How To Stop Manifesting What You Don't Want [3 Steps]

How To Stop Manifesting What You Don’t Want?

How To Stop Manifesting What You Don't Want

Usually, you come across articles that tell you how to manifest what you want. What if you find yourself manifesting something you don’t want by accident? Can you stop this?

Yes, you can. The moment you realize what you are doing, you can stop the process.

Negative thoughts and feelings have a way of invading your mental space. As you unknowingly focus on these unwelcome ideas, you may end up manifesting unwanted things in real life!

The law of attraction doesn’t discriminate between good and bad. Anything you focus on, you are bound to attract. No exceptions. There is no system in place to prevent this from happening other than your own awareness.

This article will help you understand how to stop manifesting things you don’t want. Here you will find the steps you need to follow to make this possible.

Steps to stop manifesting things you don’t want

Do you know that we are continuously manifesting whatever we are focusing on? 

This means whenever our thoughts are negative, we tend to manifest unwanted things. So, the question here is how to stop manifesting things you don’t want.

The simplest solution to this conundrum is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and consciously start manifesting what you want. The trick is to gain control over the thought process and focus on what you want and what you have rather than what you don’t want and what you don’t have.

This may look simple in theory but not as easy to put into practice. Developing an abundance mindset and a positive attitude is a good start to achieving this end. This shift will automatically raise your energy vibration from low to high, which is ideal for manifestation.

When your perception shifts from negative to positive, you will attract the kind of people, things, and situations that are in alignment with your positive mindset. In short, you will start manifesting what you want.

Let’s see how to stop manifesting things you don’t want in steps.

Step 1: Define what you don’t want

Negativity is the default option in your mind. This is known as the negative bias. This means, your mind shifts to negative thoughts if you are not paying attention or making any efforts to think positively.

If your current focus is on what you don’t want and your thoughts are in the negative space, the first step would be to change that.

When you want to reiterate any idea or thought in your mind, it is best to write it down. You can do the same in this case. Write down all the things you don’t want.

Now, it is time to gain clarity about them. Think about each one of them and try to understand as much as you can. Armed with this, you can turn them into positive thoughts. All you need to do is turn them around. 

For example, “I can’t do it” becomes “I can do it”. 

Or, “I’m unhappy” can be changed to “I’m happy”. 

Step 2: Repeat affirmations about what you want

Among manifesting techniques, positive affirmations are only next to visualization.

Positive affirmations are statements to help drive home the point in your mind. Repeating affirmations can expel negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with positive ones. When you repeat them, they tend to stick in your mindset and help in manifesting it.

Create affirmations about what you do want. You can select from existing affirmations or write some of your own. Just remember to frame them in a positive tone in the present tense. Include emotional words for added effectiveness.

For example, if your original negative thought was “I don’t want to be single”, you can frame an affirmation as “I am falling in love” or “I have found love”. 

On the face of it, both the negative and positive statements mean the same. But the difference is in their energy vibrations. While the negative thoughts come saddled with negative energy, the positive thoughts will fill your mind with positive energy vibrations. This means you will start manifesting the good things that you actually want.

Repeat the positive affirmations as often as you want. You may repeat them aloud or write them down in a journal. This is one of the powerful manifesting techniques that can work wonders for you if you repeat them with 100% belief. 

Step 3: Develop positive thoughts about what you want

With affirmations, you have removed the negative thoughts from the mind and replaced them with positive ones. Now, it is time to build on these thoughts and develop the right feelings about your desire.

If you are manifesting love, you must practice self-care and self-love. If it is wealth and abundance that you want, develop respect for money and embrace innovative ways of acquiring it. If you want to manifest health and well-being, figure out how to be at peace with yourself.

Living life as if you have already manifested what you want helps in raising your energy vibrations to match that of your desire. Naturally, manifestation happens.

Is it possible to reverse manifestation?

Yes, it is possible. In a way. 

Manifestation is not a one-time process that is final when you manifest something. You are continuously manifesting intentionally or unintentionally. You can always start manifesting something else to counterbalance the unwanted thing you manifested earlier.

However, in the conventional sense, you cannot reverse or undo what you already manifested. But you have the power to manifest a positive goal to cancel the consequences of the earlier manifestation, in effect, reversing it.

How much time is needed to reverse a manifestation?

This is the same as with any other manifestation. It can be done in a few hours to a few days or weeks. Some may need more time than this.

The time required to overcome the ill effects of a previous manifestation depends on how easy or difficult it is to shift your mindset from negative to positive. When your mind is obsessed with undesirable thoughts, you cannot manifest what you desire. The thoughts need to be changed to align with what you want.

To make this possible, you will have to stop all forms of negativity in your mental space – no whining, no regrets, no self-hatred, and no negative self-talk.

So long as you can eliminate negativity and stay positive, you can manifest what you want, thus reversing the consequences of the earlier negative outcome.

Is reversing manifestation easy? Does it always work?

Yes, it is. It always works. In fact, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work.

But you need to understand this simple fact about manifestation. You may set a goal and manifest it. But the outcome may not be what you originally envisaged. It may be different from what you wanted. 

For example, you may have wanted to manifest a specific person in your life. But you ended up with a different person. There is a valid reason for this.

You may not have known everything about this person when you tried to manifest them into your life. Maybe this is not the right person for you. But the Universe knows better. It will make sure that you get what you really wanted – a loving relationship with a suitable person.

You can make this easier by keeping your goal broader and opening your mind to all possibilities. You may continue to stay aligned with what you want to undo the damage of the earlier outcome but remain open to all possibilities.

Bottom line

You are not the only one manifesting negative thoughts into negative outcomes. It’s all too common. When you realize the mistake, you can always reverse it into something positive. 

To stop manifesting things you don’t want, all you need to do is to start manifesting what you want.

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