7 Twin Flame Merging Physical Symptoms

7 Twin Flame Merging Physical Symptoms

Twin Flame Merging Physical Symptoms

The twin flame journey is one of the most incredible experiences you can ever imagine and you may come across in your lifetime, be it meeting your twin flame for the first time or a twin flame reunion.

So, naturally, you can expect twin flame merging physical symptoms accompanying the incident. The intense energies of two people coming together have to have an impact that is felt on various planes including the physical one. 

When the Universe conspires to bring the twin flames together, the love felt is instant and powerful. If you are headed for a twin flame merger, you must understand what follows this mind-blowing event. Being well-prepared can help you cope with it.

If you haven’t experienced a twin flame reunion before, you may find this too confusing or overwhelming. This article will detail the hard-to-miss twin flame merging physical symptoms to prepare you for the great occasion.

Powerful twin flame merging physical symptoms

1. Disinterest in food

As your body is getting ready for the merger of energies, it will try to restrict energy usage and focus entirely on what is about to happen. Even after the event, it will take some time for the body to stabilize its energy levels and come back to normal.

In the meanwhile, you may suffer from loss of appetite. You may lose interest in food and drinks altogether. If you force yourself to eat or drink, you may have a hard time keeping them down. Your body may try to reject any additions.

Digesting the food ingested will need a considerable amount of energy. With the impending merger in your twin flame journey, the body will be in an energy conservation mode. The ideal thing for you to do is listen to the needs of your body and follow them. 

2. Breathlessness

This phase in your twin flame connection causes considerable strain on your body. One of the most visible fallouts is related to your breathing. The surge in energy levels will result in accelerating breathing. Your breaths will become quicker and shallower.

You need to understand that your body will be in an energy conservation mode during the entire process. This is needed to accelerate the merger. After the merger is completed, your body will settle down and your breathing will become normal.

You may find this scary and uncomfortable. But if you know about this beforehand and are mentally prepared for this eventuality, you will be able to handle it without much trouble. Just remember that all that is happening is for your own good. 

In fact, you can help the process by controlling your breathing. Deep breathing is believed to help speed up the reunion. 

3. Pounding heart

You may have heard about how the sight of your love makes your heart go pitter-patter. The same is true for twin flames. When twin flames meet for the first time or reunite after a breakup, they experience the same physical symptoms. Their hearts race as if you have just finished running a marathon.

During this process, your body’s endurance is tested to the limits by the surge in energy levels. Trying to deal with this will force your body to work hard. Your heart has to pump more to keep up with the body’s needs. This translates as a pounding heart.

Moreover, setting your eyes on your twin flame makes you overjoyed and excited. This again is another reason for your heart to race. You may find this a bit scary. You need to treat this phenomenon as normal. Allow your body to deal with the energy surge and find an equilibrium. Things will return to normal, including your heartbeat.

4. Body shaking

This is to be expected when so much energy is involved. During a twin flame journey, you may face this multiple times. Every time you split up and come back together for a twin flame reunion, you may have to deal with this situation.

Again, there is nothing for you to worry about. This is natural and part of the process. When you find yourself shaking like a leaf, just stay calm and still. You may not find it easy to do this. Try your best and don’t panic. This is the best you can do in the circumstances. 

Once your body stabilizes, the body will stop trembling. 

5. Loss of weight

This is another of the twin flame symptoms affecting your physical body. When twin flames meet and merge with each other, the energy surge results in heavy strain on the body. It will have to work extra hard to cope with the work involved. This usually will result in both twin flames losing a few pounds.

Your body is doing what it needs to do to manage the situation. The extra work it does will help in quickening the process and stabilizing the energy level in the body. In a short while, the body will regain its energy balance and everything will go back to normal. Your weight loss will also stop.

Once your body regains normalcy, you might even regain the lost weight back. Take adequate rest and stay away from the sun. 

6. Change in physical appearance

The energy surge is again blamed for this eventuality. The changes may not be so marked and are usually seen only by those with keen eyes. Minor changes in your body such as hair looking different, your skin glowing, or a change in gait.

However, unlike other twin flame symptoms, these changes may continue even after regaining normalcy. The change is usually for the better. So, you won’t be complaining about it. After meeting your twin during your twin flame journey, you will look younger, healthier, lively, and energetic.

7. Queasiness

You might feel nauseous during the twin flame merger process. When such high levels of energy are involved, this is to be expected. But there is nothing to worry about for you. As your body learns to find the new normal after the energy exchange, it will try to throw out some energy to help it return to normal. You feel this as nausea.

This feeling of nausea goes well together with your loss of appetite. You go off the food and won’t feel like eating. Once the energy level settles down in your body, nausea will also disappear. 

Final thoughts on twin flame merging physical symptoms

Your mind may be completely occupied with thoughts of your twin flame. You may even feel their presence when they are miles away. It’s common to have an out-of-the-body experience and feel like a stranger in your own body. You may also feel physical pain during this process. Meditation and exercises can help you get over twin flame symptoms.

When your eye lock on your twin flame for the first time, you feel as if an electric current is passing through the body. This has both positive and harmful effects. While it can make you feel alive and energetic, it can also lead to certain complications.

The twin flame merging physical symptoms is not as bad as you feel at the time. It is indeed a beautiful experience to bring twin flames closer and experience the twin flame connection at its best.

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