How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You [10 Quick Tips]

How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You

How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You
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    You thought that he was into you and sensed a spark between you.

    This is ancient history. Now, he is ignoring you. He is acting as if you don’t exist and have no place in his life. 

    The worst part of all this is you have no clue why he is acting this way. On one hand, you feel infuriated for being treated like this. On the other hand, you are a nervous wreck trying to make sense of the situation.

    “Have I done something wrong?”

    “Did I offend him unknowingly?”

    “Why is he ignoring me?”

    “What should I do to make him give me attention?”

    In no time, you will find yourself spiraling down into depths of despair and self-doubt. Your self-esteem is bound to take a huge hit. Being ignored in love is hard to endure and overcome. 

    You have tried various ways to reach out to him but he is not responding. You tried meeting him, calling him, and texting him. 

    Is it true love when he ignores you? You begin to wonder whether he is worth pursuing at all. Again, you circle back to the fact that he still manages to tug your heartstrings. 

    You want to know whether you can get his attention back without losing your self-respect and individuality. This article attempts to untangle this mess for you. In this article, you will find practical tips and suggestions on what to do when someone ignores you, how to attract a guy who ignores you, and how to get his attention back. 

    10 Tips To Quickly Get His Attention When He Ignores You

    If you are keen on getting his attention back, you should first try to figure out the reason why he is ignoring you and how to respond to this. You should be aware of the do’s and don’ts to turn things around in your favor. Only then, do you need to consider your approach to get back his attention.

    Having a better understanding of men will place you in a better position to deal with this situation. Here are a few practical suggestions to help you understand what to do when he ignores you and how to regain the love of this guy.

    How to get a response from him?

    1. Understand his communication approach

    It’s common for women to complain that they find it hard to understand men. That is not surprising because men’s and women’s approaches to a relationship are different. Their wants, needs, and expectations are varied. 

    Unless you put in extra effort to know more about your partner, you will find it confusing when you come across situations like these.

    So, here is a quick roundup of men’s behavior in the context of relationships. 

    • Men fail to grasp how their behavior is impacting others, especially women. Just like you don’t understand how a man’s mind works, he doesn’t realize what makes you tick.
    • Men think with their heads and not with their hearts like women do. Men rely more on logic and rational thinking than on emotions. Their brains are wired differently.
    • Men use a problem-solving approach even when dealing with their emotions. They tend to block unwanted thoughts and feelings, while women confront and talk it through in a similar situation.
    • Men do not assign the same importance to people, things, and situations as you do. When you force him to respond, he is at a loss for what to do or say. Probably, he will say something very short or nothing at all. 
    • Men forget about things when they come across something they consider more important.  

    2. Allow him space and time

    Even modern women who are confident and independent otherwise, reveal their vulnerabilities in a relationship. In a way, that is part of the success of a relationship. However, feelings of insecurity can cloud the minds of women.

    When the guy you are dating is not calling or texting you as often as he normally does, your insecurity may get triggered. While you may be able to take the same behavior from someone else in your stride and shrug it off, you may not be able to do the same in a romantic relationship. 

    When this guy is not behaving in the way you expect him to, you might become anxious and sad. Your mind would be working overtime figuring our reasons for this action of his. 

    Don’t you think you are addicted to him and his attention? When you are denied these, you begin craving them. Your emotions go out of control. You experience mood swings. You may even act needy. 

    None of these reactions of yours is conducive to a healthy relationship. Nor would they rekindle this guy’s interest in you. Most probably, with this behavior, you will end up driving him further away.

    Panicking or overreacting is not going to get you what you want. He fell in love with the cool and relaxed woman in you and not the needy and impatient one you are now. Your “save the relationship” mode will only lead to more troubles.

    As a first step, offer him space and time to figure out the situation. Be patient. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume the worst. Give him the benefit of doubt. His reason for ignoring you may have nothing to do with you.

    3. He is not into you

    If you have been patient and given him time to come back to you and he hasn’t, maybe he is not in love with you after all. If you are popular with the opposite sex, this may come as a surprise to you. 

    You may be beautiful and perfect in the eyes of the world, including yourself. However, this doesn’t mean that all men will covet you. There will always be some men who may not consider you perfect partner material. They may be looking for something else.

    You need to realize that his likes and dislikes are not in your control. You should be able to accept the fact that he doesn’t like you as a partner. 

    His preferences may change due to something within or outside the relationship. It may not be because of what you did or didn’t. He may not even be willing to reveal his reasons. 

    You may introspect to ascertain if you have done anything to make him ignore you. If you manage to figure it out, you can use this as a learning experience and take care not to repeat the same.

    4. How to reclaim his love and attention?

    No matter what the reasons are for him ignoring you, you can still try to get his attention. The best and most effective method is by making him jealous.

    Pain is believed to be a more significant stimulus than happiness and fulfillment. Losing you may trigger a response from him than gaining something else.

    Upload a snap of you having a good time with another man in your social media profile. That should do the trick. Take care not to give him a wrong idea about your relationship with this other guy. So, no intimate pictures. 

    You will also know whether he has seen the picture. This would have made him curious about this guy. 

    Just post this one picture and move on to other exciting things happening in your life. Posting too many pictures will make it obvious. Moreover, it helps to get it across to him that you are not fretting about him for ignoring you or pining for him. You have moved on and are enjoying every moment. 

    5. Your “last ditch” attempt

    If the picture is not eliciting the kind of response you expected from him, you should give it a last shot. Trigger his hero instinct

    Every man has this innate quality to be the hero to those he loves. All you need to do is lead him on the right path. Say the right words and ask the right questions and you are home safe.

    One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by asking for help or advice. Remember to make it genuine and convincing. If he gets an inkling that you are playing him, he will run. 

    “There’s something wrong with this laptop and I’m unable to get it started. Can you take a look at it?”

    “I need to decide now but am torn between these two choices. Can you help me with this?”

    “My car is making some strange sounds. Do you think you can fix it?”

    When you send such “help me!” messages, he can’t help how he reacts to them. His hero instinct will take over and he comes running to your rescue. 

    As you have been trying to contact him earlier and sending him messages without getting any response, this is your one last chance with him. Choose your words carefully and make the most of them.

     Also, just ask or text him once and leave it at that. If he is not taking the bait, it is a clear sign that he is no more interested in you. It’s time for you to stop pursuing him and move on.

    If you want to learn How to Trigger a Man’s Hero Instinct, check His Secret Obsession Review for more details.

    How to respond to his response?

    6. Keep it light and enjoyable

    If you asked for help and he responded to that, stick to the topic until he shows interest in talking to you more. If he does, remember to maintain the conversation fun and playful. Don’t accuse or guilt trip him for ignoring you.

    Avoid controversial topics or getting into arguments. Remember that this is your last chance. But that doesn’t mean you should apologize or be submissive or be easy to get. Men like to overcome challenges. Be that challenge to get him hooked on you.

    7. Let him see that you can make him happy

    When he notices that he is happy in your company and you still possess the capacity to make him happy, he wouldn’t want to let you go. Especially when he stays away from you, he will notice your absence more. 

    Use the opportunity to connect with him. Make sure that you leave a positive influence on him. Let him leave with the impression of having a great time with you. 

    Not everyone can make others relax and feel good. If you have the skill, make the most of it. Make sure he realizes it. Remember not to bring up the topic of him ignoring you. Leave that for later discussion. For now, focus on getting back his attention.

    8. Spice it up

    Monotony and repetitiveness sound the death knell for a relationship. If you feel that this may be the reason for your partner to lose interest in you, try to make the time with him livelier and more exciting. Be spontaneous.

    Here are a few ideas you can try.

    • Go on a trip without planning it entirely. Be ready to take the good with the bad. This will help you bond.
    • Do the same for an evening out together. Try out new places or cuisines.
    • Try new activities even if it is not to your liking. 

    9. Make the extra effort and let him know

    Whether it is your makeup, clothes, or hairstyle, make sure you look your absolute best when you meet up with him. Be on your best behavior. Most important of all, don’t make it look casual or normal. Impress upon him that you made all the extra effort just for him. That should make him feel good.

    One of the most common troubles in a relationship is the laid-back approach. If you start feeling overconfident and complacent about the relationship, it may begin to slip away from you without you knowing about it. 

    You need to continue putting in the same effort in maintaining a relationship as you did in the beginning. In some instances, even more.

    10. Don’t settle for a boring relationship because he wants it

    Some men are content with a monotonous routine in a relationship. If you agree to this even if you feel otherwise, you will end up hurting your chances.

    If this guy is not interested in what you want and expects you to be a yes-person, it is not a good sign. In a healthy relationship, your desires and needs should find equal importance. Don’t agree to a mind-numbing relationship just because this guy wants it so.

    Just like you are investing your time and energy in the relationship, he should make the extra effort for you as well. When his suggestions do not meet these criteria, you should put your foot down firmly. You can force him to invest more in you and the relationship. 

    Don’t hesitate to stand by your decision. If he really likes you, he will respect you more for taking a stand.

    Bottom line

    When this guy you have been with is no longer interested in you and ignoring you, deal with the situation impartially. When someone ignores you, don’t take it too personally. At times, the reason may be unrelated to you and your taking it personally will end up damaging your relationship.

    Keep your emotions under check and take a level-headed approach. This and only this can help you get his attention back.


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