High Pitched Ringing in Ears Spiritual Meanings

High Pitched Ringing in Ears: Spiritual Meanings

High Pitched Ringing in Ears

Have you ever had a high pitched ringing in ears spiritual experience?

If you have it, there is no need to worry. It is not a disease. But it can be a symptom of other diseases or part of aging. Or it may just happen out of nowhere.

In most cases, this is a temporary condition but, in some cases, it can last a lifetime as well. 

If you have ruled out any medical reasons for tinnitus, it may be time to rejoice. Ringing in the ears often comes with spiritual connotations. 

You may be aware that the Universe is constantly communicating with us in its endeavor to protect our interests. Mostly this communication happens through synchronicities such as repetitive numbers, dreams, and what we call coincidences.

Ringing in the ear is another form of communication from the Universe.

Read on to know more about the spiritual meaning of ringing in the ears.

6 Spiritual Meanings for Ears Ringing

What does Ringing in the Ears Mean Spiritually?

You may have experienced tinnitus but never thought that it may have a spiritual explanation. Next time you have it, pay attention. When are you getting the sensation? How long does it last?

Here are some plausible explanations or spiritual meanings of ear ringing without a medical reason.

1. You have clairaudience

This is the audio version of clairvoyance. Instead of seeing or feeling, you are hearing. Clairaudience is the mystic ability to hear the inaudible. 

The messages from the Universe are not audible to our ears. You need to develop special senses to recognize and hear them. This is clairaudience. It gives you the ability to identify the messages from the higher realms and understand their meaning.

Those with clairaudience skills are known to hear ringing ears sound. This ringing or high-pitched sound is short-lived. It comes and disappears as fast. But the fact that you are having it means you have clairaudience.

This skill needs to be developed to make the best of it. Meditation can help you here.

2. You have established a connection with the Universe

Most of us, in the rush of everyday life, forget to make this connection and maintain it. Some others do not consider this important or necessary. Whatever the reasons, being disconnected from the Universe has some disadvantages. The obvious one being you won’t receive any message from the Universe.

The Universe sends your signs and messages to warn you of impending dangers or to get you back on the right track when you begin to stray. Sometimes the messages are just encouragement to do good work.

When you hear ringing in the ears, it is a clear sign that your connection with the Universe is intact and you are about to receive a message. Usually, these messages come to you in the form of repetitive numbers. When you notice the same number appearing too many times, it is up to you to notice them and interpret using numerology the message from the Universe.

It is easy to miss them and dismiss them as coincidences. To prevent this, the Universe warns you of the message beforehand through the ringing in the ears.

3. Your good luck is about to strike

Hearing a ringing tone in your left ear is considered good luck. If you are presently experiencing a bad patch, left ear ringing means your luck is about to turn. Your good luck is about to take off. Your life is about to witness good times and the growth phase is almost here. 

The ringing sound will be high-pitched and will seem like merry-making or celebration.

Throughout your lean phase, you did not give up and continued to work diligently. Now the time has come to reap rich rewards for your hard work. Your ears ringing is announcing the arrival of good times.

With this message, the Universe is patting you on the back and telling you that you are doing great and on the right track. It is in recognition of your sincere efforts that the Universe is giving you this reward and letting you know that something good is coming your way.

4. You are being warned of a psychic attack

The spiritual meaning of right ear ringing in low-frequency is considered a warning from the Universe that you are about to experience a supernatural attack.

A psychic attack often means someone badmouthing you or thinking bad thoughts about you. There is lots of negative energy coming your way. You are associated in some way or the other with the negative emotions or actions of someone.

Even after being warned about it, it would be hard for you to figure out the person who is about to harm you. You may try thinking back and make a list of people you may have annoyed. Reconnect with them and apologize for any harm you may have inadvertently caused them. 

Holding grudges is not going to help either you or the other person. Life is too precious and short to be wasted away like this. Make peace and resolve the differences. 

With this step, you may be able to ward off any psychic attacks. 

Once you have done your part, don’t spend too much time worrying about what the future is going to bring. The other person may accept your apology and stop the plans to harm you. There is always a possibility of you being harmed despite your efforts. 

There is no point worrying about it. You can deal with it when the time comes.

5. You are in the midst of negativity

When you are experiencing a low-pitched ringing sound in your left ear, it is a warning about the negative energy existing in your environment. 

This is the sign of an imbalance of energy in your vicinity. It may be caused by living beings or inanimate objects.

We know how people can create negative vibrations with their behavior. Material objects can also add negativity to the atmosphere through overcrowding and cluttering.

When your living or working space is not maintained well, it may lead to this condition.

6. You may be experiencing a shift in your energy vibrations

One of the most important implications of ringing in the ears is that you are going through spiritual ascension or awakening. This means you are moving to the higher bandwidth in the vibrational state.

In case you are experiencing a high-pitched ringing in the ears during meditation, there is a high likelihood that your spiritual vibrations are growing and you are moving to a higher spiritual realm.

This means your connection to the Universe is about to get better. You will be closer to the spiritual world. This often happens when you are attempting to unblock and regain balance in the chakras. At this time, you may also experience pressure in the third eye chakra. It is considered your gateway to the spiritual realm.

Bottom line

Besides medical conditions, electronic interference may also lead to ringing in the ears. If you have ruled out these possibilities, it most probably is from spiritual inference.

Left ear ringing is believed to be linked to the physical world while ringing in the right ear means spiritual connection. The spiritual meaning of high-pitched ringing in the ears is good, while the low-pitched one heralds negativity.

Next time when you experience this phenomenon, pay attention. Try to understand what ringing in the ears mean spiritually. You can derive a lot of information by listening to it.

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