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Printable Abundance Check PDF

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You probably have heard about abundance checks from the movie The Secret. Or maybe the book of the same name. 

If you haven’t, read on to know more about this amazing Law of Attraction tool.

You can download a free printable abundance check template here and follow the instructions to get the best out of it.

What is an abundance check?

It is a digital check for you to print and fill up your name and the rest of the details to manifest more money and abundance into your life. 

The movie, The Secret, shares the story of a person who uses abundance checks to manifest $100,000 in the first attempt and then subsequently manifests $1,000,000 successfully.

The idea may sound simple yet too far-fetched. It may even sound impossible and crazy. But the truth is this is very much possible.

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Does it really work?

Yes, it does. You can find any number of people who have used abundance checks to manifest money and abundance.

But of all the success stories you will find, the most interesting and spectacular of them all is that of the Hollywood actor, Jim Carrey.

This story revolves around how Jim Carrey manifested $10,000,000 in the 90s before he made it big in the movie world.


While talking to Oprah, he recalls how he wrote himself an abundance check for $10,000,000 “for acting services rendered”. He included his name and put a date of thanksgiving a few years into the future. When he wrote the check, he was struggling to make his mark in Hollywood and his finances were not in great shape.

This was in 1987. And, the check was dated Thanksgiving 1995.

He carried this check around in his wallet for years. A few days before thanksgiving 1995, he came to know that he will be paid 10 million dollars for his role in the movie Dumb & Dumber. 

He followed the concept of abundance check to manifest his desires.  Jim specified what and when he wanted the money and left the how to the Universe. He merely mentioned the 10 million dollars he wanted and specified that it is “for acting services rendered”.

When he wrote the check, Jim Carrey was a struggling actor and he was completely broke. All he did was to believe wholeheartedly in the powers of the Universe in realizing his wishes and his own worth. 

He maintained an unwavering trust in the Universe throughout the struggling years. He stayed resolute in his desire and the Universe made it happen.

Why should you write an abundance check?

If you are not yet convinced by Jim Carrey’s astounding story, read on.

An abundance check, also known as a money check, is a powerful tool used for manifesting money and abundance in the Law of Attraction. It is a tool used for setting your goal or intention. 

If you felt inspired by the movie The Secret and read up on the Law of Attraction, you must be raring to test your manifestation skills. If you are choosing to attract money and abundance, an abundance check is the best manifestation tool you can ever hope for.

It is believed that writing an abundance check on a new moon can enhance its efficacy and get you your desired results faster.

Do you need to use a specific abundance check?

No need. You can create your own check for manifesting abundance. The ready-to-use law of attraction printable check that is available for free download here will make your work easier as it satisfies all criteria for successful manifestation. 

One of the important points to remember if you are creating an abundance check of your own is the name of the bank. The law of abundance check needs to be drawn on the biggest banks of them all, the Universe. It can be either “The Universal Bank”, “The Bank of Universe”, or “The Universal Bank of Abundance”. 

Just pay attention to the features of the check available here and follow them to make one of your own, if you feel it is necessary. Or else, you can just download and print the one available here.

Abundance check and manifesting on New Moon 

The new moon is considered an auspicious time to set intentions and begin something that you really want to succeed. You can combine the powers of the abundance check and the new moon and leverage the positive energies of both to make it an absolute success.

Those who have used the law of abundance checks to manifest money attest to the additional help if you decide to date your abundance check on a new moon day. You can also take advantage of this opportunity. After all, you lose nothing by trying this out.

You can download specific apps to know when the next new moon is. Or you can just Google to find out. Once you know the date of the next new moon, ensure that you are dating the new moon abundance check within 24 hours of the new moon. 

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 How to write an abundance check?

Download the abundance check given here and take a printout. Or else, create a similar one of your own. You need to have a hard copy of the check before proceeding further.

Now, you must be wondering how to fill out the abundance check. Here are the step-by-step instructions for the same.

  1. Mental blocks are detrimental to manifesting goals, especially the ones for money and abundance. There is a good chance that you have limiting beliefs about acquiring money. Identify and remove them with the help of affirmations.
  2. In the blank space after “Pay to” in the abundance check, write your own name.
  3. In the space provided for the date, you can enter the date when you want your goal manifested. This can be the date of the new moon or you can just enter “Now”. 
  4. Write the specific amount you want to be manifested in figures and words. It is important to specify the amount. 
  5. In the space for memo, you can enter on what account you are expecting this money. If you are not sure about this, you can just write “Law of Attraction”, “For Services Rendered”, or “With Gratitude”.
  6. You should enter your energetic address on the back of your abundance check. You can include your name, date of birth, mobile number, and physical address.

Tips and suggestions for money manifestation with abundance check

  • You should be able to focus completely on the abundance check when you are writing it. A meditation session before it may be helpful. Ensure that you are free of distractions and worries. Visualize and feel the goal to make it work for you.
  • Be realistic about the amount you enter in the abundance check. Unless you believe it, you won’t be able to manifest it.
  • You can either carry the check in your wallet or purse or leave it at home in a safe place. 
  • Carrying the abundance check with you always is highly recommended as this will serve as a reminder of what you need to work for. However, if looking at the check frequently is giving you anxiety, you should leave it at home. There is no room for negative energy in manifestation.
  • Bolster the power of the abundance check with other manifestation techniques like visualization, affirmation, and practicing gratitude.
  • Ready your mind to receive blessings in the form of a check from the Universe. This may come to you directly as cash or a path to generate it. 

Concluding thoughts

There is an obvious reason why abundance chance has a higher rate of success than any other manifestation tool. Most of them work on emotions and ideas, while this is as physical as it can get. When you try to manifest a physical entity like money, this makes it easier.

Seeing the check right before your eyes has a profound impact on your mind. 

When so many people swear by it and when it worked for Jim Carrey, why not for you?

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