How To Trust The Universe: Law of Attraction

How To Trust The Universe: Law of Attraction

How To Trust The Universe Law of Attraction

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed; trusting the universe can bring peace of mind and nurture personal growth. In this blog post, we’ll explore nine tips that will guide you toward embracing the law of attraction, improving your life and health, and learning to let go of what you cannot control.

Harnessing gratitude, mindset shifts, positive thinking, visualization techniques, and manifestation strategies will lead you on a journey toward serenity and self-discovery. So please take a deep breath as we embark on this transformative path toward wholeheartedly trusting the universe.

1. Surrender

Surrendering is a crucial first step in learning how to trust the universe. Often, we feel the need to have complete control over every aspect of our lives, causing us stress and anxiety when things don’t go exactly as planned.

By accepting that there are circumstances beyond our control, we can begin releasing this burden and opening ourselves up to greater wisdom from the universe.

For instance, imagine you’re feeling stressed and depressed about a job interview that didn’t go well. Instead of dwelling on the negative outcome or blaming yourself for not being enough, try reminding yourself that it was merely one opportunity out of many others waiting for you.

Embrace your momentary helplessness and focus on positive thinking by visualizing better opportunities ahead. This simple act of surrendering control allows room for manifestation through the law of attraction.

2. Align with love

Align with love is a powerful way to trust the universe and align with its positive energy. When we choose to focus on love, whether it be for ourselves or others, we are essentially sending out vibrations that resonate with abundance, compassion, and joy.

This can help manifest more harmonious experiences in our life and health while increasing our overall sense of well-being.

One practical method to tap into this love energy is through regular meditation practices focused on loving-kindness (also known as ‘Metta’ meditation).

Begin by sitting comfortably and taking a few deep breaths. Silently repeat phrases such as “May I be filled with love” or “May all beings experience happiness,” visualizing yourself or others enveloped by a warm embrace of affection.

This practice helps generate feelings of empathy and connectedness – not only towards ourselves but also towards those around us, even complete strangers.

By consciously cultivating these loving vibes daily, you will find your mindset shifting towards positivity and faith in the universe’s plan for your life, thus helping you release control over outcomes and trust the path laid before you.

3. Let go

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to let go of what we cannot control. We often hold onto past hurts, regrets, and fears that no longer serve us. This can lead to feelings of stress and depression, which hinder our ability to trust the universe.

To release what you cannot hold means accepting that there are certain things beyond your control. You may not be able to change past events or other people’s behavior, but you can choose how you respond to them. Meditation and mindfulness practices are helpful tools for learning how to let go.

For example, if someone has hurt you in the past, holding onto anger or resentment will only cause more pain for yourself. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting or condoning their actions; it means releasing that negative energy from yourself so that you can move forward with a clear mind and heart.

Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand it at the time. Trusting the universe means letting go of any attachments and allowing life to flow naturally without resistance. When we release what we cannot hold onto, we make space for new opportunities and blessings in our lives.

4. Spend time in nature

Nature can be a powerful teacher when it comes to trusting the universe. Take a moment to observe the world around you – notice how everything operates in perfect harmony and balance.

The trees grow without effort, birds fly easily, and the sun rises every day without fail. By observing nature, we learn that life can flow effortlessly if we let go of our need for control.

When we spend time in nature, it has a calming effect on our minds and bodies. It helps us tune into the present moment and reminds us that this world has so much beauty to be grateful for. Whether it’s taking a walk in the park or sitting by the ocean, make an effort to connect with nature regularly.

Nature also teaches us about cycles of growth and change. Just like flowers bloom in springtime and leaves fall off trees in autumn – our lives also have seasons of growth and transformation.

Understanding this natural ebb and flow can help us trust that things will work out as they are supposed to – even if we don’t always know how or why.

By observing nature closely, we learn valuable lessons about life’s unpredictability yet innate charm, which ultimately benefits both our mindsets towards manifestation and general health awareness.

5. Show Gratitude

One of the most powerful tools for cultivating a positive and trusting mindset is gratitude. It’s easy to get caught up in negative feelings when things don’t go as planned, but taking a moment to appreciate what you do have can shift your perspective and attract positive experiences into your life.

Make a conscious effort to practice gratitude daily. This could be as simple as writing down three things you’re grateful for each morning or evening. Focus on moments of joy, like spending time with loved ones, enjoying good food, or experiencing something new. By shifting your focus towards appreciation, you’ll start to notice more things to be thankful for.

Remember that feeling grateful doesn’t mean denying any challenges or struggles in your life. Rather, it’s about choosing to see the silver lining and acknowledging that even amidst difficulties, there are positives to be found. Trusting in the universe means believing that everything happens for a reason – so show gratitude for all of it!

6. Increase Self-Awareness

Increasing self-awareness is an essential step towards trusting the universe. It involves becoming more mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. By doing so, you can identify patterns that might be holding you back from achieving your goals or experiencing true happiness.

Meditation is an effective way to increase self-awareness. Take a few minutes each day to sit quietly and focus on your breath. This mindfulness practice helps you become more in tune with yourself and better equipped to recognize limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns.

Another way to increase self-awareness is by journaling. Write down your thoughts and feelings as honestly as possible without judgment or criticism. You may discover new insights about yourself and gain clarity on what truly matters in life.

Remember, trust in the universe starts with trusting yourself first. Raise your awareness, challenge any limiting beliefs that are blocking abundance from coming into your life, reframe them into empowering ones, then set prime intentions for wealth creation using visualization techniques like vision boards or meditation practices regularly targeted around maintaining a positive mindset of gratitude knowing everything will come together at the right time.

7. Listen To Your Intuition

Intuition is a powerful tool we all possess but often ignore in favor of logic and rational thinking. However, listening to your intuition can greatly enhance your ability to trust the universe.

Your gut feelings and instincts are signals from the universe, guiding you toward what’s truly best for your life.

Pay close attention to those little nudges and whispers from within. They may come in the form of a nagging feeling or an unexplainable sense of knowing.

When you feel like you’re at a crossroads, take a moment to quiet your mind through meditation or deep breathing exercises. This will allow you to connect with your intuition more easily.

It’s important to remember that intuition only sometimes makes logical sense. Trusting it requires letting go of control and surrendering yourself to the universe’s plan for your life.

Practice following your inner guidance regularly until it becomes second nature, allowing yourself room for error as part of mastering this skill.

Trusting the universe means trusting yourself first, so when faced with decisions in various aspects of life, such as career choices, relationships, or spiritual practices, let these guideposts lead the way providing clarity on our behalf – simply by listening intently.

8. Appreciate life’s goodness

One of the most important things to do when trusting the universe is to appreciate life’s goodness. This means recognizing that forces beyond your control are working in your favor, even if you can’t see them now. It can be difficult to let go of control and put faith in something outside yourself, but learning to do so can be incredibly liberating.

One way to acknowledge life’s grace is by practicing gratitude daily. Take time each day to appreciate all the good things in your life, no matter how small they may seem. This helps shift your focus away from what you lack and towards what you have, which can help attract more positivity into your life.

Another way to recognize life’s grace is by keeping an open mind and being receptive to new experiences and opportunities. 

Sometimes unexpected situations or challenges lead us down paths we would never have considered otherwise – try not to resist these twists and turns too much, as they might lead you towards greater happiness or success than you ever imagined possible.

9. Seek Oneness

The concept of oneness is a fundamental principle of spirituality and personal growth. It refers to the idea that everything in the universe is connected, and we are not separate from each other or our surroundings. Seeking oneness is one way to trust the universe because it helps us understand that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

To seek oneness, we must cultivate compassion and empathy toward others. We can do this through acts of kindness and connecting with people who may be different from us. By recognizing our shared humanity, we see how much we have in common with others.

Another way to seek oneness is through meditation or mindfulness practices. These techniques help us quiet our minds to become more aware of our thoughts and emotions. When we learn to observe them without judgment, we can feel more at peace with ourselves and the world around us.


Trusting the universe may seem daunting, especially when we feel stressed and depressed. However, by embracing helplessness and tuning into love, we can release control and observe the beauty of life around us.

By practicing gratitude and increasing self-awareness, we can listen to our intuition and acknowledge life’s grace. Seeking oneness with ourselves allows us to trust the universe’s power truly.

Remember that trusting the universe is not about giving up or blindly accepting everything that comes our way. It’s about having faith in our journey while being open to all possibilities.

We can create a mindset that aligns with our goals and purpose with meditation, positive thinking, visualization, and manifestation techniques.

So take a deep breath, let go of what you cannot hold onto, and trust in the universe’s magic!

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