Top 6 Obstacles Before Manifestation

Top 6 Obstacles Before Manifestation

Obstacles Before Manifestation

Manifestation is a process that can take time. Many obstacles may pop up in the last stages of manifestation. In this article, you will learn about some of the most common obstacles before manifestation and how to overcome them so you can manifest them faster and easier than ever before!

When you are on the verge of manifesting your goal, you would be eagerly looking forward to enjoying the fruit of your hard work. That is not to be. You have some more work in the cards. This means delay.

In fact, this is such a common occurrence, that the appearance of obstacles is seen as a welcome sign. It is an indication that manifestation is near. 

However, you cannot ignore the obstacles and hope that you will reach your goal in due course. You need to put in more work to overcome them. More than this, you may feel discouraged by the delay and need for more focus and effort. 

After all that you have done to reach this stage, if you lose trust in the process and abandon the manifestation attempt, it would be a colossal waste of time and energy.

This means, along with working on overcoming the obstacles, you need to work on keeping your faith and focus intact. 

This article describes the most common obstacles that may pop up in the last stages of manifestation. You will also find here suggestions for overcoming these obstacles using the tools of the law of attraction.

1. Delay in manifestation

When the realization of your goal is unduly delayed for no apparent reason, the delay itself can turn into an obstacle. If you can identify what is causing the delay, you can always do something about it. However, when you cannot figure out the reason for the delay, it is natural for you to feel frustrated.

Ask yourself if it is really a setback? Can’t you use the extra time to prepare yourself to receive the goal? Or if you want to rethink it, this is the best time for it. 

When you are working overtime to manifest your dream, any delay may appear as an obstacle. Before jumping to conclusions, reconsider this approach. It may actually be a blessing in disguise. 

You may have gone wrong with your manifestation process somewhere and you may be about to manifest the wrong goal. Instead of what you want, you may end up manifesting what you don’t want. You can use this extra time gained to recheck your goal and the path traveled. 

Whenever there is a delay in the final stage, be patient and don’t lose hope. Keep up your part of the deal and allow the Universe to work its magic.

2. Revival of mental blocks

In the early stages of manifestation, you checked and rechecked to identify some limiting beliefs creating roadblocks in your path. You worked on them and made them disappear from your mind. But now that your goal is in sight and you find the same limiting beliefs coming back.

Negative thoughts and emotions are not that easy to get rid of. You do the necessary work and make them vanish. The moment your back is turned, they come back with a vengeance. Negativity is hard to shake off completely.

Again, there is no need to despair. As long as you are ready for this eventuality, every time they come back, you can patiently repeat the same action to eliminate them. Take care not to lose your patience or trust. 

You may tell yourself that these are merely thoughts and not facts. You can try affirmations to replace them with positive ones.

3.Obsession or the desire to control

The manifestation process requires you to focus on your goal as much as possible. When you stay in this mode for long, it can turn into an obsession or an overwhelming urge to control the outcome. 

A thin line separates focus and obsession. You can easily cross the line and not know about it. You will start thinking about the goal and nothing else. You will end up losing out on many fronts.

Another fallout of focusing on the goal for a long time is the desire to manage the result. You want the manifestation process to happen in a certain way, at a certain time. This is neither desirable nor practical. 

Manifestation happens when it happens. None of us can control the process. Even attempting to control it is not good. Nothing good can come out of it.

4. Hesitation to act

Often your goal would be ambitious and to achieve it you have to get out of your comfort zone and take inspired action. Nobody is forcing you to do this but you are doing it voluntarily because you want to reach your goal.

You may not have trouble with this in the initial stages of manifestation as you felt enthusiastic about achieving the goal. As you near the goal, you start feeling a strange sense of apprehension and fear that what you are doing is not correct. The reason attributed may be different in different people.

Your hesitation may cost you dearly. Your manifestation attempt may fail because you did not complete the inspired action. The only way to get over this hesitation is to ignore this misgiving and trust the Universe to know what is right for you.

5. Criticisms and judgments

The world is full of naysayers. If you listen to them, you can achieve nothing. You may notice that their pitch goes up a few notches as you near your manifestation. You will find it hard to ignore their clamor any longer. 

You may come across all kinds of cynics, critics, and pessimists. While some may call you stupid or crazy, others would mock you for following some mumbo-jumbo. 

In case you loosen your grip on manifestation, this noise is bound to grow louder, bolder, and insistent. 

There is only one way you can deal with them. Ignore them. And, focus on what you are doing. Continue to maintain your faith in the process and with the Universe and follow the manifestation steps diligently. Rise above the cacophony and continue your journey. You will find that all the naysayers disappear by the wayside.

6. Difficulty in reconciling with your new identity

In the course of the manifestation process, you make efforts to shift your mindset and similar steps to eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs. All these may lead to a new identity for yourself. You may face trouble recognizing the new you.

The only way to overcome this feeling is to see the change as a positive development. Change is not bad and transformation of mindset is a desirable step. 

Often you hold on to certain beliefs and traits because you are so used to having them that they sort of form your identity. 

When you face an identity crisis, consider it a good sign. It is an indication that you are changing for the better. 

What are obstacles before manifestation is holding you back?

Obstacles cropping up as you near manifestation is nothing new or surprising. Use the feeling of gratitude to get over them. Remember that you set the wish in motion and all the things are happening for you and not to you. 

Make sure that you are unaffected by the ups and downs of the manifestation journey. Believe with all your mental strength that with a positive mind, only good things are going to happen to you.

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