13 Funny Things To Say To A Narcissist

13 Funny Things To Say To A Narcissist

Funny Things To Say To A Narcissist

Looking to add a bit of humor when dealing with those folks suffering from self-absorption? Narcissists, you know, are the ones who are all about themselves and they can turn out to be a real headache. Well, we’ve got some lighthearted comebacks for you to try.

But first, let’s talk about the not-so-fun side of dealing with narcissists. Their nasty and manipulative behavior can really mess with your emotions and sanity. Plus, a narcissist is so exceptional at playing psychological games that you might end up questioning if it’s you who’s at fault.

Here’s the happy news: Resisting a narcissist can be both simple and more gratifying than you’d expect. In this article, we’ve got thirteen witty responses to throw at them. And, not only that, we’ll also share some tips on ways to avoid getting hurt and maybe even exact your revenge. 

Funny things to say to a narcissist

Sure thing! Let’s dive into a few light-hearted quips and funny comebacks you can use when dealing with a narcissist in their true form. These cheeky comebacks work wonders when they start playing mind games and drop a rude, self-centered, or unbelievably clueless comment your way. Delivered with a playful touch of sarcasm, they’ll leave the narcissist pondering their choices.

1. “Do you know your problem? You don’t realize that you’re the problem”

Consider using this gentle phrase, when you’re chatting with a narcissist who might tend to focus on their own problems without recognizing their role in creating them: “You seem to be a common factor in all these situations you’ve described.” Be prepared for a variety of reactions, which could range from strong denial to awkward silence.

Here’s the deal: Some narcissists may not even be aware of their behavior. They might not realize that they make their lives stressful and it stems from their own actions and poor interpersonal skills.

Sharing something like this might help them become more self-aware and take steps to improve themselves.

Of course, there’s no guarantee of how the narcissist will react, but at least you’ve expressed your perspective and done your part.

2. “I’m not good at astronomy. But I’m positive the Universe doesn’t revolve around you”

Ever encountered a narcissist who seems a tad too self-absorbed, like they believe the world revolves around them? Next time you find yourself in that situation, you can drop this line. You can also get creative and come up with a clever, humorous version of it: “Hey, the Earth doesn’t orbit around you, you know!”

Sure, it might ruffle their feathers a bit, but the real magic happens when it gets them thinking. A narcissist might not appreciate it at the moment and even get a little angry, but deep down, it could be the nudge they need to realize just how egotistical they’ve been. So, while they might not thank you immediately, one day, they might look back and think, “Wow, do I act like the world revolves around me sometimes?” 

3. “You’re more self-absorbed than the most absorbent sponge”

When you’re dealing with a narcissist who can’t stop boasting about themselves and their so-called “deserved” achievements, try hitting them with this playful yet powerful line. It’ll get the point across without missing the mark.

If the narcissist ever protests, saying, “Me and self-absorption? No way!” just chuckle and reply, “See?” It’s a light-hearted way to mirror their self-centeredness.

Sure, using these tactics might strain your friendship a bit, but sometimes you need to consider what’s good in the overall scheme of things. After all, finding a way to distance yourself from a narcissist is always a victory in the end.

4. “You act like only you matter. And you wonder why you are alone!”

When you have to deal with a narcissist who’s always talking about feeling lonely or going off on a rant about friends who only stick around when it’s convenient or a partner who’s walked out on them, here’s a gentle suggestion to try. It can be a compassionate response, especially if they’re wondering why they can’t seem to maintain relationships.

Sometimes, it takes a moment of self-reflection for someone to recognize that their self-centered behavior is contributing to their unhappiness. While something like this might not transform the narcissist overnight, a simple phrase can help bring about a change.

5. “Slow down a bit, Speedy Gonsalves”

When you encounter a narcissist who tends to jump to conclusions, try using this clever and sarcastic response. It gently points out that they might be rushing to judgment without gathering all the facts or exploring their options.

It’s always a good idea to encourage people to take a moment and think before making decisions, especially when emotions are running high. Just remember this rule of thumb: If it’s an emergency, trust your instincts; otherwise, engage your logical thinking.

But what if you’re dealing with a persistent narcissist who insists on making snap judgments? In such cases, it’s often best to create some space.

You may distance yourself from the narcissist and set boundaries on how accessible you are. It’s important to remember that if you tolerate bad behavior, it is bound to continue forever.

6. “It’s unfortunate that you feel this way. Let’s go out and I’ll buy a drink to drown your sorrow”

Sometimes when dealing with a narcissistic person, they might seek your opinion, only to later belittle you for expressing your thoughts. In such situations, a simple yet effective response could be something like this: “I’m sorry to hear you think so. That’s my perspective, though, and I’m okay with it.”

This comeback conveys the idea that you’re not compromising your views just to appease them; you’re standing your ground. While it’s true that using this response might strain the relationship between you and the narcissist, it can be a positive step for your well-being, as it helps protect you from their abusive behavior and, potentially, encourages them to reevaluate their own actions.

7. “Oh! Did my ego get in your way?”

This is the classic scenario where you’re venting a bit or just trying to share your feelings, and your narcissistic friend decides to turn the spotlight right back on themselves. You know the drill, right? You’re like, “Oh, man, this thing happened to me, and it’s just so frustrating,” and before you know it, they’re saying, “Oh, that makes me remember this incident when I…” It’s like they can’t resist making everything about them.

So, you attempt to steer the conversation back to the original point, but again, the narcissist manages to bring it back to their own experiences. They even downplay your frustration, saying something like, “I don’t know what’s more disagreeable – your behavior or what happened to me when…” It’s frustrating beyond belief!

At this point, you might be tempted to retort, “Did my ego clash with yours?” and make a graceful exit. They might even try to guilt-trip you by saying something like, “Do you even understand that I was offering you my help, you ungrateful person!” but honestly, don’t let it bother you. Narcissists, well, they’re not exactly known for their empathy, so trying to bring about a change directly is pretty much a lost cause.

But here’s the kicker: hitting a narcissist with a zinger like that might just make them think twice about their behavior indirectly. That’s why taking this approach is a smarter move. 

8. “That’s so vain. You’ll have a hard time finding someone who would like to swap places with you”

Ever had to deal with a narcissist who’s acting as if they are on a high horse? Like they’re the world’s greatest expert on everything? You know, when they start sentences with stuff such as, “Just take my case, for instance,” or “You should totally follow my lead,” or even, “You messed up, and here’s what you should’ve done.” If you’re not in the mood for a long-winded lecture, here’s a little trick: just say, “Give it a rest. Not everyone’s trying to be a copy of you.”

Chances are, the narcissist won’t be thrilled with your response at the moment, but it might make them think twice about their behavior. Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge to help someone see their own flaws – and you might be the first person to do it!

9. “Good that you jogged my memory of why you’re not popular. I had almost forgotten”

When dealing with a particularly unpleasant narcissist, you can respond with a little dose of reality in a friendly and casual way. Say something like, “Thanks for the reminder of why you’re not everyone’s cup of tea.” Trust me, whatever negativity they throw your way won’t match the zinger you just delivered.

Narcissists tend to think they’re universally adored and that anyone who disagrees is just plain crazy. But dropping a line like this can be a gentle wake-up call for them, making them wonder, “Oh really? Do people really not like me?”

As for whether the narcissist will actually change, well, that’s anyone’s guess. The language that they seem to understand is power, so sometimes a little reality check is all you can do.

10. “Let’s forget about me and focus on you”

Here’s a handy response for those moments when the narcissist rudely cuts you off and turns the conversation all about themselves, as they often tend to do. You can keep this phrase in your back pocket, and if things get really out of hand, consider using it to gracefully wrap up the conversation, more so if they don’t offer an apology (which, let’s face it, they usually won’t). 

11. “Oh, it’s nice to know that I do exist. Probably you need something from me”

This is ideal when the narcissist comes knocking, seeking one more favor. You’re well aware that once you’ve helped them out, you’ll fade into the background. In such situations, it’s time to politely decline their request. 

But brace yourself, because the narcissist might toss a snide comment your way, branding you as unhelpful and/or ungrateful.

Don’t fret, though! You’ve got the perfect comeback up your sleeve, one that’s sure to discourage any future favor-seeking attempts.

12. “Sorry, did I ask for your viewpoint?”

“Oops, my bad! I can’t recall ever requesting your opinion, but hey, it happens, right?” You know, it’s quite common for those narcissists who hold themselves in high regard to generously dish out advice we didn’t even know we needed. 

When you find yourself on the receiving end of such unsolicited wisdom, a playful and sarcastic comeback like the one below can work wonders, making it clear you’re not exactly thrilled by their “shoulds.” So, the next time a narcissist is offering unwelcome advice, you can kindly say, “Thanks for the input, but I’m the captain of my own ship!” It’s a subtle reminder that you’ve got things under control and don’t need any extra navigational assistance.

13. “So, tell me, do you come with an “off” button?”

We’ve all had our moments of dominating a conversation, but when it comes to narcissists, they seem to have their ‘talk’ button permanently on, am I right? It can be seriously frustrating!

But, if you ever find yourself in a conversation with one of these chatterboxes and want to playfully convey to them that you’re reaching your limit, here’s a witty one for you: ‘Hey, could you help me find your off button? It seems like it’s always in the ‘on’ position!’

The Bottom Line

And, we’ve got thirteen amusing and fulfilling ways to react and counter a narcissist. Take your favorites from the list and get ready for some entertainment.

Now, you must be wondering, “Aren’t these comebacks going to make me seem like the one in the wrong?” It’s a valid concern. A narcissist might even go to the extent of spreading some nasty rumors about you.

But don’t sweat it. Are you aware of the reason? It’s because people aren’t easily fooled. They can recognize nonsense when they come across it. Sooner or later, they’ll figure out the real character of the narcissist, the same way you did. As for those who don’t? Well, their opinions don’t really matter.

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