align your personal energy field and vibration with the frequencies of abundance, prosperity, and success.
  • Removes energetic blocks and creates a smooth pathway for prosperity to flow to you.
  • Energizes the aura and chakras, providing a boost of vibrancy.

Manifesting Benefits

  • Amplifies intention-setting for the faster manifestation of prosperity goals.
  • Opens your capacity to receive wealth and abundance from all sources.
  • Sharpens your focus and motivation to take inspired action steps toward prosperity.
  • Heightens gratitude for all blessings already present, great and small.

Holistic Health Benefits

  • Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that promote wellbeing.
  • Stimulates circulation and metabolism for increased energy.
  • Wards off infections and bacteria while warming the body.
  • Provides antioxidant benefits to support brain health and cognition.

Cinnamon integrates seamlessly into ritual and routine to create holistic improvements mentally, physically, and spiritually. It provides multidimensional benefits for those seeking prosperity and wellness.


Cinnamon’s use spans ages and cultures for good reason – its warming and abundant properties resonate. While the first day of the month ritual provides focused practice for inviting prosperity into your life, cinnamon can be incorporated into your daily routines through food, candles, baths, and more.

Remember, consistency and intention are key. If performed with an open heart and mind, blowing cinnamon into your house acts as a bridge to prosperity and success in all your pursuits.

Allow it to amplify your capacity to give and receive. With its sweet and empowering aroma, cinnamon reminds us that abundance is our natural state, always within reach. Perform this ritual and use cinnamon to attract the prosperity you desire.

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