How to Attract Miracles Using The Law of Attraction: #1 Hack

How to Attract Miracles Using The Law of Attraction

How to Attract Miracles Using The Law of Attraction

Have you ever wondered How to manifest miracles into your life by using the Law of attraction?

Most of us use the word ‘miracle’ for events or occurrences that are near impossible. Is that really what miracles are? Isn’t it true that what constitutes as miracles for some are regular common happenings for others? Like, landing a senior-level job may be seen as a miracle by a fresher, but not considered so by a person higher up in the ladder.

What is a miracle?

The dictionary meaning of miracle goes like this: 

“An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency”

In simple language, it can be defined as a desirable occurrence that is considered uncommon. As these events cannot be explained using existing laws of nature or science, they are regarded as divine blessings. When miracles are linked to divine grace, no wonder many people see them as rare and extraordinary.

But are you aware that you have the power to make manifest miracles? Do you know that every thought that passes through your mind triggers an energy flow in and around your being? The law of attraction states that this energy flow attracts similar energy to you and this energy turns into experiences. That means when you have positive thoughts and you exude positive energy, you experience positive happenings or miracles in life.

6 Easy Steps to Manifest Miracles Using The Law of Attraction

Every day we are manifesting miracles. However, we don’t acknowledge them as such. We only have to look closely with an open mind to understand how amazing and wonderful these happenings are. Manifesting miracles is no rocket science. All you need are self-confidence and a positive outlook.

The law of attraction is a way of thinking based on the principles of ‘like attracts like‘ and ‘mind over body’. The law considers the mind to be all-powerful and believes that it is capable of helping you achieve anything you set your heart on. The body is thought of as merely a home for the mind to dwell in.

The law of attraction states that a positive mindset attracts good things into your life. The reverse is also true in this case. To attract abundance in your life, you need to maintain a positive mentality. Unfortunately. having a negative outlook is an invitation for unfortunate experiences.

Attracting miracles in your life with the law of attraction is made easy by following these steps. Even though these techniques are tried and tested, it will work only if your intention is true and sincere. These instructions need to be followed earnestly and faithfully to help you identify and manifest miracles in your life.

Step 1. Demolish those skeptical demons

As you prepare to embark on your manifestation journey, you need to get rid of those nagging thoughts that keep popping up now and then at the back of your minds. These are your doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. If left unattended, these demons can cause hurdles in your path or even prevent you from reaching your goal.

Doubts and fears are natural when you are traveling down a new path. Instead of ignoring or suppressing them, the ideal way to deal with doubts and fears is to confront them and clear the air. They are merely imaginations of your mind about what may happen in the future, with no basis on reality.

Limiting beliefs are totally in a different league, though all of them are equally capable of creating hurdles in your manifestation path. Most of our beliefs are gathered by us since childhood without much thought going into its veracity and relevance.

Some of these beliefs can cause so much damage to your life. They can make you believe that you do not deserve good things in life. Or you are incapable of attracting miracles. You need to reassess your beliefs for their correctness and do away with the ones that can prevent you from achieving your potential.

Step 2. One at a time

When you first heard about how the law of attraction can make your dreams come true, all your wishes must have queued up in your mind waiting for manifestation. In case you are thinking of manifesting all of them in one go or batches, you got it all wrong. Manifesting using the law of attraction doesn’t work that way.

When you are attempting to manifest your dream, make sure that your whole energy and attention are focussed on the goal. When you have multiple goals, your concentration will get divided amongst them. It would be difficult for you to pursue all your dreams with the same energy. It is ideal to manifest one dream at a time.

Make a list of your wishes. You can always take them up one by one.

Step 3. Clear the clutter

Before you start the manifestation process, make sure that you have a clear idea of your goal. You need to ask yourself questions such as

  • Is this what I want?
  • Does it make me happy?
  • Will it make my life better?

Once you are sure about your goal, the next step is to find more details about it. Clarity is of the utmost importance when you are venturing on the path to realize your dream. When you are chasing a vague dream that lacks clearness and details, you may end up manifesting things you don’t want.

Make a list. It will help if you write down everything related to the goal you want to pursue. Don’t hesitate or feel shy about what you want. You need not turn judgemental and think of yourself as greedy or overambitious. As long as you are confident that the goal will make you feel better, go right ahead and embark on your manifestation journey.

Step 4. Trust the Universe

An unwavering belief in the power of the Universe to make your dreams come true plays a big role in the success of the manifestation process. Our natural tendency is to view new unknown matters with caution and doubt. And, delays make us impatient. You need to find ways to overcome these feelings and surrender your mind completely to the Universe. The only way to succeed in manifestation is to believe in the process without a speck of doubt.

You may face challenges when there is a delay in the fulfillment of your desires. You may want to question the veracity and genuineness of the law of attraction and its ability to manifest miracles. Trust doesn’t come easily to people. It is a hard-earned trait. To believe in something requires lots of effort and time.

When you are facing the dilemma of whether to believe or not, you need to remind yourself that the Universe works in its mysterious ways. It knows when it is time for us to receive our goals. And, your desire will manifest when you are ready and the time is right.

Step 5. Visualize your desire

Visualizing your goal offers multiple benefits in the manifestation process. Imagine yourself in the future after your goal is a reality. It is sure to make you feel good and happy. It will fill you with positive thoughts. As the Universe is averse to changing the status quo, it will work towards making your desire a reality.

You will find it easier to decide what you want by using the visualization technique. Your desire makes more sense when you can see in your imagination how it looks, feels, smell or taste. Creative visualization uses the power of our subconscious mind to help us understand our desire.

Using visualization techniques in the right way every day, you can keep your thoughts in a positive area. Even when the mind strays into the negative region, you can ramp up your visualization exercises to maintain positivity. This has a direct impact on raising your vibrations to match that of your desire. You manifest miracles when a vibrational match is reached.

There are numerous visualization techniques for you to choose from. Using your imagination, picture that scene in the future when you are joyous and celebrating the fruition of your goal. You can use your sensory organs to enhance the experience and get more mileage. Another visualization tool is a dream board, in which you stick images related to your dream.

Step 6. Get a grip of your thoughts

The workings of our mind is a mystery. Our thoughts give us a glimpse of our minds. A successful manifestation with the law of attraction is possible only by controlling our minds. This means that we need to get a firm grip on our thoughts.

The law of attraction is based on the principle of ‘like attracts like’. This means that positive thoughts attract good things into our life, whereas negativity is like an open invitation to bad happenings. To make your desires a reality in life, you need to train your mind to stay positive at all times. You need to stay extra vigilant about the stray negative thought that may sneak into your mind. In no time, more negativity will follow. You will be submerged in a deluge of negative thoughts, from which you will find it difficult to extricate yourself.

Even as these techniques help you to find your dreams and manifest them, your primary aim needs to be feeling good and thinking positively. These are the basic requirements for a successful manifestation. They maintain your energy level high for good things get attracted to you automatically. When you have learned to stay happy irrespective of the outcome, your goals materialize without any effort. Happiness is the real deal – the true miracle.

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