How to Use the Law of Attraction for Money?

How to Use the Law of Attraction for Money?

How to Use the Law of Attraction for Money

Love and wealth are the top two desires that attract people to the law of attraction and manifestation. That is nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about. After all, we all would like to have more love and abundance in life, if given a choice.

Have you ever thought about why some people are so successful in life and amass so much wealth, while for the rest, it remains a dream? The answer is simple. It all starts with the mind. It is all in the mindset.

In fact, this same rule applies to most things in life. If you want to realize your dreams, you should be able to believe wholeheartedly that you deserve them and you are capable of achieving them.

This article exclusively deals with acquiring wealth and abundance using the law of attraction. You will find here some manifestation exercises you can follow to make this happen as well as tips to eliminate negative elements and improve your chances of financial abundance.

How to manifest abundance?

You might be familiar with the steps to manifest abundance and your dreams. The highlights of the manifestation process are:

  • Decide what you want
  • Visualize/imagine that you are already wealthy
  • Eliminate mental blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Use affirmations to raise your positive energy
  • Trust the Universe
  • Learn to let go of the desire
Manifestation can be summarized as “Ask, Believe, Receive”.

Even as you are following these steps, you can boost your success rate in manifestation with some specific practices. They are mostly aimed at removing negativity and raising positivity.

Wealth and abundance raise conflicting emotions in the minds of people. Even when you want it, you continue to feel that you don’t deserve so much money, or you are incapable of earning millions. You view money with dread and trepidation.

When in your mind “I want wealth” and “I shouldn’t have wealth” co-exist, there is an obvious conflict. You just have to pick one. So, if you want to manifest money, you should take steps to get rid of the mental block about money and acquiring wealth.

Eliminating limiting beliefs is one of the first and toughest of all manifestation steps when manifesting abundance. Changing the money mindset is a slow and arduous process. Positive affirmations are your best bet to make this happen. You also need lots of patience, determination, and perseverance to succeed in this.

You may also want to take a look at our guide on limiting beliefs about money.

Once this is done, you can focus on the steps to attract wealth. You can also follow these exercises to speed up the process and ensure success and financial freedom.

5 practices to manifest wealth

1. Focus on what you have

This may sound strange if you are new to the law of attraction and manifestation. Your desire to have more wealth should come from a positive mindset. Putting this another way, your desire should not come from a place of lack and scarcity, as it is a negative mentality.

One of the first steps you need to do to attract abundance is to dig deep into your mind and find the reason behind the goal. Do you want to attract money because you are struggling now? Do you want enough money to clear your unpaid bills that are piling up?

Or do you want the money to achieve something positive with it? See the difference? Unless your emotions behind your goal are positive, your effort will not be fruitful.

Moreover, you need to focus on what you have now and feel grateful for it. Spending some time daily to feel thankful for all the blessings you have received can make a huge difference to your manifestation attempt.

You can practice gratitude with a journal for a systematic approach. Soon, gratitude will become a habit for you.

2. Turn the tables on limiting beliefs

As explained earlier, limiting beliefs pose a serious threat to a successful manifestation. The first step in eliminating them is to identify these negative thoughts. Limiting beliefs about money can be something like “I don’t deserve to be wealthy” or “Money is the root of all evil”, “I am not good with money”, or “Money is not important”.

Affirmations offer you the best chance to get rid of these mental blocks. Instead of using general money affirmations, the most effective ones to eliminate specific limiting beliefs are based on the beliefs themselves. Just turn the negative statements into positive ones.

You can alter “I don’t deserve to be wealthy” to 

“I deserve to be wealthy”. 

“Money can help in achieving positive things”. 

“I am an excellent money manager”.

“Money can help improve lives”.

Do you get it? You just flip the script and make them into positive statements. These are the best weapons in your fight against mental blocks. You can also have general money affirmations like “Money flows to me easily” or “I am a money magnet”.

You may also want to take a look at our guide on money affirmations to attract wealth.

3. Ensure that your goal is in alignment with your moral codes

All of us have our own idea about what is right and what is wrong. If your goals clash with your ideas, you have a problem on your hand. Your manifestation journey may not reach its desired end.

Even when you are wishing for more wealth and following the steps for manifesting it, your values tell you that “Money is the root of all evil” or “Easy money is money easily lost”.

You must know by now that the law of attraction is all about positive energy and higher vibrations attracting positive things. There is no place for negativity in this. In fact, a negative mindset can attract negative things into your life.

You need to figure out whether any of your money-related values are clashing with your goal. You can do this by following these simple steps.

What are the top three life-altering experiences in your life?

Find 5-10 words to define each one of these.

By looking at all the words you have come up with, you will get a general idea of your basic values.

4. Be realistic

This applies to many aspects of manifestation. When you are setting your goal, is it realistic enough that you can believe it will happen? Unless you can believe in your goal, your manifestation attempt is not going to succeed. You can manifest as much wealth as you want as long as you can believe in it wholeheartedly.

Another instance that calls for a realistic approach is the grasp of your financial situation. You need to be honest with yourself. Are you making any financial mistakes? How bad a situation are you in? Are you managing it as well as it can be done? How much money is enough for you?

Ask for help from near and dear ones if need be. Instead of wishing for insane amounts of money to tide over the current financial situation, you should be looking at how you got there and whether there is anything wrong with your strategy or approach. Others may be able to take an impartial view of your finances and come up with helpful suggestions.

Unless you change your approach and become aware of the reality, things will go back to the same old dire situation.

5. Eliminate your misgivings of success

Most people think that success is evil and can corrupt them. They are scared of how money can change their outlook and their behavior. With these thoughts, they are sabotaging their own chances.

Writing down your thoughts on the matter can help you figure out your anxieties, consternations, and dreads regarding amassing wealth. “I may be targeted by money-grabbers” or “People may want to befriend me for my wealth” or “I may not be happy when I am rich”.

Analyze each one of these thoughts to understand its root cause. Where did you get these ideas? Is it something you have come across in life? Did it happen to anyone you know?

Address each concern by writing a specific reply. “I know me and I know how to handle greedy people”. “I can distinguish between real and false friends”.

Some useful tools for manifesting wealth

Bottom line

You must be desiring wealth and abundance to get you specific things for a dream life. In case you are still feeling apprehensive about manifesting wealth and abundance, you can abandon the attempt and manifest the things you actually want directly. This can eliminate many of your fears and misgivings about manifesting money.

Money is merely a medium of exchange that can get you certain things in life. Above this, money and wealth have no use. It would be just a piece of paper. Whether money can buy happiness is something personal. It is for you to decide.

Whether you love money and want to manifest more money or not, you need to establish a good relationship with it to enjoy the pleasures of life.

If you want to easily manifest money into your life, you need to read one of my manifesting money success stories! This article will show how I used the power of manifestation to attract $160,000 in a year!

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