The Pillow Manifestation for Love (A Complete Guide)

The Pillow Manifestation for Love (A Complete Guide)

Pillow Manifestation for Love

Have you ever come across the Pillow Method for manifesting your desires? Ever tried it before?

If you want to know more about this simple manifestation method, read on. 

The Pillow Manifestation is powerful and easy to follow. If you want to manifest your desire, you have scores of methods to choose from. Amongst these methods, the Pillow Method stands out for its simplicity and ease of execution. This is not the case with many others.

If you have tried and failed at other manifestation techniques, don’t worry too much or feel discouraged. Those methods may not suit your personality type. Why not give the Pillow Method a chance to work its magic for you?

This article is all about Pillow Manifestation and how you can use it to manifest love.

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    What is the Pillow Manifestation Method?

    This is a manifestation technique that follows the law of attraction principles to help you manifest your desires. In this method, you write down your desire on paper and place it under the pillow before falling asleep. 

    As you drift off to sleep, you can visualize living your dream. You continue to keep the “script” under your pillow for a few more days until your goal is manifested. 

    Manifestation cannot get easier and simpler than this. The law of attraction technique is uncomplicated enough to understand and follow. This makes it a perfect choice for beginners as well as those who do not have the luxury of time to follow more elaborate manifestation methods.

    How does the Pillow Manifestation Method work?

    Our mind has two distinct parts – the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the half we are more familiar with. It makes up our awareness. The subconscious mind is where we store all information we have ever come across in our lives. It acts as a data center where information is stored and retrieved when needed.

    When we are sleeping, only our conscious minds become inactive. Our subconscious minds are as alert and active as ever. 

    When you fall asleep, the brainwave frequencies undergo a transition from beta to alpha and alpha to theta brainwave. Theta brainwave occurs between wakefulness and sleep and is linked to the subconscious mind. The reverse sequence of brainwaves happens as you wake up. From theta to alpha and then to beta brainwave.

    When your brain is on theta wave frequency, it is more receptive to changes and it is easier to reprogram it. If you are looking for an opportunity to rewire your subconscious mind, this is the perfect setting. Your subconscious mind will be more receptive to suggestions and you can reprogram it to suit your desire.

    Another reason for the success of the Pillow Manifestation Method is that it ensures that your last thought before falling asleep is a positive one – one that makes you happy. This means your subconscious mind will be filled with positive vibes throughout the night. This positive state will still be present when you wake up in the morning.

    How to follow the Pillow Manifestation technique?

    You can use the Pillow Method to manifest anything you desire including love and relationship. The steps are the same irrespective of what you are wishing for.

    Things you need:

    • Pillow
    • Paper
    • Pen
    • Intention/goal

    Here are the step-by-step instructions to practice the Pillow Manifestation Method.

    Step 1: Decide what you want

    This may seem like a no-brainer to you because you feel that you know what you want. But it is not as simple as that. When you are manifesting your goal using the law of attraction technique, you need to be 100% sure about your goal and gain more clarity on it. 

    When you are manifesting love, are you already aware of the person you want in your life? Or are you attempting to manifest a loving relationship with a partner? If so, what kind of partner are you looking for? 

    List the characteristics you want in your partner. And also, how you want to be treated by this partner. Think of various aspects of your relationship with this partner and gain a clearer idea about it.

    Knowing the specifics is vital for the success of your manifestation. Having more clarity about your desire is helpful for visualization as well. Visualization is one of the most useful techniques to help you succeed in making your dream a reality, almost on par with positive affirmation.

    Step 2: Write it down on paper

    Scripting is an essential part of the Pillow Manifestation Method. After deciding what you want and getting its specifics clear, the next step is to write it down as a positive affirmation on a piece of paper. It is important to use the present tense for scripting.

    Although you haven’t yet manifested your goal, you should write as if you already have. 

    “I am in a loving relationship with (name).”

    “(Name) is madly in love with me.”

    “I am happy to build an amazing life together with my partner.”

    “I feel blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my soulmate.” 

    “I feel grateful for the love I have in my life.”

    Once you have finished expressing your desire on paper, slip it under the pillow.

    Step 3: Get ready to sleep

    The success of this manifestation method depends on your remaining in the same zone throughout the process. To ensure this, you should finish your bedtime routine before working on the script. Scripting must be the last thing you do before falling asleep. 

    You can always help the process with a few chosen activities for winding down after the day’s activities. Deep breathing, meditation, and yoga are the most recommended for this. You may do these relaxation activities before beginning the work on the script.

    Step 4: Read it aloud and visualize

    Now that you have finished scripting, it is time to read it aloud to yourself. Reading and hearing it helps in establishing the desire firmly in your mind. You may read it as many times as you wish until you feel satisfied with the effect. 

    As you read your script to yourself, you are raising your energy vibrations. As the script is written in the present tense, it will mean that you already have the love you are trying to manifest. The more times you read it, the more you will believe this is true. This is going to make you feel good.

    Once you have finished reading it, it is time to place it under the pillow. Alternatively, you can also slip it inside the pillowcase. 

    Now it is time for a session of visualization. This involves imagining your future after you have manifested your goal. In this case, your goal is finding love. You may visualize it as images or videos. You can also get your senses involved in this. Identify what you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste in the scene you are visualizing.

    Let your mind play it over and over to get the most out of it. 

    In case, you have a hard time visualizing, prompt your mind with the right questions to trigger it. 

    What do you want to happen?

    What are your expectations?

    What would you like to do after finding love?

    How would others react to your newfound love?

    Just be aware that with practice, you will find it easier to visualize.

    Step 5: Fall asleep

    It’s time to finally close your eyes and go to sleep. Most probably, your goal would be the last thing on your mind before slipping off into the dream world. Then, your subconscious mind will take over and keep it alive in your mind until the time you wake up. This way, you wake up with your desire at the top of your mind.

    Can you make the Pillow Method work faster?

    Even though it is hard to estimate the time needed for manifestation, you can fast-track the process by including some rituals. The most prominent and effective among them are crystal therapy and aromatherapy.

    1) Manifesting with crystals

    Choosing the correct crystals can help you achieve your heart’s desire without any extra effort. This is exactly the reason for its popularity.

    Each one of the crystals comes with a specific vibrational energy that it radiates into its surroundings. By keeping a crystal nearby, you can tap into this energy source and raise your energy vibrations without doing much work.

    You need to choose crystals based on what you want to manifest. When you are manifesting love and relationship, Rose Quartz is considered the best choice. Pink Kunzite, Moonstone, Jade, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite, and Green Aventurine all hold magical powers to bring you more love and will help you find the perfect partner.

    When clubbing crystal therapy with the Pillow Method Manifestation, you need to place the right crystals under the pillow along with the script. That is all there is to it. The rest will happen on its own.

    However, shopping for genuine crystals is not easy. Here are some suggestions to help you find the right crystals for manifesting love.

    • Rose Quartz crystal
    • Pink Kunzite crystal
    • Moonstone crystal
    • Lapis Lazuli crystal
    • Green Aventurine crystal

    2) Manifesting with essential oils and sprays

    As in the case with crystals, essential oils also carry within them high vibrational energy to boost your vibrational frequency. As your energy vibration goes up, manifestation happens naturally. 

    Using the Clary Sage oil is considered a fail-safe method to attract love and romance into your life. Other essential oils for you to consider are Jasmine, Rose, Bergamot, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Vanilla. 

    Add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to the paper you are using for scripting. Additionally, you may dab some oil on the pillowcase. You will be smelling the fragrance all through the night, which will serve as a reminder of your desire in your subconscious mind. 

    You can either use these essential oils as such or mix them up to make the perfect blend for your manifestation. In case you are confused about where to find authentic essential oils, no need to worry. Here are suggestions to help you.

    • Clary sage essential oil
    • Bergamot essential oil
    • Rose essential oil
    • Patchouli essential oil
    • Ylang Ylang essential oil

    Commonly asked questions

    If you are new to this manifestation method, it is natural that you have doubts and queries. You will find here some of the common queries answered.

    How long should you continue following the Pillow Method?

    Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. While some believe that the routine should be followed until you find love, others feel that this will lead to obsession. They feel that the Pillow Method Manifestation should be followed for a week or so and then discontinued. 

    In manifestation, obsession translates to negative energy and this results in failure. You should do everything to avoid negativity. Ultimately, you should follow what your heart tells you. 

    Is it necessary to do scripting every night?

    No need to do this. If your goal hasn’t changed, you can use the same script every night. But you can read the goal aloud every night to ensure that your focus remains on the goal and your energy vibrations are high. 

    However, if you feel that you can improve what you have written down on the paper or make it clearer, rewrite it by all means.

    How long do you need to keep the script under the pillow?

    You should keep it under the pillow for as long as you are following the Pillow Manifestation Technique. As mentioned earlier, you may follow the technique until you find love or you may follow it for a week and discontinue it. This is entirely up to you. You should do what makes you feel comfortable.

    Once you stop following the Pillow Method Manifestation, you should discard the script. The ability to let go is a vital component of a successful manifestation. By letting go, you are reiterating your trust in the Universe. 

    How to dispose of the script after use?

    Again, it’s up to you to decide. You may tear it up, burn it, bury it, or trash it. Or, you may keep it aside for future reference. That said, it is recommended to document your manifestation journeys. 

    Whenever you are feeling down, you can go through your manifestation details as a means to count your blessings. This is the easiest way to feel gratitude and revive your spirits. 

    Success Stories: The Pillow Method Manifestation

    The most effortless way to motivate yourself to follow this manifestation method is to watch others tell how it helped them. Success stories are the best tools for inspiration.

    This will also help you confirm the feasibility and efficiency of this method to attract love. You may also get to know from these personal accounts how they overcame the obstacles on the path and came out victorious.

    There are scores of videos available on YouTube that tell you about following the Pillow Method and the stories of successes. From these videos, you will gain a better insight into the practical aspects of this amazing technique.

    Bottom line

    If you are a beginner or want to manifest faster, you will not find a better manifestation technique than the Pillow Method. You need little time and less effort to follow this method. However, the results are rewarding, to say the least.

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