How to Manifest With Candles

How to Manifest With Candles

How to Manifest With Candles

A candle carries special value and meaning in our lives. 

The way it dispels darkness with its soft glow of light, for many, a candle represents knowledge. It is the symbol of selfless generosity, hope, faith, truth, purity, and positivity. It represents comfort, transformation, and spirituality.

The gentle light of the candle is a reminder of the higher power and how it continues to shed light on our souls. At the time of death, it acts as a reminder to the living of the world beyond. 

As candles are so much part of our spirituality and spiritual life, they can also play a meaningful role in your manifestation process. 

Read on to learn how to manifest with candles. This article will take you through the steps of candle magic and how to use crystal candles.

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    What is candle magic?

    Candle magic, also known as “candle magick” is a flexible activity that you can add to your spiritual practice. It is a magic spell to some and sympathetic magic to others. There are different versions of this practice but all of them involve using an external energy source (it’s fire here) to heighten the intensity of your intentions so that they naturally progress to manifestation.

    Fire has always been believed to possess spiritual significance from time immemorial. In this ritual, the element of fire helps to boost your confidence and concentration, ultimately leading to the realization of your goal. 

    Candle magic is easy to practice and brings you quick results. All it demands from you is unwavering trust and faith.

    Things required: 

    • Magic Candles
    • Matches/lighter 
    • Paper and pen (optional)
    • A safe place to light candles

    It is as simple as that. 

    Some practitioners insist on special expensive candles for this ritual. You need to understand that this is not vital to the success of this practice. You can very well do it with any candle as long as the color of the candle is a match for your goal. 

    Candle specifications:

    There is no particular specification for the material, size, or shape of the candle. You can buy any candle from any store. Most importantly, you need not spend a lot of money on them either. You can buy Law of Attraction candles in bulk and it would still be fine. 

    However, manifestation candles made from virgin wax are preferred. Since they have not been used before, there will be not any residual energy in them. 

    Something you need to focus on more is your intention and how well you are in sync with the universe. Before you do this ritual, it is recommended that you work on improving these aspects.

    However, the color of the candle used can help. It is believed that different colored Law of Attraction candles symbolize different energies and choosing a color that matches your intention is found to be beneficial. 

    Typically, white or black magic candles are used for general purposes and colored ones for specific intentions.

    Candle colors and their significance

    The color of the candle needs to be aligned with your intention to get the best results from this ritual. Here you will find the meaning and usage guide for each candle color.

    White candles:

    White is the color of purity, peace, and perfection. White candles are usually associated with spirituality, healing, and happiness. Being the universal color, white candles can be used as a substitute for any other color.

    Black candles:

    These are used for spiritual cleansing. If you want to get rid of bad habits or ward off the evil eye or nullify a curse, black is the color for you. If you want to shield yourself from the energy drain, light a black candle.

    Red candles:

    Red represents strength, passion, and courage. If you want to summon your willpower or physical stamina to achieve the goal or are trying to manifest love and romance, red is the color for you. 

    Green candles:

    Green is the symbol of growth and abundance. If you want to boost self-love, manifest money, or promote business growth, green candles are ideal. 

    Yellow candles:

    Yellow represents confidence, wisdom, personal power, and psychic energy. Choose a yellow candle if you want to focus better, gain clarity, or achieve success and happiness. 

    Blue candles:

    The color blue is associated with wisdom, creativity, and communication. If you want to manifest new opportunities, attract emotional stability, or regain mental balance, blue candles are the right choice for you. 

    Purple candles:

    Purple combines the qualities of red and blue colors. This color corresponds to love and romance as well as serenity, spiritual energy, and your link with the higher self. If you are facing trouble with decision-making, purple candles can help you find the balance between instinct and logic. 

    Orange candles:

    The color orange is linked to creativity and fertility. If your manifestation goal involves triggering your creative center or is associated with the creation of life, orange candles will be the best choice.

    Pink candles:

    Very similar in purpose to white candles, pink candles are best suited to manifest love, including self-love. You can also use them to get rid of insecurities and self-doubt.

    How to add intention to your candle?

    The next step is to add your intention to the chosen candle. This is often referred to as “dressing the candle”. In this step, you add a personal touch to the candle to establish a psychic link between you, your goal, and the candle.

    You can use essential oils, herbs, or even special numbers or mantras for this. You can rub the candle from top to bottom in your most preferred essential oil. Be careful not to apply the oil near the wick.

    If you have an emotional attachment to a specific herb, you can “dress up” the candle with it. In case you feel a strong connection with an angel number or a mantra, you can carve the same on the side of the candle.

    There is no right or wrong way to do this step. You should listen to your intuition and allow yourself to be guided by your heart. You do what you feel is right.

    How does candle magic work?

    Now that you have chosen the right candle color for manifestation and “dressed up” the candle with your intention. The next step is to choose the right day and right time for the ritual. Again, listen to your heart and go with your intuition.

    Make sure that you choose a spot for the ritual where you will not be disturbed for the duration. Safety is another aspect you should pay attention to. Ensure that the candle won’t become a fire hazard.

    Now, you are ready for candle magic. 

    Light up the candle. 

    You can sit cross-legged facing the candle if this is comfortable for you. You can also sit on a chair.

    Draw a few deep breaths to help you focus. You may do a short meditation session if you feel like it.

    Think about your goal. As your mind dwells on your desire, gather as much information you can about what you want to achieve. Get a crystal clear idea about your intention. Try to express this idea in a single concise sentence as an affirmation. You can say it aloud a few times. Finish it off by expressing your gratitude to the universe.

    If you prefer scripting or journaling, you can use this opportunity to write down your intention in the journal. You can also add visualization to this procedure. 

    Allow the candle to burn for five minutes. If you want more time for scripting/journaling, you can extend it by a minute or two. But try not to prolong this too much as you need to intensely focus on your goal for the entire duration. 

    Take care not to blow out the candle. You may use a ceramic plate for this. As you put the candle out, say the words “So be it. So it is. So it shall be”. 

    Now it is time to let go of the intention and allow the universe to work its magic.

    What are crystal candles?

    These are candles infused with crystals. Crystal candles come with one or more crystals in them.

    You may be aware of the use of various crystals for manifestation. Choosing a candle infused with the crystal of your choice brings together the benefits of crystal and candle in the same ritual.

    Here is a brief list of crystals for manifesting diverse goals.

    • Love and romance: Rose Quartz, Pink Kunzite, Rhodonite
    • Money and success: Citrine, Pyrite, Green Aventurine
    • Health and wellbeing: Amethyst, Quartz, Obsidian
    • Clear Quartz, Celestite, and Iron Pyrite can be used to manifest wishes of any kind.

    How to use crystal candles for manifestation?

    The first step is to identify what you want to manifest. This is not as easy as it sounds. You may have to dig deeper and ensure that you are passionate about this goal.

    The next step is to identify the crystal associated with the goal. Then comes the difficult task of finding a candle infused with the crystal. Sometimes, during candle shopping, you may come across a specific crystal candle that has got nothing to do with your intention. However, go with your intuition and pick it for crystal candle manifestation.

    Typically these are pillar candles with lots of space for you to write your intentions on. Because that is what you should do next. You can use a marker pen to write on them or use an engraving tool. 

    Place the candle in a special place and light it as and when you feel like it. The candle will act as a reminder of your intention and help you keep focused to work on making it a reality.

    Once the candle has fully burned out, retrieve the crystals and keep them with you. 

    After you have done your part in the manifestation process, it is time to let go of the intention. Clinging to it will negate all the good work you did until then. Take a step back and allow the universe to do its work.

    Bottom line

    Although there are no restrictions on the kind of manifestation candles you need to choose, it is ideal to avoid paraffin wax and palm oil candles. Beeswax candles and soy candles are alright as long as they are ethically sourced. It is preferable to buy candles that come with a certificate of origin.

    Once the candle is completely burned down, you can read the candle wax using your intuitions or psychic powers. After you are finished with the candle, you should bury what is remaining of it. 

    The success of a manifestation candle depends on your faith and belief that it works. And, don’t forget to thank the universe for helping you manifest your goal. 

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