36 Powerful Crystals for Manifestation: The Ultimate Guide

36 Powerful Crystals for Manifestation

Crystals for Manifestation

Are you a manifestation enthusiast? Have you ever heard that using crystals for manifestation is a great way to supercharge your manifesting powers?

Even if you are not consciously using manifestation techniques to achieve your goals, you must be aware of this superpower within you. Of course, you can get the best out of it by using it intentionally.

The law of attraction offers a wide range of tools and techniques to make manifestation easier, simpler, and faster for you. Harnessing the magical power of crystals is one among them.

The benefits of crystals are not scientifically proven, even though millions have been placing their faith in them for centuries. Crystals are believed to encapsulate positive and healing energy within it that is imparted to the holder/wearer.

When you are trying to manifest your goal, the aim is to boost your positive energy to match that of your desire. All manifestation tools and techniques are centered around this idea. With crystals, this task becomes simpler as you just need to hold them closer or better still wear them as a pendant, brooch, or bracelet.

If you are curious to know more about how to use crystals for manifestation, read on. This article will give you comprehensive information on crystals and their properties. You will find here a list of 36 powerful crystals that can help you manifest the life of your dreams.

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    An overview of manifestation

    Some of you may be familiar with the law of attraction and manifestation. This section is for the benefit of those who want to know more about it.

    The law of attraction is a philosophy that says you can attract anything you want with positive thinking. In other words, whatever you are focusing on becomes reality. This means all of us are already manifesting without being aware. 

    By becoming aware of this power and consciously channeling your thoughts, you can make your dreams come true. 

    One of the critical factors for manifestation is the frequency of your energy vibrations. The higher it is, the closer you are to manifesting. This is where the crystals can help you.

    Using crystals to manifest goals

    The history of the use of crystals for gainful purposes is a long one. While the believers are convinced of its benefits, it is not without detractors and naysayers.  

    The power of crystals has some scientific basis. Crystals are organically formed in nature as a result of chemical reactions, physical conditions like pressure and temperature, and geological processes. In between all these processes, a considerable amount of energy gets trapped inside the crystalline structure.

    Crystals are believed to emit the positive energy encapsulated within them into the environment. This energy is imparted to those within their proximity. In other words, you can raise your positive energy by keeping a crystal close to your body. 

    You may wear the crystal as part of the jewelry or keep it in your wallet or handbag. At home, you can keep the crystal on the nightstand. At the office, your table would be the ideal place for it.

    However, all crystals do not have the same kind of energy. This means you need to choose the right kind of crystals for specific purposes. 

    Best crystals for manifesting

    As we have already discussed, the kind of energy each crystal has and its intensity varies vastly. This means crystals for manifesting love and relationship may not work well for abundance and wealth.

    To make it easy for you, manifestation crystals are listed here according to the purpose for which they can be used.


    Crystals for success and wealth

    1. Citrine 

    This bright and radiant stone has been associated with manifesting success, abundance, and wealth for ages. It is the perfect crystal to keep with you if you are starting something new. Considered a crystal for good luck, citrine is excellent to boost your positive energy and get rid of your negative energy.

    2. Pyrite

    Also known as fool’s gold and money stone, pyrite is one of the best crystals for manifesting money and wealth. More than the energy it imparts, its gold-like appearance will serve as a constant reminder for you to work harder and aim higher.

    3. Green aventurine

    Best known as the stone of opportunity, green aventurine is the stone for you to attract financial prosperity and success in your ventures. You can keep one with you whether you are starting a new business or joining a new job. 

    4. Smokey quartz

    This is the right choice for you if you are looking for a crystal to help you create lasting relationships in your new environment. It can help to provide you with a good environment to succeed. It can block negative energy and keep you focused and grounded.

    5. Moonstone

    A beautiful stone to keep with you if you want help in keeping your emotions in check and to allow you to succeed. Moonstone offers you balance and focus and helps you make the right decisions at the right time.

    6. Diamond

    Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend. It is a powerful stone to attract money as well. They can help you find success and prosperity irrespective of where you are in life. Diamonds are considered the most powerful and energetic of all crystals as they represent strength and fortitude. By wearing them, you too get to enjoy some of their invincibility.

    7. Malachite

    This captivating green-banded opaque stone is well-known for its ability to attract abundance and wealth as well as for its healing properties. This is a rare combination to find among crystals and can help you adjust to new environments and guide you through the period of transition.

    8. Black tourmaline

    This crystal is the best choice if you are looking for help in challenging situations. They can effectively block negative energy and provide you with confidence to overcome your anxiety. This protective stone is an excellent companion during job interviews, salary negotiations, and performance reviews.

    9. Amethyst

    This purple stone is helpful to get relief from stress, anxiety, fatigue, and its accompanying symptoms. By providing you with a good environment to work hard, this stone is often chosen by those who find it hard to attain success and prosperity due to various distractions.

    Rose quartz
    Rose Quartz

    Crystals for love and relationships

    10. Rose quartz

    One of the most popular stones for those looking for new love and relationships, rose quartz works by opening your mind to new possibilities. A symbol of unconditional love, this crystal should be your go-to partner at the beginning of a relationship.

    11. Pink kunzite

    This crystal radiates the energy of love, caring, and commitment. Pink, being the color associated with love, romance, and new relationships, is only appropriate to have them around you when you are searching for love. This crystal also comes with healing and soothing properties.

    12. Rhodonite

    Another pink crystal to boost your love life, this opaque crystal is closely linked to love and compassion. Its curative properties can come in handy to heal the emotional scars and wounds from past relationships. 

    13. Moldavite

    This crystal is considered a good luck charm. This gold-like crystal is also well-known for its effect on the heart chakra, opening it up to love and romance. It is also associated with fertility and spirituality.

    14. Clear quartz

    This is a gemstone that can bring out the best in other crystals. Besides this, clear quartz is also known for its healing properties and its ability to regain balance in your life. It can help you focus on the task at hand and guide you on to the right path.

    15. Blue lace agate

    This crystal is linked to the solar plexus chakra and helps in getting rid of your negative energy and emotional blocks. An excellent aid to boost your self-esteem and confidence, blue lace agate can relieve the lonely feeling and help you find love.

    16. Carnelian

    If you are struggling to deal with stress, anxiety, aggression, and frustration, carnelian is the crystal for you. One or more of these negative traits can ruin your relationship and having the crystal handy can help you gain control over your mind. 

    17. Amazonite

    An amazing crystal to bring about a peaceful coexistence among family members, amazonite is associated with a reduction in anxiety levels and strengthening of bonds. It is well-known for healing trauma and spiritual grounding.

    18. Abalone

    An excellent tool to improve relationships, abalone works in improving your communication skills and helps you assert yourself. It is one of the best crystals to attract a specific person.


    Crystals for health and wellbeing

    19. Amber

    A powerful crystal to boost your physical and mental wellbeing, amber is known to eliminate stress and help you calm down. It can help you accept things and make your peace with the world.

    20. Apache tear

    A natural healing stone, apache tear can help you deal with pain and heartaches. This crystal can help restore your peace of mind and bring back joy and contentment in life.

    21. Peridot 

    This bright green crystal is associated with peace, harmony, good health, and restful sleep. This is a great crystal to keep with you when you are facing health issues.

    22. Phantom quartz

    This crystal can help you deal with your mental issues. This highly spiritual stone can bring down negative feelings like anger, frustration, resentment, fear, and confusion. 

    23. Lapis lazuli

    Besides its eye-catching sparkling blue appearance, this stone is associated with awareness, confidence, knowledge, peace, and harmony. Lapis lazuli is known for its mood-enhancing properties. By strengthening your basics, this stone can help you succeed in anything you attempt.

    24. Aquamarine

    If you are struggling to retain calmness and peace of mind, aquamarine is the stone for you. Often referred to as the truth stone, it allows you to speak your mind with clarity and without aggression or confrontation.

    25. Obsidian

    This beautiful black crystal is known as the knowledge center and a second brain. It helps you connect your thoughts with ideas. It is also helpful in relieving physical ailments by removing blockages and improving energy circulation.

    26. Quartz

    Known for their healing properties, quartz crystals help in maintaining balance and optimum energy vibrations to aid healing. It also aids in enhancing focus and memory.

    27. Azurite

    If you are looking for ways to get rid of negative energy and help you relax, azurite is the crystal for you. It can help you overcome unwanted temptations and lead a happy and peaceful life.


    Crystals for manifesting goals

    28. Selenite

    This crystal can help in clearing your mind from negative energy and unwanted thoughts and bring in clarity and positive thinking. A perfect companion for your manifestation journey, selenite can help you manifest your intention.

    29. Fluorite

    If you are feeling confused at any point in your manifestation effort, this is the crystal to have with you. It is the go-to stone for detoxification and energy transformation. Ideal for manifestation needs, it contributes to your mental clarity and peace of mind.

    30. Emerald

    Beautiful to behold, emerald also comes with a wide range of useful properties for manifestation. Emerald is associated with spiritual grounding, balance and stability in life, and improving relationships.

    31. Labradorite

    Often referred to as the stone for manifestation, labradorite brings focus and mental clarity to help you manifest your intention. This crystal is your perfect companion in manifesting as it can boost your positive and spiritual energy in an instant.

    32. Celestite

    As the name indicates, this crystal acts as a bridge between you and the universe. Besides helping you focus on your goal, it can help you see and accept things as they are and not waste your energy fighting against them.

    33. Green jade

    This captivating crystal offers multi-pronged help with your manifestation needs. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem and at the same time works on your physical stamina and energy. It is linked to good luck and financial success.

    34. Topaz

    Often used as a diamond substitute, topaz comes in a wide range of colors. This joyful stone is well-known for its rejuvenating properties. It is a good addition for manifestation as it promotes trust in self as well as in the universe.

    35. Iron pyrite

    If you are facing setbacks in manifestation due to feelings of incompetence, this crystal can help you overcome it and accomplish your goal.

    36. Hematite

    If you are struggling with your manifestation because you find yourself distracted by your tendency to overanalyze and overthink, hematite can help you get over this. This deep red crystal can lead you onto the right path and help you gain clarity of thought.

    How to use crystals for manifesting goals?

    The energy from manifestation rocks is more potent and helpful on certain occasions than on others. Of course, having them nearby always helps.

    Here are some methods and occasions to include powerful healing crystals in your manifestation routine.

    When you are: 

    • Setting your goal
    • Meditating 
    • Visualizing
    • Repeating affirmations
    • Journaling

    You may include them in any other manifestation ritual you are practicing. You may wear the crystals as part of jewelry or place them close to you.

    Whenever you have a crystal with you, it will boost your positive energy as well as help you focus better on the task on hand. Crystals can improve the quality of your meditation manifold, especially if you are a beginner and are having trouble with a wandering mind. 

    Again, crystals can reveal the right path for you to move forward if you find yourself at crossroads and unsure of which way to go. 

    Where to buy crystals?

    The high demand for natural crystals has led to the discovery that crystals can also be made in a lab. The man-made crystals are good for use in jewelry and other applications but are not recommended for use in manifestation. The reason is simple. 

    The energy contained in a crystal depends on the circumstances of its formation. The natural crystals undergo various geological processes over a long period. This means it contains some of the vast energy from nature. 

    On the other hand, man-made crystals contain the energy from the atmosphere in which it was created, be it a lab or a factory. It may also contain the energy of the people involved in the process. There is no guarantee that the energy contained in man-made crystals is positive and beneficial for you. It is best to avoid these artificially-made crystals. 

    However, not all natural crystals are good either. Crystals tend to absorb the energy of the people who handle them. Overmining is another major issue for crystals. It would be ideal to know their origins to make sure that they are benefiting you and not harming you.

    You can look for the certificate of origin and authenticity to ensure the source of the crystals you are buying.

    How to take good care of your manifestation crystal?

    Crystals do need to be cleaned periodically, especially if you are wearing them as jewelry. You can also recharge the energy within the crystals naturally.

    How to cleanse your crystals?

    This is vital to keep them physically clean as well as cleanse them of undesirable energies accumulated in them. Crystals absorb energy from their surroundings, both positive and negative. This means, over time, crystals may have some negative energy in them. This needs to be removed so that it won’t come back to you.

    Some methods to cleanse crystals are:

    • Place them under running water
    • Put them in a bowl of salt or saltwater
    • Use singing bowls to clear the negative energy
    •  Keep them in sunlight 
    • Allow them to soak up the moonlight
    • Coat them with palo santo or sage

    During the cleansing process, the negative energy gets eliminated and the crystals will get recharged with more positive energy.

    Bottom line

    Manifesting your dreams with the law of attraction may seem like a walk in the park when you read about it. However, in the practical sense, it is anything but. You would want to summon as much help as you can to make the process easier and faster.

    Powerful healing crystals can do a lot of good for you in your manifestation journey. Like everything else associated with manifestation, the key to deriving benefits from crystals is to believe in their powers without an iota of doubt. 

    The use of crystals for manifestation can add more focus, energy, and intensity to the process to make it easier and quicker.

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