Manifesting Money Fast with 7 Secrets by Law of Attraction

7 Secrets of Manifesting Money with the Law of Attraction

Manifesting Money with the Law of Attraction

Imagine a life without financial worries. A life in which you can get everything money can buy. Sounds like a story straight out of the Arabian Nights? Absolutely right! You cannot be closer to the truth. The law of attraction can help you in manifesting money in no time, just like the genie of the magic lamp. This post you will discover how to attract money and wealth with the Law of attraction.

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    What is the law of attraction?

    It is a concept based on ideas such as ‘mind over body’ and ‘like attracts like’. Our body is merely a home for the mind, the most amazing of God’s creations. The power of the mind is boundless and infinite. The secret of a happy and comfortable life is your ability to tap this power.

    At the glance, the law of attraction may sound too good to be true; enticing and, to a large extent, unbelievable. Yes, it is. It delivers everything it promises. However, it is not as easy as that.

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    Is Manifesting Money with The Law of Attraction Work?

    Manifesting wealth or abundance is not the only thing that is possible using the law of attraction. It can bring you new love, a new job, a high-end car, a swanky house, ten new clients, good health or anything else you can think of in your life.

    If you want to make use of the concept to help you manifest your dreams, you need to dig deep and understand how it works.

    Ask, believe and receive.

    These are the basic techniques of the law of attraction, framed by the masters of the craft.

    When you want to manifest something in life, the first step that you need to take is making a wish. This step is so important that there are guidelines on how you should make a wish. You need to take your time, deliberate well and weigh the pros and cons before coming to a decision. Once the decision is made, you have to ask the Universe to make your wish a reality.

    Many people are tempted to try the manifestation techniques because of what it offers. Unfortunately, it can attract good things only if you believe in the process without misgivings. The logical side of your mind is sure to raise its ugly head and keep asking you, “Really! Is that true? How is the Universe going to manage that?”

    Trust the process completely with no chance for those nagging thoughts that keep popping up in the back of your mind. Have absolute faith in the ability of the Universe to bring to you what you desire.

    Next, you need to take logical action to set the whole process in motion. Such as buying a lottery ticket, participating in a lucky draw or any other means by which you are hoping to receive the wealth.

    Now, it comes to the last and final step; readying yourself to receive the wish. For this, you need to hike up your positive vibrations to match that of the goal you have set.

    You can help the entire process by indulging in positive thoughts and trying positive money affirmations.

    7 Secrets to Help You Manifest Money Faster

    Abundance, money and the law of attraction go hand in hand. Manifesting money is no different from manifesting any other goal with the law of attraction. The basic techniques are the same. However, there are a few secrets specific to money manifestation that can come in handy.

    Secret 1. Find Your Goal:

    When you are at the decision-making stage, you need to confront each prospective goal with 5 Ws and the H, i.e., what, when, where, who, why, and how. This exercise adds clarity to your journey ahead.

    The answers to these queries would provide you specifics of your goal.

    • What is your goal?
    • When do you want to achieve the goal?
    • Where would you like to be on achieving the goal?
    • Who would you like to share it with?
    • Why do you want it?
    • How much do you want?

    Understanding more about your desire helps prevent roadblocks at a later stage. Acquiring oodles of money can be just a whim when you are saddled with unpaid bills and feeling low. But starting on a money manifest journey to find that pot of gold you think will solve all your problems without a second thought is anything but foolish.

    Most people believe that hard labor is a necessity to earn clean money. They hold negative impressions about prosperity that comes without effort. It is considered free wealth. These deeply entrenched beliefs are not easy to get rid of. However, there is a way around them.

    In case the answer to your question ‘why’ conforms to your moral values, you may find it easier to accept the abundance without attaching negative connotations to it. If you are planning to spend the money or at least part of it on a worthy cause, it may ease your conscience and get you to accept it.

    The answer to the question ‘when’ can do wonders in keeping you focused. It is easy to lose interest in the process when the duration of the waiting period is not known. If you know ‘when’ your desires are going to materialize, you would not find it difficult to maintain the level of enthusiasm.

    Having more information about your desire is desirable for a successful manifest. It helps in many vital steps of the process, such as visualization, affirmation.

    Secret 2. Limiting beliefs: Kick them out for good

    Way before you start your journey to find out ways to manifest money, you need to prepare yourself for the process as well as the outcome. As part of this prepping, you need to revisit your beliefs and assess them for their relevance now in your life.

    Most of our beliefs are acquired while growing up. With little maturity in differentiating the right from the wrong ones, we kept adding them to our collection of beliefs. As an adult, you need to reassess them for their significance and consequence now. You need to throw away all those beliefs that restrict you from progress.

    • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
    • It takes money to make money.
    • It’s selfish and greedy to want a lot of money.
    • Money is the root of all evil.
    • Happiness and wealth don’t co-exist.

    This is one process that is very important when you are planning to manifest money. Limiting beliefs can cause hindrance in multiple ways.

    Some of these negative beliefs about money and abundance will create a block right at the beginning of your journey to manifest money instantly. While some others bring about disillusionment during the process, compelling you to abandon the pursuit. Both are deal-breakers.

    To get rid of these deep-rooted negative beliefs is no easy task. It is more effective to introduce fact-based alternative beliefs and ease out the old harmful ones.

    Take, for example, the belief that money is the root of all evil. To overcome this belief, try to learn the definition of money. It is just a medium of exchange created to overcome the limitations of the barter system. Money, on its own, doesn’t have any wickedness attached to it. It all depends on how you choose to use it. You can make a promise to yourself to use the new money you manifested for good deeds.

    Secret 3. Develop a positive image of money:

    In your present situation, money may be hard to come by and your needs are plenty. This is perhaps the reason why you want to manifest money in the first place. Lack of it can lead to a negative image of money and abundance. This needs to change.

    One simple yet effective approach to creating a positive image is to write down everything you know that money can offer you. Such as,

    • Money buys me beautiful outfits.
    • Money allows me to travel.
    • Money gets me my dream home.
    • Money allows me to help others.
    • Money helps me stay healthy and fit.

    Make a list of all the positive things that money can get for you. Write them on a piece of paper and pin it on a place you frequent. Going through the list every day can change how you see wealth.

    Secret 4. Behave as if you have all the money in the world:

    You may have slain the demons of limiting beliefs on the money. And, creating a positive outlook about owning wealth.

    Today, if you are not doing financially well, you may still be possessing a middle-class mindset; not that of a wealthy person.

    As you have already seen, one of the basic principles of the law of attraction is ‘like attracts like’. This means that a positive mindset attracts positive things in your life. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.

    Having the outlook of a wealthy person directly translates to an increased inflow of money. Now, you may be in a dilemma; how to think wealthy, when you can barely pay your bills!

    Imagine that you have all the money in the world. Daydream about this. What you will be doing, how you will be spending the money, who you will be meeting, etc.

    Additionally, you can go window-shopping for expensive outfits, plan lavish vacations in exotic locations, scan real-estate ads for your dream home; the list is endless. None of these require money upfront. If your monetary situation permits, you can indulge in some real lavish purchase; even if what you buy is incredibly small.

    Instilling a wealthy mindset sends a message to the Universe that you are comfortable in this skin. The Universe, in return, bestows more wealth on you to maintain the status quo.

    Secret 5. Use your sensory receptors to pep up visualization:

    Visualization is the keystone of the manifestation process. During this activity, you are creating a mental image of achieving the goal and experiencing the exhilaration. You can form these images from your memories or completely from your imagination.

    You can enhance the visualization experience for better success at manifestation. Powerful visualization can be achieved when your sensory receptors are involved in the process. When you are picturing your financial success, perk it up with touch, smell, sound and/or taste.

    Ask yourself these questions to activate your senses.

    • How does cash feel in your hands?
    • Where is that intoxicating smell of money coming from?
    • Is that the rustling sound of money?

    This kind of stimulated activity not only offers you a better visualization experience but also helps in positive affirmation. Ultimately it leads to faster and successful manifestation.

    Secret 6. Patience is a great virtue:

    As the wise old saying goes, “All good things come to those who wait.”

    Never has a truer word been spoken. This proverb holds in the instance of the manifestation process as well.

    If you are pondering over how to manifest money fast; if you are the impatient kind who asks after every step of the manifestation program, “Where is my money?”, most probably you will never get to see that money. The reasons are many.

    When you ask that question, it means that you don’t have complete faith in the process; irrespective of what you tell yourself. It can also imply that your beliefs are contradictory to your desire.

    You are just wasting your time by continuing on this path. There is no way ahead. You need to go back to square one and realign your beliefs and restart your manifestation journey one more time.

    Secret 7. Practice gratitude:

    The feeling of thankfulness and appreciation helps you achieve numerous things in one go.

    Through gratitude, you are directly conveying to the Universe how much you value all the good things the Universe has already sent your way. And, how much you would appreciate more of it. It has been proved time and again that the Universe provides more of anything you are grateful for and feel happy about.

    Being grateful sends a strong signal that you are comfortable with the prospect of possessing wealth. It conveys with clarity that you see money as a positive and benevolent energy that is capable of doing so much good in this world.

    Gratitude connects your desire with the reality of abundance. You indeed tend to pursue something with passion if you feel grateful about it.

    Be grateful for the money you have in your life now. Be thankful for the opportunities to make more money made available to you in this life. Show your appreciation when these opportunities become fruitful.

    Gratitude doesn’t come easy if you feel that the money you are earning now is insufficient to meet your needs. However, the fundamentals of the law of attraction say otherwise. To get more in life, you need to feel gratitude for whatever you have now; even if it is not enough.

    Most people are attracted to the law of attraction concept in the hope of manifesting money. As explained earlier, it is both easy and difficult; possible and hopeless. It all depends on you whether you are successful or not in tapping the power of your mind. The concept and techniques have proven their effectiveness time and again.

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