5 Characteristics of a Twin Flame Friendship

5 Characteristics of a Twin Flame Friendship

Characteristics of a Twin Flame Friendship

Do you feel a deeper connection with your best friend? Do you feel as if you have known them forever?

You may not be able to understand or define the connection you have with this friend, but just know that it is special and unique. Most probably, you and your friend are twin flames.

“But aren’t twin flame relationships seen only in a romantic context?”

It’s natural for you to ask. Not exactly. You may have twin flame relationships outside a romantic backdrop. Such as twin flame friendship.

This article focuses on twin flame friendship. Here you will find the most prominent characteristics of a twin flame friendship.

Before we discuss this, let’s recap on the twin flame journey/relationship.

What are twin flame relationships?

At times, a soul will split into two and inhabit two individuals. Despite being apart, these two halves of the soul will always tend to come together. A twin flame journey will continue across lifetimes. That is the story of twin flames in brief.

Being a soul connection, twin flames feel a deeper bond than normal. When you meet twin flame for the first time, you will feel as if you have found something you have been searching for all your life. Moreover, you will feel as if you have known this person for ages, even though you just happened to meet twin flame recently. The level of love, warmth, and understanding in twin flame relationships is unparalleled. 

Twin flames, being two halves of the same soul, are also known as mirror souls. They have similar feelings, thoughts, traits, and energy levels. In fact, this is what makes the twin flame journey hard to sustain. Even if you can ignore your own flaws, you cannot escape from them in your twin flame. This may ultimately lead to twin flame separation.

Typically, twin flame connection is seen in romantic couples, but twin flame friendship is not uncommon to find it among besties. 

Unmistakable signs of a twin flame friendship

1. You experience intense energy connection

Often a twin flame connection is called a soul connection or an energy connection. For each individual, the experience would be different and unique. While some feel it as instant recognition and deep connection, others may feel as if they have known their twin flames forever. This makes sense as the twin flame connection transcends lifetimes.

Though you may not be consciously aware of your past connection with your twin flame, your subconscious recognizes them, giving you strange “I’m finally home” feelings. You feel whole and complete. You feel happiness beyond belief. You finally know that you are where you are supposed to be and on the right path.

2. Your dreams, values, and purpose in life match perfectly

Often, you will discover to your amazement that this friend shares the same beliefs and goals as you. If they are not identical, they support and reinforce each other. If you compare this with your relationship with your other friends, you will know how unique and special your twin flame friendship is.

The reason for this strange coincidence is quite understandable. As they have the two halves of the same soul, they think and feel alike. Their values, beliefs, and mission in life are similar. However, this doesn’t mean twin flames are exact replicas of each other. They are two individuals with similar outlooks but with distinct individual traits. 

When you think about it, it is this similarity in the views and thought processes that brought you together in the first place. You feel understood and at home when you are with your twin flame. 

3. You complete each other in so many ways

It is as if you can read the mind of your twin flame like an open book. You are aware of every thought and feeling they are experiencing. You may feel this scary because you have not felt this level of soul mate connection with anyone else. With time, you will get used to this comfort level with your twin flame and will begin to enjoy it.

Sometimes, you can anticipate the wishes and needs of your twin flame without them telling you anything. You don’t feel the need to explain your actions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs like you are forced to do with others. Just like you can sense what is going on in their minds, they too can understand what you are thinking. In short, you get each other so perfectly.

At times, this “understanding” is so good that you can finish each other’s sentences. 

4. You know intuitively to say the right things at the right time

This is often referred to as intuition, telepathy, or the sixth sense. Whatever it is, the twin flames seem to have oodles of it because they can sense each other’s moods and needs and act accordingly. Once or twice if this happens, it can be called a coincidence. But when you have the same experience always, you know that there is something special between the two of you.

Sometimes, you want to be reassured or validated, at other times, you just want to be left alone. Your twin flame seems to know exactly what you want and expect from them always. You also seem to get it right with your twin flame and because of this, there are no raised voices or angry words between the two of you.

Whether it is words of advice, encouragement, or endearment that you want, your twin flame always gets it down pat.

5. You are extremely protective of each other

You feel as if you are a team and you are willing to do anything to protect your twin flame. You also know for sure that your twin flame feels the same way about you. This has been proven time and again. 

When your twin flame is going through a bad patch, you will do whatever it takes to shield them from the prying eyes of the outside world. Whenever your twin flame is having trouble defending themselves, you don’t hesitate to step in. In fact, you don’t see your twin flame as another individual but as an extension of yourself.

You also know that you can expect the same level of support and commitment from your twin flame.

Final thoughts on twin flame friendship

One of the overwhelmingly obvious signs of twin flame friendship is the feeling of knowing them forever even if you met them five minutes ago. Though you can’t figure out why you are feeling this way or what you know about them, you can sense the feeling of familiarity in your relationship with your twin flame. You just know that they make you feel comfortable and loved.

The ability to read each other’s mind is something you have never experienced in any other relationship. Without having to say it out loud, you know what your twin flame is feeling or thinking. Your energy levels are in sync, whether it is the same or complementary. You agree on most things, if not, you are always willing to accommodate the wishes of your twin flame. 

If you are one of those fortunate ones to be in a twin flame friendship, treasure and nurture this soul mate connection as this is the most rewarding experience you will ever have in this lifetime.

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