Law of Attraction Quantum Physics Explained

Law of Attraction Quantum Physics

Law of Attraction Quantum Physics

Since the first human walked the Earth, there has been a constant quest to figure out the mysteries of nature. Human beings, with their curiosity and intelligence, have pushed boundaries to unravel how the Universe worked so seamlessly.

In this pursuit, we humans have asked ourselves some challenging questions and worked hard to find their answers, in the process expanding our reservoir of knowledge. 

“To myself, I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.” – Isaac Newton

Even with centuries of concerted efforts by our scientists, we aren’t anywhere close to understanding the Universe completely. We have barely scratched the surface. For instance, consider quantum physics. 

Quantum physics is the branch of science concerning quantum theory. Quantum theory is the study of the nature and behavior of matter and energy on atomic and subatomic levels. It helps us understand how electrons and protons exist and interrelate with each other. 

However, quantum physics doesn’t follow or comply with many of the existing laws of physics. It poses challenges to our classical understanding of matter and energy. 

This article explores the relationship between the law of attraction and quantum physics. Here you will also find how to manifest using quantum physics.

Quantum physics and consciousness

Predicting the position of an object or a light wave in the future is simple in classical physics if you know its present position. However, it is difficult to make this prediction with 100% accuracy with quantum physics. 

In quantum physics, the quantum particles oscillate between existing and non-existing, as energy is considered one of its properties. This makes it hard to calculate its position or chart its path and predict where it will be in the future. Moreover, light can exist in the form of quantum particles or as a wave, making the whole topic more complicated to grasp. 

As modern physics is yet to come up with a plausible explanation, we can borrow knowledge from ancient texts and the wisdom of sages and mystics as they claim to have a better understanding of consciousness and reality. 

Age-old spiritual beliefs assert that the Universe is filled with energy. While for some, this consciousness is known as God or the Higher Power, others call it cosmic energy or Reiki energy.  By looking at reality through this energy, you can see things with clarity and figure out the link between quantum physics and consciousness.

What is the connection?

Our own consciousness and experience is a microcosm or miniature version of that of the entire Universe. This means our position and role in the Universe affect the expanded reality. 

Our minds play a significant role in the creation of this Universe and reality. In fact, it is the mind that really gives shape to what we perceive and experience. Or in other words, we shape or create our own reality.

Some scientists speculate that our consciousness is an offshoot or consequence of quantum theory. Tracing the connection further back, we can say that our brains can be equated to quantum computers.  That is the relationship between consciousness and quantum physics. They influence each other.

This connection can be used to explain why light behaves as a wave and as quantum particles. The secret to this lies in how light is perceived or observed. Quantum theory stipulates that the fundamental state of matter is entirely dependent on how it is observed. In simple words, an object exists only when it is observed and the way it is observed. 

This means the same object may exist or not exist for different people and even if it exists, it may look different because of the difference in perception. All this proves the laws of classical physics wrong. The Universe is not objective but subjective. 

Reality is subjective and both individual and universal consciousnesses play a role in this subjectivity.

This is not all. Quantum physics also comes up with the explanation of multiple dimensions or universes. All that has ever happened, happening, can happen, and will happen can be found in one of the universes. This means every option you had, whether you chose it or not, exists in one of these Universes. This revelation has an immense consequence.

It’s your consciousness that directly influences your choices. This means you can control the reality you are about to experience. For instance, let’s consider the choices available for your breakfast – sandwich or cereal. Both choices exist as possibilities in quantum physics in diverse universes. Your consciousness is merely making one of them your reality by choosing it. 

Quantum physics and the law of attraction

The law of attraction is a philosophy or a belief that tells us that we can manifest anything we want by focusing on them. If you manage to maintain your focus on positive things, the outcome would be positive. The same is the case with negative thoughts.

In other words, you can shape your reality and life by controlling your consciousness, which in turn is influenced by quantum physics.

A better understanding of the link between our consciousness and quantum physics can help us gain control over what is happening to us and where our life is headed. You can consciously choose how every single moment of your life turns out instead of going forward blindfolded.

The tools provided by the law of attraction for manifesting desires are all aimed at enhancing our perception of reality. Practicing meditation, breathwork, and yoga can help you get what you want and live the life you have always dreamed about.

How to manifest using quantum physics?

The Newtonian model of an atom involves a nucleus with electrons orbiting around it. This was proved incorrect by the quantum model which tells that the electrons exist in an energy cloud around the nucleus. 

We also need to understand the observer effect to succeed in manifestation. The observer effect is created when an observer maintains their focus on one position in the energy cloud and the electron appears at this position. When there is no observer or no focus, the electron will return to its non-physical state and will be present across the entire energy cloud.

In other words, our observation and focus guide energy to concentrate at one point, thus creating matter. This link between thought and matter is the basis for manifestation.

Each one of us is surrounded by infinite invisible energy called a quantum field. Similar to the manifestation of electrons from the energy cloud on observation, we can manifest our physical world from the quantum field. 

Bottom line

The law of attraction tells us that we can alter the quantum field around us by changing our thoughts and feelings. Out of numerous universes of possibilities available to us, we can choose the one we want and make it our reality. This is the essence of manifestation.

Manifestation happens when the emotions are elevated and the energy vibrations are high enough to match that of the desire. You also need to ensure that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned with your desire. Or else, they tend to cancel each other out. 

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get into that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” – Albert Einstein

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