How to Unblock Throat Chakra?

How to Unblock Throat Chakra

how to unblock throat chakra

The fifth chakra, the throat chakra is located in the throat. And, you guessed it right. It is associated with communication and expressing your emotions, needs, and desires.

Are you struggling to verbalize your true feelings? Are you having trouble understanding your wants and needs? Do you feel that you are not heard or you are being misunderstood?

Probably you are facing a throat chakra blockage. 

There is no need for an alarm. Although it is a dire situation, there is no need to panic. With patient, dedicated effort, you can heal the throat chakra and retrieve its balance.

This article will help you understand the functions of the throat chakra, how it gets blocked, the associated symptoms, and ways to unblock it.

About throat chakra and its role in our lives

Among the seven chakras or energy centers in our body, the throat chakra is the fifth one. As the name indicates, it is located in the center of the throat. Vishuddha chakra, as it is known in Sanskrit, is associated with your ability to communicate and be understood. It is this chakra that controls your capability to speak your inner truth.

Being the regulator of your communication skill, the throat chakra also plays a key role in your ability for self-expression and creativity. It is also associated with truth and purity. The throat chakra helps you to recognize and accept your individuality and the unique experiences you encounter in this world.

The throat chakra is responsible for the expression of feelings, thoughts, and ideas. It ensures a good internal dialogue and provides the stimulus for you to pursue and share the truth.  It helps regulate your social skills, honor, and integrity and finds you the balance between listening and speaking.

Because of its close association with the sacral chakra, the throat chakra is related to expressions of creativity. 

The throat chakra can impact your ability to speak the truth and live an honest life. It has a say in the quality of your relationships and your expertise in handling conflicts. It affects your ability to be heard and recognize your needs.

A balanced throat chakra sets you free of judgment and fear of the opinion of others. It affords you freedom from seeking approval from others.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra)
Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) Symbol

Symptoms of a blocked throat chakra

As in the case of other chakras, stress is the main contributing factor for an unbalanced throat chakra. Wrong posture, unhealthy eating habits, and self-destructive behavior can all lead to blockage in the chakra.

You would be able to recognize an obstructed throat chakra if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

  • Inability in expressing yourself
  • Stressed about speaking
  • Fear speaking the truth
  • Incessant self-criticism

You would feel as if others are not interested in what you have to say. When you are facing such issues, you may go overboard and talk too much or become too quiet and turn inward.

The physical symptoms of a throat chakra that is out of balance are 

  • Chronic sore throat
  • Scratchy throat
  • Laryngitis
  • Mouth ulcers and gum infection
  • Problems in the thyroid
  • Disorders linked to the jawbone

How to heal the throat chakra?

The severity of the problems associated with a blocked throat chakra would give the impression that it is hard to heal. The good news is that the restorative process is neither too complicated nor time-consuming. 

You may adopt any one or more of the following practices to heal your throat chakra blockage.

1. Neck exercise

Stretching exercises that help in opening up the neck area are helpful for the restorative process. This can relieve the tension building up in the region.

  1. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Lower your chin.
  2. Tilt your head to the left so that your left ear is close to the left shoulder. Feel the stretch on the right side of the neck. Hold the pose to the count of 10.
  3. Come back to the start position.
  4. Repeat the same on the right side.
yoga shoulder stand pose for unblocking throat chakra

2. Yoga asanas

Again, the idea is to release the stress build-up in the neck region. The recommended yoga poses for this are shoulder stand, fish pose, and plow pose (more information about Yoga poses for each chakra). These asanas help open your throat and restore energy flow in the chakra. This can repair the imbalance in the throat chakra.

3. Chakra stones and jewelry

Blue is the color associated with the throat chakra. This means stones and crystals in various shades of blue can help balance your throat chakra. The popular restorative stones are turquoise, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and amazonite.

You may use the stones in whichever way you feel is beneficial to you. Some of the recommended methods are wearing them as jewelry, carrying them around with you, using them in the decor, and keeping them on your throat when you are resting or repeating affirmations.

 4. Meditation

Chakra meditation is simple and easy to follow but comes with immense benefits. Follow these meditation steps for a healthy throat chakra.

  1. Sit in a comfortable pose with the back upright and eyes closed.
  2. Focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply 5 times.
  3. In your mind, scan the body from top to bottom, taking time to relax the muscles as you progress.
  4. Visualize a blue ball spinning in front of your throat. 
  5. As the ball gets bigger and bigger, experience the feeling of openness and relaxation in the throat area.
  6. Feel the flow of energy throughout your body.
  7. Open your eyes when ready.

5. Foods for healing

Some foods can help improve energy circulation and open your throat. These foods while improving the chakras also support the nutritional needs of the body. Whole grains like brown rice are ideal for this. Reducing the intake of sugar is also considered helpful.

However, there are specific foods associated with throat chakra healing. These include, not surprisingly, blueberries. All fruits allowed to mature on the trees until they are consumed also make the list. Ginger, salt, and lemongrass are also believed to have chakra healing properties.

6. Affirmations

Positive affirmations that help you feel authentic and truthful can promote throat chakra healing. On top of this, including throat-specific affirmations can work wonders in the chakra healing process. Here are some samples for your consideration.

  • I always manage to find the right words to express myself.
  • I speak the truth despite the consequences.
  • I can verbalize my thoughts freely.
  • I am always understood correctly by others.
  • I always communicate well.
More Throat chakra affirmations to help your chakra balancing.
Throat chakra stone blue color

7. Color blue

The blue color is linked to the throat chakra and this can be used for removing the blockage in it. Including the blue color in your clothing and jewelry is the most obvious way to achieve this. 

Another technique to include more of blue color is to make it part of your visualization practice. Imagine the blue color as the light filling up the room. As you are being surrounded by the blue light, visualize it covering your throat and dislodging the blockage there. As you exhale, release the stress and fear.

Last word

A blocked or out-of-balance throat chakra can wreak havoc in your life by preventing you from communicating your thoughts and feelings. Though the severity of a chakra blockage is high, the remedy is relatively simple to understand and easy to follow.’

There is no need to struggle through your life with an obstructed throat chakra. You can rectify the imbalance and make the chakra function at its optimum again. You will be surprised how these simple techniques can change your life.

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